Saturday, February 25, 2017

Whole 30 Diary || Week One

Ok, y'all.  I did it.  
This girl put aside all hesitations, all doubts in my self & my ability to do this, all dread.
And I dove head FIRST into the thirty days required of the Whole 30 guidelines.  I'm seven days into this & I'm not turning back.  No, I didn't read the book (hello, I'm a mom of two little bitties-the only reading I attempt is my Bible at 5 am if I can get my booty out of bed) but I did do my research for about a month before ultimately deciding to take the plunge.  You can find the majority of guidelines on google or pinterest, similar here
What made me do it?
As you may know, I experimented during that month of research with the different types of food they recommend you eat for thirty days, including black coffee.  My biggest fear was sabotaging my beloved cup of coffee, as I see it as probably my most important/motivating piece of my day.  No cream????  That turned me completely off to begin with.  And I wasnt even about to talk about the no cheese & chocolate thing, OR the luxury of spicing up lettuce with salad dressings.  I envisioned these people were Nazis!  

But after beginning my barre workouts earlier this month, I knew I didn't want to continue making the time to work out so hard without ultimately making a commitment to be able to (not only feel the results) but SEE the results of all the time & hard work I have putting in to feeling better.  E v e n if that meant saying goodbye to a couple of my favorite things for a month.  It's only a month right?  And who knows.  I might not even miss them all that much if I see what it's like to do with out them!  
For me.  My Mr.  My boys.  My job.  Everything!  I'm doing this:)
Breakfast: (pre workout) banana+black coffee (post workout) 2 boiled eggs
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad (lettuce, grilled chicken marinated in italian dressing +soy sauce, walnuts, carrots, tomatos, guacamole as dressing)
Dinner: fajita mixture (beef tips, green & yellow peppers, onion, taco seasoning)
Snacks: smoothie (one banana, peaches, walnuts, almond milk) & kiwi +strawberries!
The first day was actually easy.  I didn't feel hungry & I enjoyed the foods I ate!  The hardest part was my black coffee:/  But I am so motivated today!  For supper, I made the boys quesidillas in addition to the fajita mix so everybody was happy!  They loved the kiwi/strawberries + smoothie!

