Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Big Boy Weekend || Part Two

The dentist.  When to take your kid?  I have seen recommendations to take your littles as soon as one year!  But there was a slight problem...Cam's teeth didn't come in til after he was one!  Ha!  So, I think we picked a great age to attempt this slightly scary first trip.  

When I first called to make his appointment, they told me to just tell Cam we were going to get "his teeth brushed & counted."  Again (as with the pacifier) we told him weeks in advance to allow him a chance to warm up to the idea of visiting the dentist.  Ironically, he wanted to go to the dentist with me after I got home from work last week & sat pretty as a pea without a blink the entire time.  They gave him a Lightening McQueen and Dusty toothbrush just for tagging along- so I am pretty sure he thought it was the greatest place of all time?
When we were on our way, he was a little fretful but the second we walked in the door & he spotted a play house with kids...he was in the zone.  They gave me a pile of paperwork & offered to hold Conley if I needed help but I was all ladies I'm almost a pro <lie> at juggling two;)  
While I was eyelash high in paperwork, they called for "Camden" to come back.  They had to call me twice because I was listening for "Cam."  But my almost three year old?  He was already waiting with the staff at the door when I went over to the playhouse to let him know it was his turn to go back!  I didn't even know he knew his full name, he is only called "Cam."  
When we went back they put us in a room with a basketball goal.  Cam shot a couple of baskets & was over it ready to go "play with the kids" <that'd be the ones continuously being called down by the dental hygienists without supervision> a room over.  After telling him no, 5090 times - his dental hygienist finally came in & got to work!
He was so B I G!  He sat in the chair & let her clean his teeth without a whimper.  Somehow I managed to miss a picture with the dentist, but Cam really thought he was something else.  He was all about high fives & talking about how big Cam was:-)  The way to any two year old boy's heart, right? 

It didn't hurt that there were prizes involved.  A squishy penguin & growing starfish make any trip to the dentist worth the time & effort involved!  #tobeakidagain

Besides having healthy teeth, I think my favorite part was when he told him his little brother's name was "Conley Scout" & that he was having a Monster Birthday Party.  Because last I checked, he didn't know Conley's middle name & we were having a R O B O T Birthday Party?  Lol. 
Monday, February 22, 2016

Big Boy Weekend || Part One

We have pretty much had the most eventful weekend e v e r.  We're taking like enough to have a post everyday for a week & it doesn't help that I haven't posted in a while!  Here's to attempting to catch up!

Let me just set the stage for this story.  As Cam grows, I've figured out & found that I'm the kind of parent that is laid back & leans more to the "let them be little" as long as they can be!  <yes, this is coming from a speech therapistšŸ˜¬> I feel like we make our kids grow up way faster than they should have to sometimes.  Childhood flies by in warp speed as it is & I want it to last as long as it possibly can in our little household.  This was n o t who I imagined myself to be before actually having kids.  I always thought I would do everything by the books & be strict about everything -because, thats what great mom's are supposed to be like right?  Well now I say bla-bla-bla bla bla.  But really, I guess you can say I've just learned to go with my instinct & do what works for us & ignore the rest.  And so far, I haven't' regretted any decision that we've made.

That being said, yes.  Cam is almost three years old & he still took his frafryer (pacifier) at night.  We were at the point where I took it after he fell asleep, but he still was completely attached to it when he seemed to be fighting sleep or not wanting to chill out at night.  It was like magic.  Give him the pacifier (& one of my "soft shirts") & he melted into a coma.  It absolutely breaks my heart to think that we are well past the stage that he needs to let go of it, but I know it is time.  SO-we did so in a fun way.
This weekend after his first dentist visit, I had planned to do the thing I (& obviously Cam) have dreaded for almost two years.  We headed to Build A Bear to give his favorite bedtime buddy a new home.  A "special place" where it can always stay close to him.  

