Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome to the World, Conley Scout!


Conley Scout,
You came into our world on October 25, 2015 at 12:27 pm.  You (as Cam was) are naturally the equally most precious thing I had ever seen in my life.  In the three days I have held you in my arms (not belly), I have found you look just like your big brother, are the biggest cuddle bug in the entire world, love to sleep, & make Mr. Magoo faces.  I want to cry every time I look at you because I know how blessed I am to have a sweet family such as mine.  It is truly a gift from above.  As we approach the end of each day, I can't wait to learn more about you & watch your little personality unfold:-)

What a wild & CRAZY journey it has been to meet you.  For the last several weeks you were in my belly, we were scared you might arrive too early!  But you know what?  You were a strong little fighter & waited just in time for your daddy to get home before you would even think of coming into this world *despite all the odds against us making it that far.*  You've been quite the trooper & traveler in the 9 months you've been alive.  I believe God has a great purpose for your life because he worked a few miracles to get you here safely!  

On this day, the day you came into this world, I am 27 years old.  I have been working as a speech therapist for about two years, have been married to your dad for almost six years.  Your dad is the hardest worker for our family & takes such good care of us-even so much that he has been working in North Dakota for practically the past two years.  He is the funnest person in the world to be around & you will never want him to let you out of his bear hugs.  Trust me:)  You have the coolest, funniest <yes, I 'm going to use this word again-I think it just runs in the family> two year old brother a little guy could ask for.  We have one crazy dog "Ony" that you will most likely tag team Cam in loving & terrorizing before we are able to blink.  I so excited about introducing you to to them all!  

We felt like it was the perfect time in our life to add another little addition to our family this year & you are the perfect little one God sent to us.  Cam is going to love you, just be prepared... he will try to sword fight you with toilet wands, spit on you, roll cars on your head, & tell Ho Ho what you would like for Christmas for his benefit.  <<However, considering the kicks & karate chops you proudly showed off in my belly, I'd say you will be able to give him a run for his money in the near future!>>  I have a feeling you two will be the best of friends & can't wait to see your bond & relationship as brothers grow.

You have sooooo many others excited to meet you that love you as well.  Be prepared for tons of hugs & kisses so long as you will allow them to happen:)  

I continue to pray (as I began back in 2012) that I will be the best mom in the world for you & your brother.  You must know you have the best daddy in the world.  We love you two more than ourselves & any other thing in this world.  But who loves you more?  Jesus.  Never forget that your entire life & every decision you make will be in Jesus' hands.   That is the most important thing I can teach you about life.  Accept him in your heart, trust Him in all things, allow Him to direct your path & you'll make it;)  Simple as that!  

I can't wait for you to join our life:)  Here we go!
All my Love & more,
(& I do mean "Mommy"...Cam calls me Mom & he hurts my heart-maybe when y'all are 5 that will be more acceptable!)
Friday, October 23, 2015

High Five for Friday | H54F

Happy Friday, everyone!  Linking up again with the ladies of "High Five for Friday..." hosted by Della DevotedBright on a BudgetCoffee with Caitlin, and Cup of Tea.
Well.  I'm still pregnant!  37 weeks 6 days & counting.  I have a feeling all the bed rest, progesterone, & blood pressure medicine to keep me from going into labor are having an aftereffect on me.  I walked into the doctors office yesterday & they (for the 567th time) said, "I can't believe your still pregnant!"  Yes, I too can't believe it either!  Waiting on you little man, waiting on you...

1.  My hubby is HOME!  He arrived early Tuesday afternoon & I have never seen a little boy so excited in all of my life.  That face though!  We spent a lazy evening together- grabbed Zaxby's & took it to the park for some fun with daddy.  We have missed him so much!  NOW, if we could just convince him to never leave.  
2.  Chipolte!  I don't know why but I am in LOVE with their guacamole & chips.  I get a burrito & can't eat it because I am so full of those delicious lime chips & guac.   Good grief, notice I talk A LOT about food lately?  
3.  13 Days of Halloween!  <And The multiple showings of It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!> It has been so nice to have something to watch every evening since we don't have a lot of movies or anything laying around & need something to do while we wait.  Hocus Pocus has come on ohhhhhh...every night this week?  Lol.  No complaints here!
4.  First Watch Cafe.  We just discovered this little gem last week in the Turkey Creek area of Knoxville, TN & have been there about 3 mornings since.  It is DELICIOUS & very reasonably priced.  Cam actually eats & loves their chocolate chip "pupcakes" & I am in love with their Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal.  And they even have pumpkin spice creamers on the table;)  Mmmmm Mmmmm.
5.    Leaves.  Give me all the pumpkins?  Nope, they just rot- give me all the leaves!  I think I have talked about leaves enough for you to know that I love this time of year.   Cam brings me every one he sees & says, "Here, a flower for you mommy!"  We leave a trail every place we go:)  Can't get enough!
What are you guys up to this weekend? 
 I for one, hope mine doesn't involve checking to see if I have dilated anymore...
three times is enough in the span of one week!  Yuck.
Wednesday, October 21, 2015