Breakfast: strawberries, boiled eggs + black coffee
Lunch:  grilled chicken (similar to day before)
Dinner: ranch pork chop + potatoes
Snacks: smoothie/ Turkey + mustard +lettuce wrap
I woke up feeling like a truck had ran over me.  I had a headache, but it wasn't hard to continue with the eating plan.  In fact, it excites me to experiment & plan my meals for the day.  The boys ate the same supper except we added macaroni & rolls.  I WOULD love to have some cream in my coffee.  That is all.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + strawberries + black coffee
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad from Bojangles (no cheese or dressing)
Snacks: walnuts, lots of water + some black coffee
I feel really good.  Not really craving anything other than coffee cream.  I look forward to my meals for nourishment rather than enjoyment.  I guess that's a good thing?  They give me energy & I move on.  It's not like I am never satisfied & want "something sweet" or "a little something else" as I have felt before.  I jumped on the trampoline & played outside with the boys without any desire to quit.  I am still feeling so motivated & am loving experimenting in the kitchen!  I just added macaroni & bread (LOL) to the sloppy joe potatoes for the boys & walah.  Does the trick.;)
* sorry for lack of pictures today, I forgot!
Breakfast:  2 boiled eggs + strawberries (I'm getting boring with this but it's so quick, easy, & yummy)
Lunch:  Roasted Chicken Bites Salad from Bojangles with no cheese or dressing (ah-mazing)
Snacks: all the raisins+ handful of walnuts
Today was a little harder til' I found this Bojangles Salad.  Who needs dressing or cheese when the chicken is this good??  I hate eating out but it is the easiest thing to do while at work + I know I can't skip it like I used to b/c that is diet sabotage for me.  I discovered raisins as a snack today & love them!  Plus this supper is so easy b/c I just made the boys a pizza to go with my baked potato!  P.S.  My belly feels flatter today!
Breakfast: (pre workout) banana+black coffee (post workout) 2 boiled eggs+strawberries
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad from Zaxby's (no cheese/dressing/onion petals)
Dinner: carnita salad from Chipolte (lettuce, carnita, guac)
Snacks: smoothie (one banana, peaches, walnuts, almond milk) + ice water I pretended was ice coffee (bonus-it's free!).
We really ate out a lot today b/c we didn't have groceries yet & we wanted to go on a picnic at the playground with such a pretty day.  Who wants to go to the stinky old grocery store when the playground is calling?  To the grocery store tomorrow!  After supper, I felt a little bloated today.  Never hungry though!
 I was back to barre today & I feel like my arms & stomach feel smaller than last week. 
Very tired tonight though.  We soaked every ounce of sunshine out of today & I'm thankful for such a fun day with the boys.
Breakfast: (pre workout) banana+black coffee (post workout) 2 "fried" eggs in olive oil+left over potatoes fried with olive oil, green peppers, onions, & tomatoes
Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Salad  (lettuce, egg, walnuts, tomatoes, bacon, grilled chicken)
Snacks: My old faithful raisins (the boys steal them every time...) & smoothie (one banana, peaches, walnuts, almond milk) 
Today was easy.  All of the meals I've made have been very satisfying & today, I can d e f i n i t e l y see a difference in my mommy pooch.  If you notice by what I've ate so far, I'm a pretty "plain meat person."  I wish I loved fish...but I don't.  One thing about the meal plans out there is they always throw in some crazy meats that I would never eat.  My meals are pretty plain jane if you're anything like me-maybe this will help you realize that us plain janes CAN try this:)  P.S. the boys enjoyed the meatloaf muffins with sweet potatoes and, you guessed it, a side of macaroni!
Breakfast: (pre workout) banana+raisins (post workout) tall coffee with steamed almond milk** (I was almost late to workout class & didn't get to make my own coffee so I was desperate.)
 **After drinking this-I researched & found that "they claim this is not compliant with Whole 30 d/t ingredients in this particular almond milk.  Y'all, I spent $8 on compliant almond milk.  I'm trying my best...but come on.  This coffee option is dairy free-MUCH better than my past choices before Whole 30- & that's that.
Lunch:  Left over Meat Loaf Muffins + sweet potatoes
Dinner: turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon +mustard & a side of left over potatoes/boiled eggs
(the boys ate this too, except I put theirs on toast!  Cam loved the "sausage" aka bacon๐Ÿ˜)
Snacks: Peach+walnut+banana smoothie with ice/water
Okay, so today got harder.  I felt more desire for my older eating habits & a little bloated.  We had minimal sleep (a severe thunderstorm warning scared the daylights out of Cam & I=we spent an hour of our night sleeping in the floor of a closet)๐Ÿ˜œ and then I missed my alarm & our day started out a little rushed.  Therefore, I didn't have my "ideal" breakfast, so I'm pretty sure that impacted the entire day.  All of that kinda put a damper on my motivation, BUT I pushed through & as of bedtime...I'm feeling better & happy that I have stuck to it.  Bring it on Sunday:)

