Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fun Touches of Spring + Easter Decor

Recently, someone asked me if I had our home all decorated & finished.
 A year later, my answer is (in my best Clark G. voice) "Heck NO
But that's OK.
E V E N for an OCD "do it all at one time" person like me, I'm not going to put something somewhere just to fill the space.  I want to do it right & the way I want it, & if it's something we can't swing at the time- we will wait.
I've learned to chill :)

  Instagram & Pinterest (okay, & even though we love them-Chip & Jo) will sometimes lead us to believe that everything has to be done at once.  That's SO not true or realistic for some people (like me!).  I want my blog to be representative of that when I talk "House & Home."  It's about practicality, not perfection.

That being said, I didn't buy one new decoration this year except for some sweet birthday love given to me.  (And the wreath & floral arrangement you can find here). 
No matter how much I love winter & fall, I have been made a believer in the fact that Spring & Easter décor just seem to breathe life back into the home after the long winter months.  I feel like our home is lighter, airier, & more crisp & clean with all the floral accents & light pastel colors. 

I just can't part with my letterboard in this space.
Best "holiday décor" purchase ever.

Front Porch
Can we be equally as excited about dragging out all our less bulkier warm weather friendly shoes???

Hey there, handsome!

My home church had a cleaning where they were tossing out things that weren't being used.  My Nana saved this beautiful white cross for me!  I was determined to make one at Christmas to wrap up in garland & lights for our porch, so when I heard they had an excess of crosses...cue excitement.  I would love to hang a tulip basket on it now for Easter & cover the bottom of it in pretty fresh flowers & moss gathered at the bottom.  Ahhhhh.  Again, all in time!  I love it plain and simple as well.

And then there is Conley's BFF...the rabbit that I sat in my boxwood wreath that my sweet MIL got for my birthday last year.  My mom gifted me with a Home Goods gift card for my birthday & that little guy made his way into my cart.  I love him.  And love to see he & Conley chatting away on pretty evenings on the front porch.  That just made him special with a sweet memory to boot for as long as he sits on our porch in the years to come.😍

Dining room.

Breakfast Nook
aka "Stairway to Heaven Café"😂

And I have a slight hatred for trying to photograph this counter space.  It's so awkward, but fun to decorate.
Living Room
"It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown," on repeat.  What's with ABC not playing this, this year?  Sad day.

After pizza night last night, we watched "Risen." 
Have any of you ever seen it? 
It is w o n d e r f u l. 
Even our five year old Cam enjoyed it.  He was very interested in the story of Jesus raising from the dead & the stone rolling away:)  If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, it is the perfect family movie for Easter weekend. 

In a failed attempt to find the boys easter outfits yesterday, (that's what last minute shopping does for ya, huh?) we planned an awesome menu for this weekend.  I'll shamelessly leave you with the supper plans for Stairway to Heaven Café tonight:  Creamy Tortellini Sausage Soup with Bunny Bread Bowls from Panera Bread (I couldn't find bread bowls a n y w h e r e else...)  
I have this problem where holidays always make me want to bake, but I am trying to eat healthy & can't have that stuff laying around-SO, we are being creative with our "real food."😝  Cade & I may kill each other making it (it's a knock down drag out to stop him from Paula Deen-ing everything with all the butter) but I'm excited to see how it turns out!

And maybe by some Easter miracle, we'll find a sweet Easter outfit for the boys before tomorrow morning...I know my days of them tolerating matching outfits are a ticking time bomb & I will figure something out.   Mark my words:)

Goodness, I jabber a lot.