what i wore | 37 weeks maternity

Soooooo, we are about to head to the hospital.  I had contractions about every 10 minutes last night & I've had increasing pressure since about Sunday!  They told me to come in for that to be checked, but I've been waiting on my Mr who just arrived yesterday.  My nerves are getting more jittery every second & my excitement//anticipation is through the roof:)  We might have a baby today...but before I leave you-here's a new post!
Welcome to yet another new link-up I'd like to start participating in..."What I Wore Wednesday," hosted by The Pleated Poppy.  Go check out her & so many other ladies style posts to feel inspired:)  I know I did!

I've been slack on my Style Finder posts for maternity these past couple of weeks.  Given that this will probably be the last week sporting my big ole' baby bump for a while <<Thank you Lord for seeing me to FULL TERM!  37 Weeks!>>...I'd like to part ways with a quick round-up of how I've dressed it two days with my "minimalist wardrobe" this week.  Haha:)  And Yes, if your wondering, I am going to tell you how alllllll of my winter things are in North Dakota for the gazillionth time.  Your welcome:)

My beloved Target came to the rescue this week, as our Southern air *finally* became the perfect touch of October chilly & I had to grab a couple of warmer items to last until my Mr can send some winter things my way.  No complaints about the change in temps here!  I finally got to wear a wooly scarf & not completely sweat my make-up off or look like a crazy person:)  
Top-Plaid Tunic, simlilar//  Bottoms-see above//  Shoes-see above  
I can honestly say that I witnessed a fellow Southern girl SO excited for the cooler weather that she wasted NO TIME wearing her new purchase.  She paraded her new red beanie around Target, through the cashier line to purchase <I don't even think she took it off her head to checkout-we're talking run her head through the scanner> & proudly out the door to take on the rest of her day.  Talk about excited for fall weather!  All the Southern girls be like:  Quick locate my Uggs, leggings, vests, & Han Solo Boots, y'all! :)  I'd like to hand partial credit to my hubby for that tag line...  People watching at it's finest!

Hump Day Giggles...
 For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.  Prov 15:15
especially when your pregnant....

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Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week | Something Like Christmas Magic

Insomnia is at it's peak.  I have to eat dinner at practically 3pm to avoid heartburn.  I could down a Sonic diet cherry limeade <especially the heavenly thing that is crushed ice> every 30 minutes.  I can't stand up without having to pee 678,564 times.  My belly is BIG, y'all.  And, yes.  I will totally confess.  I completely sat in the floor of the public mall restroom to change Cam's potty accident clothes Saturday evening.  Judge me...judge me harrrrrddd.  This exhaustion is for real.  I probably sat there for an hour, okay 25 minutes easy.  I've gone to the sanitary dogs!  What will two potty trainees do to me???
He hugs & talks to baby bro all the time:)
God's gift to pregnant women...or maybe just this one.
A random glance at my phone during the night...yep, that's 1 am people

All the same, I can't explain the excitement I feel.  

It's crazy!  Cade & I were talking this excited as we were to meet Cam, we never knew the love we would have for him.  Now, now we fully know.  Maybe that just feeds & emphasizes the excitement you naturally have when expecting the next baby?  I really don't know.  All I know--is that my heart feels like it can't even partially contain having two of them to love.  I feel like Christmas morning everyday when I think of the little family God has so preciously blessed me with...maybe that's as close of an explanation as I can give?
He might kill me...but it's the only picture I have of him this week & he's been MIA on this blog waaaayyyy too long!

And to add to my excitement?   We are picking Daddy up at the airport around noon TOMORROW.  We haven't seen this boy since AUGUST.  Major withdrawals don't even touch how much we miss him.  Are we for sure it isn't Christmas Eve??  Cuz' there sure is some Christmas magic happening in this little heart of mine;)  
Park 10.17.15  Finally, some chilly scarf weather!