1.  I want(ed) a skinny vanilla latte/coffee cream every minute of every day.  That will be my first indulgence on my 31 day mark!:)
2.  Conley & Cam naturally thought they should eat e x a c t l y what I had.  Especially when there was limited supply.  Which...BONUS!  They were eating healthier foods too!
3. I showcased my favorite Makers donut in my little glass cake stand last weekend until someone so graciously removed it from my line of vision. :P  
The flavor of the week is one I have wanted to try for a year๐Ÿ˜ซ  This will be our first weekend without the traditional Makers run.  That's okay, though:)
4.  I love Barre<3  It's the best workout I've ever hour goes by like the snap of a finger.  If ever there was a prescription for zapping stress for women, I'd say it'd be this mini 55 minute getaway!
5.  I think my biggest key to success this week was mixing it up & not being afraid to try new things.  <<I've always "hated" sweet potatoes until I made myself try them this week-l o v e-AND they were prepared the healthy way to beat it all>>  
Contrary to "best practice" my case, it was actually better for me to go to the grocery store every evening before I began supper.  I didn't know what I wanted til THAT time of day anyway, so it always helped that I was fixing something I wanted & then no food went to waste!  It was much less stressful then transporting foods between two states & making the grocery list for a week of Whole 30 meals + making what I cooked also work for the boy's meals.
6.  Nutribullets Rock >>>  Smoothies are sweet tooth life savers.
7.  A new cute water bottle is just the right motivation to drink your water-at least in my case!

*Disclaimer: I don't claim to know everything about Whole 30 <<be a nutritionist>> or that this is a perfectly balanced diet plan for the Whole 30 Program.  I'm just following the guidelines the best I can while sharing my meals & snacks as well as a little diary with you (& myself for future reference) as I give it my best go!

Friday, February 24, 2017

H54F || Raw Ground Beef is Not for Breakfast

Good news & bad news on this beautiful Friday morning.
Good thing?
 (we're talking a miracle from above)  
Both the boys slept until I got back from my workout this morning.  
The bad thing?  
We were out of e v e r y t h i n g in the food department, had to make a quick am run to the grocery store= apparently Conley was so hungry he broke into the raw pack of ground beef & a l m o s t chucked a fist full of it into his mouth.๐Ÿ˜ณ  These boys are u n a p p e a s e d when there is food involved.
This week has been so full of highs & lows.  I won't go into detail, instead, I'll just get straight to H54F's...

one.  My Mr.
I think I did this last week, but I'll do it again.  I love him so much.  He's such a good husband & daddy.  He is a clown & tries to down play his big heart but it's impossible if you get to know him.  So thankful for him & the fact that I get to do life with him.  

two.  Cam + his prayers + Bible reading
Cam has melted my heart into a puddle lately with his dedication to praying & if you've seen my instagram you may have read a little story I shared about reading the Bible here.  Wednesday night, before we went to our little class, he laid his head on the pew & whispered his prayers the e n t i r e time the adults had alter prayer.  
God speaks to me with this little boy all the time, you guys.  
The other day he said, "Mom, I will miss it here if Jesus comes & gets us & takes us to heaven.  Will my Gotham City be there?"  Love.  His.  Heart.  
It's my prayer that he will always keep his heart set on God & that little Conley follows in his foot steps! 
<<This picture is NOT posed>>

three.  new leggings (super SILLY but I'M excited)
I have been wearing my "clothing" leggings (is that how you would put it?) to barre.  So when Fabletics sent me a special on two leggings for $25, I sprung on the deal!  It was a happy mail day as they arrived this week!  I wore my red ones today-I felt pretty legit (LOL).  And I'm probably never taking them off again.  Comfort=๐Ÿ™Œ  That is all๐Ÿ˜

four.  our entry
i've had this shelf for weeks now & we were waiting to hang it until when the shutters were installed.  After it was installed, we found this mirror on clearance for $27.  The round one I had in my mind for m o n t h s has vanished.  We're talking, it was in the stores the day before I went to get it & now it is GONE.  None the less, I was a little unsettled about this space for a few days.  But I have grown to love it.  Once I find the right large skinny basket to sit under the shelf it will be perfect.   It's a sweet, welcoming little space.  Don't even get me started about decorating it for the holidays! 

five.  Whole 30 
As of Sunday, I will be on the Whole 30 program for one week.  And so far, I feel great & so motivated!  I love all the kitchen experimenting I'm getting to do & all the health benefits I'm feeling!  I'm doing a whole post dedicated to I'll just leave it at that.

Despite my love of snow & winter, we have taken advantage of this recent sunshine.  And that's what we'll be doing all weekend. 
 Teaming up today with the girls of H54F!  Find out more here.

