Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Very First Valentines Day

Have I mentioned how much better holidays are with a little one yet??
Well it brings the magic right back where childhood left it:)
Cam's first Valentines Day was very special,
as have all of his first holidays in their own way.

On a sad note:
We are almost running out of "firsts"...
ALL the more reason to milk all the fun we can out of these
last few holidays!
We had a low key week with loved ones, books, festive clothes and breakfasts,
the peanut gang, and some heart shaped sweets:)
Cam threw all of the contents of our refrigerator on the floor and carefully took the silverware out of the dishwasher to sweep the floor and comb Mr. Fitz's hair...
while I baked mis-shaped heart cookies while watching "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown."
He ran around the house quietly reading to himself, "shhh-mmm-ppp-kkk-kkk-shhh"
as he thumbed through "The Night Before Valentines Day..."
Don't act like he is not a genius.
and we kept our Valentinesy PJ's on for most of Saturday.
Who could ask for more?;)
Isn't this beautiful?  A sweet Valentines surprise;)

Isn't that how we celebrate every holiday?
I don't know about you but it has been a busy week for us!
Which leaves me sooo very excited for the weekend:)

Happy Weekend Eve...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Favorites & Our Snowmageddon

Here a just a few of my favorite Valentine goodies.
The light airy colors associated with Valentines Day actually
make this winter lover (somewhat) ready for spring!

Because in other news, if you live anywhere close to my
neck of the woods... you are also having a snow day!

Snowdays really don't exist with my current job...
but with this snowmagedon-type storm I had to go in as early
as I could and leave asap with the impending weather expected!

Sooo, after a scary drive home I think we have the right to
 spent the entire day checking off our snow day
bucket list:)

Snow cream, story time, snow play, visiting our favorite Charlie Brown Tree, and snuggling with a Gossip Girl Netflix marathon.

I am so thankful for this snowday and that
it has finally been out of the single digits, and "warm" enough for me
to let Cam go out in his first snow!
Happy Hump Day!:)
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Tales

My heart is so happy and encouraged after
sweet weekends with my family.
We had a great lazy weekend in which we began some Valentine festivities!
A Valentine bubble bath and Frank Sinatra tunes to set the mood:)

Cozy Valentine PJ's.
Blowing out candles and carrying them around the house to show off
our magic skills (because...we DID make the flame disappear!)

And then staying up a few minutes after bedtime;)
 And may or may not have had a Gossip Girl netflix marathon...

We also had the best festive Saturday morning breakfast
complete with heart shaped eggs, fruits, and pink sparkling fruit juice:) 
And on an even cooler note...Cam, bedhead and all, used a spoon all by himself for the first time!

We also LOVED celebrating Lolli's birthday and visiting with
family/friends from Flordia
who Cam got to meet for the first time!
(Who is a bad at taking pictures?  This girl right here...:( )

And then Cam played Cupid for Sunday's coming and goings!
Hope you all are having a great week...
3 Days til' Valentines, and a few short hours til Snow Storm Pax;)
Bring on the snow!
Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend Tales

We spent this weekend celebrating the Mr.'s birthday:)
It required a lot of football, food, panthers, and smoozing (aka being extra sweet)!

Daddy's Birthday Dinner Friday night
 Pacified the Saturday Morning Baby for a few extra minutes of zzzz's
Made Daddy a Panther Birthday Cake

And made Blue Panther Football Pancakes...with fruit toppings!

And the Superbowl? 
Well I think the best part of it was hands down
 Cam twerking when he seen the Muppet commercial...
Looks like we will be investing in some muppet entertainment;)