We have been talking this up for w e e k s & if you asked him what he was going to do with his pacifier, he would automatically say "put my frafryer in a bear!"  Now.  Whether or not he was aware of what was going on--I'm not sure.  But he was excited about it, so that made it a little easier on my heart.
They had super cute choices for boys which is usually not the case!  Paw Patrol, How to Train a Dragon, Star name it!  Cam was torn between Chewbacca & Toothless the Dragon but in the end--Chewbacca won out;)
With Conley looking on, Cam willingly handed over his most prized possession for the lady to stuff in his new bedtime wookie (and of course chose the $7 wookie sound effect to squeeze).  So... pacifier to feel in one arm & annoying wookie sounds to wake Conley up in the other.  P e r f e c t;)  He kissed the heart, rubbed it on his head to help Chewy "be smart like him", rubbed it on his tummy to "make him like all the foods he likes"...the w h o l e shebang.  He pushed the little stuffing fluffer pedal with his foot & Chewy came to life.  We had a happy little boy who felt like the "biggest boy" in the world for what he had done.
He gave him a bath.  Brushed him.  And named him...brace yourselves...Chewbacca!  
Ha ha:)

And just like that, our big boy grew up one more notch.  Not only by giving up his pacifier completely, but he's also finally mastering his potty training ways!  I really can't believe how fast my baby is changing into a little boy.  
He has been sleeping with Chewbacca every night (takes him almost everywhere) & no mention of the pacifier in about two days.  He even gave his "soft shirt" to Conley.  
You guys, I'll be placing a kleenex order in bulk.  More to come, stay tuned:)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Conley Scout | 3 Months

Conley turned 3 months on January 25, so i'm a little late...
We didn't have a well visit this month so I'm not very current on weight from the 
pediatrician scales, but I did a little one of my own & it if it's true-he's a chunker...
Conley at THREE months
Weight: 16 lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Growing like a little weed and his cheeks & chub rolls are totally showing for it!  I could smooch his  big cheeks all day long.  This sweet one is filling out his 3 month clothes and is still wearing size 1 diapers-& as soon as we finish the pack were on- homeboy is going to 2's!;)  He is becoming a master sleep fighter & much more alert soaking in everything around him!
whats new...

Conley is all about his brother, lullabiesnursing, & laying down in the swing/ mamaroo /or jungle gym to stare at his toys.  He isn't necessarily hating bath time right now, in fact- if I lay a warm cloth over his belly as I am washing the rest of his little rolls, he grins from ear to ear the whole time:)  He loves to sleep on his side-never moves a muscle!  We can't forget car rides & blankets in his face.  
tummy time, Cam roars, sleep, getting put in my carseat, when his paci falls out

play & cognitive development
Conley's is all smiles or total pouty lip.  There is no in between with this one!  His eye contact is on point.  He is starting to have great joint attention, focusing on people & objects...he enjoys a good game of "I'm gonna get you games" & when you sing to him.  In fact, he even giggles if the game gets intense;)  He is alllllll about staring & smiling at his mobiles.  Besides eating, I think this may be his favorite thing!  He is almost able to roll over he can flip all the way to his side.  He can hold & grip his toys if you assist, but still no attempt to grab anything independently.  He has all the vowel sounds:)  He oooooohhhh's & ahhhhhh's over everything when he's in a good mood!

we are allllll about eating!  I am thinking he is going through an extreme growth spurt because nursing is his thing!  I'd say he eats about every 2-3 hours.  I think we're cutting teeth too, buckes of drool!    He almost always falls into the deepest sleeps after his eats;)

I don't remember if I commented on this with the past milestone updates but we are sleeping through the night.  I contribute that all thanks to my decision to co-sleep.  I know it's controversial & all, but it's what works for us-especially since I breastfeed.  I've done my research & did it with Cam...I even did a n d had him in his pack n' play sleeping through the night around one year.  (And then we went on vacation- f o r g o t the pack n' play- Cade went to work in North Dakota & he's slept with me ever since!  Lol).  I'm pretty convinced that we don't make babies that sleep by themselves during the first year around here <talkin not even a minute shut eye>!  This mommy doesn't do nap time (I wish I could!) so to be the best mom I can be & have the ability to function at work-I need sleep.  And so do my babies!  So that's that & what works for us:)