Friday, February 17, 2017

H54F || Where Did Winter Go??

Well.  We didn't get that Valentine blizzard the Farmers Almanac "was supposedly calling for."  I could probably hold up the number of cold winter days this winter on ten fingers or less.  I think most Southerners can appreciate that, but I'll be honest... it makes ME a tad bit sad!  It seems like we get hot weather y e a r r o u n d.  I'm a l l l l l about the seasons, y'all   :)  If I have to, I am trying to pep myself up about the warmer months & holidays ahead.  Flowers spread all over our house are my condolences right now;)

one.  magnolia journal + valentines
I got some very sweet happy mail on Valentines Day!  In no way did I expect a full bag of Valentine cards/treats/goodies!  My preschoolers are p r e c i o u s.  I love love love them all.  I also had a Christmas gift of The Magnolia Journal laying in my mailbox when I got home Wednesday...s w o o n.

The ULTIMATE PARENTING FAIL: So, there has been a long running promise I made to Cam to come to his Valentines Party.  One day I was working at his school & I didn't (couldn't) stay for nap time to "cuddle with him."  This kid is all about cuddling (& I love it).  He cried several times over that one.  SO.  I promised him I would take off from work early & come to his Valentine party + cuddle with him afterwards.  WELL.  His teachers didn't really have a set time & told me it would be after lunch which was at 12.  So, I worked til' 12 & when we (Cade decided to come too) showed up at 12:22, they were laying down for nap๐Ÿ˜ญ  His teachers said he's been looking for you, saying you were coming!:/  The minute he seen us he burst into tears & our hearts burst into pieces.  
Worst.  Thing.  Ever.
The good thing about three year olds is that they are resilient.  The minute I told him we had him a Shark Valentine in the car the tears dried up.  Good grief.  What a mess I made!  Easter party here I come๐Ÿ˜

two. my handy man
Just call him Chip.
I can't believe all the things my Mr. can do now:)  I knew he could be a handy man if he just tried.  He can do anything now.  So proud of him.  We've hung shelves, lanterns, pictures...we're going to build something next...I just know it!  HA.

three.  diet days
A little progress.  I ate minimal bread/grains & avoided cake.  I've got to get better at feeling hungry.  I start getting the shakes even right after I've ate my clean foods!  I am also the worlds most likely to be hungry if I am watching what I eat:/ 

 I tried to continue working out in North Carolina at home, though it was challenging b/c the boys won't to lay on top of me & refuse to sleep if I am not right there.  It's like they can smell me.  Seriously, I have figured out the only way to truly workout is to go to a class.  Alone.  They n e v e r sleep early or late enough for me to do it before they wake up or go to sleep.  I went to my workout class at 5:30 yesterday morning & Conley woke up at 5:30 am๐Ÿ˜–  He knows, you guys.  He knows.  
I'm not crazy in saying it's impossible for me to workout.  It literally is.
which leads us to...
four. obsession
okay.  I liked it to begin with.  But now, it's officially became an obsession.  I'm obsessed with working out again.  Right now, it's b/c of barre.  I crave that soreness I walk away with everyday I'm not able to go (aka when I'm in NC).  It kinda feels like I'm going to ballet class, too.  And let's not even discuss all their cute leggings & tops.  Just what I need.  An obsession with gym clothes.  So practical-NOT.  
Or maybe it is if I consider they are comfy for my mom duties, too? ;)

five. the shutters are here!
numero uno on the home improvement list can be checked off the "to do" list & right on to the "pay off" budget list.  SO much to do-I'm trying not to kill Cade in the process.  
<<He is as bad as I am though if we want to get technical.>>
Linking up with the girls of H54F...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February at Home

Valentines may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to take everything down today.  I think the romantic touches of February are a good way to transition from the quiet days of winter to the tiny traces of spring that seem to come in March!  
Here's a glimpse of what this little household has been up to this month:)

Cam brings me the vase of flowers from the breakfast nook at least 3,432 times a day & says, 
"Here mommy!  These are for you!" 