On a side note, Cam & I have listened to our Michael Buble Christmas all week & he continuously says, "I need Jingle Bells music, Mom," sooooo we listen to "Jingle Bells" on repeat all day, everyday on our trips to the park & to go grab grub.  <<Proud mommy moment right there>>  I will update you when I convince my Mr. to love--okay tolerate Christmas music like this...I'm afraid those days are gone when he hops in the car.  
I can just hear him now..."Cassidy, it's O C T O B E R."
All Christmas magic & music set aside...Sometime...Someday this week...We will meet him.  LORD WILLING.  It's really here!  We are about to become a family of four:)  
Hoping y'all had a great weekend...Happy Monday!
Friday, October 16, 2015

High-Five for Friday! // H54F

Happy FRIDAY, y'all!  Woo hoo!
I didn't really make a big deal about it this year--but October 8th was the 3rd anniversary of Peaches & Pearls & that is a very special thing for me.  If you are just tuning in, or maybe found me later on in my blogging's where it all began!  You're sure to laugh at many of the newbie posts, it might be worth the effort;) 

Annnnd, in honor of my 3rd year of blogging on my little corner of the web, I'd like to try my very first <<I think?>> link up party.  In doing so, I've found a new way to celebrate what has always been one my favorite days of the week--FRIDAY!  "High Five for Friday" is a link up hosted by Della Devoted, Bright on a Budget, Coffee with Caitlin, and Cup of Tea.  What better day to celebrate things you like/special parts of your week or recent days than by doing a special round up of your week & a chance at meeting new people?  I'm EXCITED to join in the fun:)

Here's to the first of hopefully many "High Five Friday's!"  I'd love if you all would comment below what your "High Five's of the Week" were as well:)  Then we can all just carry each other's positive vibes into the weekend...right?
1.  Parks: If there is one thing I wish I had access to everyday, it is a park with a great playground.  I love people watching & soaking in the sun while Camster runs all his energy out chasing after other kids & playing on the playground.  I like to ask him what he has been doing every potty break in which he responds, "Talking to the kids, Mom."  I ask him what he said when he meets new friends & he said, "My Cam Adams."  Since when did he become 2.5 going on 40?  

He always grabs me at one point to push him on the swing & yesterday he said, "Talk to the people, mom!"  If I tell him it's time to leave for the day?  "But mom, I've got to talk to the kids!"  I also overheard him telling some boys about Hobby Lobby at the top of the slide yesterday...yea, we're going to have to work on our conversational skills!  LAUGHING!  Love him to PIECES.

2.  One on One Time with Cam: The days of Cam being an only child are quickly slipping by.  It's definitely not a sad thing & that becomes more evident every trip we take to the playground, because everybody else is playing with their siblings & Cam dies to play along!  It has been such a special blessing to me that I will always cherish to have these extra few days of it just being Cam & I before little brother comes along.  I'm looking forward to maybe having a day or two like this with his daddy, too.  Fingers crossed!'

Currently LOVING these:  Liz Lange Maternity Jegging
3.  Maternity Jeans: Ummm, why am I just now deciding to try these out?  The weather is FINALLY supposed to turn cold this weekend, I haven't a shirt long enough to appropriately cover my belly in public, & only brought my comfy cozies to wear around (thinking the littlest Mr. A would have shown by now)--so I finally broke down & bought a few essentials at Target since I will be in Knoxville at least another week patiently waiting.  Long sweaters AND one pair of heaven sent maternity jeans.  Good thing we would like to have another or that could have been a waste.  Or...maybe not because they are the bomb. com.  Preggo mommies...bite the bullet & buy them!  TOTALLY WORTH every penny.  

Side note  *YEP, Cade.  You should have just shipped my winter things from North Dakota when I asked you to 543,567 times ago--guess I'll just have to shop for a whole new winter wardrobe instead :>  Darn!  

4. No More Motorized Shopping Carts: I've wanted to do a post on this forever but just haven't found the time or place yet.  I have so many funny stories & thoughts while on bed rest about having to ride these around stores.  Perhaps my favorite?  The kid who said, "Mom, why is she riding around in a wheelchair-she's not old!"  I just closed my eyes, grinned, & shook my head as I kicked her into full speed & loudly made my way in the opposite direction.  Honorable mention... feeling like a lazy bum as people practically roll their eyes at me riding around in one.  Not my choice-TRUST!