three month photo dump

Conley Scout.  You are my serious & passionate one.  In a so very content but know what you want when you want it kind of way:)  Your big bro is the silly cut up one so I'm sure you will balance each other out perfectly in the future.  I often find myself wondering what you'll be like when you are Cam's age.  Will you love matchbox cars & banging them together?  Will you roar like a dinosaur & wake a new sibling up?  Will you take decades to potty train? (please say no to this  Will you bounce off the walls or like to color & clean?  Will you ask me to cuddle with you every night or say "I love you, Mommy"?  I don't know the answers to these questions.  I do however know, that one of God's sweetest gifts to me in this life is finding out.  I often sing (as I did to your brother) Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" as I rock you.  And yes, I pretty much cry every time.  While I watch you grow-yes I'm sad, but I'm also so very thankful for the time I have with you & your brother in my arms.  It truly is a blessing to see you grow.  To see you healthy, happy, & loved.  So as we tackle another month of your life, I pray I realize each & every second how precious this time really is--
Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Tales || Superbowl Weekend

Well, I suspect the 4 lbs I've recently worked very hard to lose were gained back this weekend.  I kinda went crazy in the baking department & reverted back to my Christmas baking ways...donuts, rice crispy treats, pancakes.  I went w a y overboard on the sugary sweets this weekend.  Now that the Super Bowl is over & my Mr's Panthers got "pounded," it's back to the real world & life without football annnnnndddd all that sugar.  Is it weird to say I even miss Cade watching football reruns until the next season starts?  
Yes, I miss e v e n that.
Besides the sugar & football, we had a great weekend.  Cam has been on point in the Camism department.  Y'all, I truly don't know what I 'm going to do with this child in the future.  He is something else.   I dread the teacher parent conferences the most...I don't like confrontation.
Panther Rice Krispys: Melt butter & marshmallows on low heat.  Take off heat & mix in rice krispy cereal.  Squirt enough blue food coloring in mixure to make cereal & marshmallows look carolina blue.  I chilled my mixture for about 20 minutes & then starting shaping & molding the panthers--it just makes it easier to work with!  When done I used m&m's & skittles for the eyes & nose & cut up air heads for the whiskers.  White icing would be cute for that & the eyes too though;)  And twizzlers could definitely be an easier route for whiskers...Walah!  There you have it if you're interested!

Weekend Cam-ism's 
>>He had coffee <chocolate milk in a mug> this weekend.  "Hey C, I'm drinking chocolate coffee.  It's really cool but you can have some." 
>>I made at least a milllllllllion appointments this week over the phone & e v e r y t i m e I was on the phone Cam came by and said, "hey daddy!"  I quickly gave him the shush face & he scream whispered "OH KAY!  SOWY MOMMY!  I BE QUIET!"  as he then proceeded to "crash" every toy in sight straight into the wall beside the phone.

>>Cam begs me to get in the bathtub with him every night.  (I know one day he will want to burn his eyes out before admitting this--but it's true).  Me:  Laughing... "You know I don't like cold water Cam!"  Cam: "But it's not cold mom, it's soft."

>>Me:  You think it's gonna snow? Cam: "Well maybe so, like 45." 

(I secretly hoped he means inches & is spot on;)
Super easy a n d yummy...recipe found here
Speaking of snow...Can I also mention that I can't help but feel giddy that snow is in our forecast again (or at least a winter storm warning) until Thursday!  We already have an optional teachers workday tomorrow & our skylight windows are being sprinkled with snow as I type:-)  Please don't disappoint like Jonas, snow...
Happy Monday:-)
Friday, February 5, 2016

H54F || Happy February!

Hellllllllo, February.  Can you guys b e l i e v e we are already into the second month of 2016?  Guess we better gear up for loads of pink, red, & heart shaped things.  It's link-up time again with high five for friday, oh hey friday, & friday favorites with some highlights of this week:

1.  Happy Birthday Jim...we mean Daddy! <inside joke>  My husband reminded me that this is the first birthday (of his) that we've been apart in four years.  That's a pretty good record for us since he has worked off for the majority of our marriage.  We missed him so much on his special day, but celebrated him by sending him a little postal love<3  The Jim thing?  He went out to eat in ND for his birthday at a Japenese restaurant & told them his name was Jim...can't you hear it now?  hai birday toooouuu yim
2.  Grease is the word.  I have loved this movie since before I started Kindergarten <yes I said before Kindergarten>.  In fact, I was devastated when I finished my first day of Kindergarten & we hadn't sang "summer lovin" in the lunch room or danced to "awapbopalubob a wapbamboo" in the gym.  I kid you not when I say one of my life long friends was made when she was the only other girl at my kindergarten sleepover who loved & had watched Grease before.  (And she just happened to star as Frenchie in our adult life during a local variety show to raise money for the Relay for Life, ;D)