Of course, big brother could bring me a piece of poop & I'd still treasure that little glimmer of excitement in his eyes each time he gives his mommy something "so special!"  Never, will I ever, forget these moments <3  
Talk about blessings from above, girls!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine Fun || Guest Blogger Series

I am SO excited about having a guest blogger to share with us here at Peaches & Pearls.  This is a hoped for series I shared about a couple of weeks ago & it has been on my heart a long time!  There are so many inspirational mommies out there that may not want to have the "stress" or find the extra time to create a blog, but that have a lot to say & wonderful talents/perspectives to share!  I am determined to have them share here if they so graciously will.  :)  

Our first inspirational mommy (aka guest poster) comes to us from one of my oldest friends (oldest as in longest friendship ;) Whitney.  We met at a campground the summer just before we started Kindergarten in 1993 & once we discovered we were in the same classroom, the rest is history!  From flicking hair bows across the floor during nap time, carpools to tap, jazz, & ballet, to her famous "Christmas Sleepover" up into the high school years, we've been friends ever since!  I just love her & I know you will too.  Take it away, Whit!

Hi everybody! I'm Whitney! 
I'm a stay at home wife to my husband, Donnie, of almost 9 years.  We've been together for almost 14 years total!  I'm a mommy to a full of energy, gets into everything from daylight till dark, 3 year old Zak! And a dog Mom to Addi, our 9 year old weenie dog, 6 year old Jed, a Pomeranian/chihuahua, along with our 1 year wild blue heeler Gabby! 
     My husband is a welder/foreman so we are on the road ALOT! When he started working away from home, we bought a fifth wheel camper & hit the road. Two years later we had zak , so we are enjoying traveling together getting to spend as much time together as possible before Zak starts kindergarten! 

     I love to bake and do crafts (whether they are Pinterest fails or not lol)! Anyway enough about me, that is why Cassidy asked me to be a guest on her blog! Because me and my sidekick Zak are always baking and crafting! Cassidy and myself go way back! We met while we were both camping with our families before we ever started kindergarten! What a throwback, y'all! If I was home I would dig up old pics of us ๐Ÿ˜€  (told 

    So with Valentine's Day coming up I already had some things in mind I wanted to do! First, Zak loves to paint, so we did some hand/feet painting that we do for every holiday! He's really big for his age so I don't no how much longer we will be able to fit his feet on a canvas lol! 

We made a love bug out his feet and he finger painted in Valentine's colors the word love! 
   Next we made a robot wreath (from Pinterest of course) which my hubs doubted it would turn out the way it did, but it turned out good and we are happy with it! We spray painted a slinky red because it's not easy finding a colored slinky! Then we made the robots face and the hearts and hot glued everything on the wreath. All the items were found at Walmart and was very easy to make! 
   Then we attempted to make a heart tree that looked so easy on Pinterest but it ended up looking nothing the pic but Zak had fun glueing all the hearts on the construction paper. 
To finish off our Valentine's Day festivities we made heart shaped pizza for lunch and decorated Valentine's Day cupcakes! 
   Thanks Cass, for inviting me to be a guest and Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!!! 

    Some Mom advice I have would be:
 "Make memories while they are small because they grow up so fast! Limit time on the phones and get in the floor and play with your kids!!!"

Isn't she awesome, girls??
Whitney, thank you so much for taking the time to share your beautiful family (isn't she gorgeous & Zak a cutie??) along with fun things to do with our babies for Valentines Day!  
I spy a bit of snail mail coming your way in appreciation;)

If you, or someone you know, would like to contribute as a guest blogger, please don't hesitate to contact me at!  Even if you don't know of the exact topic you would like to post about, I can help!  Sometimes you need someone else to help pinpoint those strengths & things your best at.  We can brainstorm together:)  I am in need of someone for the month of March!  Think St. Patricks Day, Spring, Easter type things!  
Happy Mommin' ;)