5.  It's BABY WEEK!  I went to the doctor yesterday & was dilated 2 more centimeters than last week. They told me that once I hit 37 weeks I'm FULL TERM & with that...any pressure or contractions can verify a reason to come on in this week & possibly meet our little man!  If not, next Saturday will be the day.  Words cannot describe how excited I am.  NOT TO MENTION my Mr. is coming home TUESDAY:) #happiestgirlintheworld

How was your week?  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!:)
God has blessed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Living Lofty | Bedroom-Living Room Combo

Few things //besides babies & peace down in my soul// make me as excited as interior decorating.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating BUT it's definitely one of my favorite things to play with!  So.  Naturally, I am verrrry excited to show you our little upstairs loft make-over today.  Why do I call it an upstairs loft?  I don't really just "has a nice ring to it"-- don't you think?  It's plenty of room for the time being & I am very pleased with how my vision turned out.  Plus...I have lots of furniture/decor I can use in another space when the time comes SO it's a win-win for everyone:) 

Also, Cam loves it.  We are currently in Knoxville waiting on baby bro to arrive & as I was working on this post he seen the pictures over my shoulder & he said, "I love my room, mom.  I want it back mom." <<Yes, he's calling me mom all the time again:,(>>  I told him we would have it back we just had to wait til' his baby brother could come with us.  He was a-ok with that answer;)  I just hope his optimism persists!



Pillows | Amazon
Sheets | West Elm
Velvet Quilt Bedding | Pottery Barn
Headboard | Amazon
Throw | Land Of Nod <last year>
Still need side tables, lamps, & a bed skirt!  I have a standing mirror too, it just needs picked up!

I eventually really want a lot more pillows here...& a side table with a lamp

Couch | Ikea
Pillow | Amazon
Dog Bed | Home Goods
Rug | West Elm

TV Stand | Target
Skeleton Lantern | PB Kids
Garland | PB Kids
A little Halloween/Fall mixed in...I can't help it!  It's OCTOBER, y'all!

And //of course// there's always a little Pinterest inspiration...

I'll be sharing the boy's space & our entryway soon.  Still have a few things to add before I share it with you here:)  I couldn't have done any of what you have seen without our sweet family's help!  I just dreamed it up, sale watched, ordered, & told them where to put things while on bed they worked so very hard to make everything come together! 
 I am one blessed girl! 
Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Tales| Pumpkin Patch Fun

Reality has set in.  Baby brother's arrival is creeping up on us at a rapid pace & though I imagined we would all just hop on over to the pumpkin patch with a newborn in tow to pick out our perfect pumpkins & catch a hayride--it finally dawned on me that is not going to happen.  So...rain or shine we decided to tackle that "Fall to-do" on Saturday...& rain it did.  
Most of the pumpkins were green/wet/& muddy, we forgot our umbrella, & the hayride was not operating that day.  But don't you dare believe that would stop Cam from having a blast:)  For one, he splashed through every mud puddle in sight & jumped on every farm tractor he could con his Joe Daddy to putting him on.  Two, he decided that he & baby brother needed to load every muddy pumpkin sitting in the patch in the trunk of our car <we finally convinced him we only needed two and they weren't for kicking or throwing contrary to popular boy belief>.  
P.S. Besides mud puddles, we found a TRAIN & chocolate too...#lifemade

I can't complain one BIT about our rainy day trip either, because it was my first official day off of bed rest & I was just glad to be out in public again!  Also, to be able to continue our little tradition of getting to go to the patch for our pumpkins--going strong for three years now.  I was so worried that it wouldn't happen this year with all the craziness happening lately!  Just in case your feeling nostalgic like I was, here was trip 1 & 2.
The weekend passed swiftly & now we are pretty much setting up camp in Knoxville until the baby comes.  If you didn't catch it in my bump update Saturday...the last time I went to the doctor, it was suggested I stay close to the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I was already dilated to almost a three & completely thinned out with pre labor prevention medications, so given that I have quit taking the medicines & am off bed rest now...this little guy is bound to show up soon!  What an adventure the journey to meet him has been!  I can't wait;)
More excitement?  I got to drive for the first time in 8 weeks yesterday!  The trip seemed like the longest I have ever taken in my life & we were completely dressed like hobos but HEY -- it felt good to have that independence again:)  And to enjoy a yummy ole decaf Pumpkin Spice;)  Naturally, I had to take a corny selfie <swollen fingers & all> to document this milestone!
Happy Monday