My favorite movie performed live on t.v.?  Sold:)  I have to say- it beat my high expectations!  Though I was concerned when Frenchie sang a song I wasn't familiar with when I was expecting Beauty School Dropout.  Beauty School Dropout is one of my favorites!  But they delivered...& with Boyz to Men:) #yougoglenncoco
3.  Warm Days in February.  It was nice for a day or two, but we're only a month into winter!  I still want some more snow, y'all!
4.  I finished a great devotion book this week.  "You're Already Amazing."  I recommend it to all (I really like Holly Gerth's writing style... so down to earth & real) n o w I just need a new one!  Any suggestions?

5.  I'm so proud of my budgeting skills this year.  It's been a little discouraging lately d/t things out of our control but I've stuck to it.  I even made an envelope for Cam's 3rd birthday party this week...I'm holding to the plan Mr. Dave Ramsey!
Have a wonderful weekend:)
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.  Isaiah 41:10
Monday, February 1, 2016

oh, hey monday

This Monday came at me like a ton of bricks.  It was a "if somethings going to happen, it's gonna happen today" kinda day!  But I survived:)  May or may not be thanks to a pit stop to grab some Valentine peanut M&M's, but nonetheless.  I made it!
I walked into a bit of a mess, after spending all month organizing my things-we had to move offices as of Friday.  It seems this is a common occurrence for the history of the person with my job title.  No complaints here though!  Just glad to have an office & workspace...hopefully one day soon we will have a steady workspace.
This was a f t e r I cleaned for about 30 minutes
There might have also been a few other mishaps- like showing up to an IEP meeting in the middle of nowhere with empty folders vacant of paperwork to be filled out.  Forgetting every essential part of my pump & having to sneak back home not one, but two times to get the thing working.  Might have added 45 minutes on to my day.  But, hey.  Tomorrow's Tuesday-another day;)

Lets switch gears a bit--How was your weekend?  Ours was f u l l of excitement as we attempted t h r e e birthday parties in a row.  Cam had a blast & Conley, well, he's too little to care...but Sunday was all about the afternoon nap to recover from all the crazy party hopping.  We embraced the day of rest.
Cam stories these days are so frequent it's hard to keep up.  Last Wednesday night at church, Conley wasn't having the whole sitting still thing during our service.  I got up & decided to try nursing him in the back.  Cam decided he wanted to tag along, oh--maybe a minute after we left.  I thought I seen a little shadow hover at the door when I sat down in the rocking chair but didn't think anything about it.  A few minutes later I heard his little voice & my mom.  I went to the door & he about knocked me over running inside.  "Lala" informed me he had came back into the church & said "Mommy locked the door, mon' Lala," practically from the pulpit.  
After Conley finished nursing, we had a spit up incident so our little trio headed to the kitchen to grab some paper towels.  The kitchen has a speaker that streams the message & singing for those who may be preparing food for a dinner or whatnot.  <Cam hadn't ever experienced this before> He looked up at it the second we entered the kitchen & I'm pretty sure he thought our preacher was God speaking to him.  His little eyebrows furrowed as he tried to figure things out.  About two minutes into his trance he started talking back to the speaker.  "I not God, I Cam!  I not bow down, I Cam!  I not person, I Cam!"  He was repeating "I not --the last word of the preachers sentences" & adding "I Cam!"  

"Who do you think is speaking to you, Cam?  I asked.  "He not like me!" he replied.  This kid.  #southernbaptistkidprobs

Other Cam-isms:  He has quickly figured out saying "I love you, Mom," is equivalent to the pardon of a death sentence, "I won't do it again" will buy him another opportunity to make potty training right, though he says "No thank you" every time you tell him it's time to go to the bathroom (& yes, we are s t i l l on the timer system).  When will it ever end!?  Lol.  Oh, & he called me Cassidy today.  Yes.  As if the whole "Mom" not mommy thing wasn't enough.  Ain't gonna happen little man.  Ain't gonna happen.
Happy Monday, y'all.