Friday, March 2, 2018

H54F || Here Comes Tha Sun Dooo Do Do Do

And yes, I realize I said do do.
I am a boy mom.

I digress...
Happy Friday, sweet friends!
I've had a couple of people mention how I haven't posted a lot lately-fearing there might be something wrong.  Thank you for your concern!  I do have to say...this past year is the beginning of a big transition for us, not only has my Mr. been working away, but my sister who helped me in Tennessee, moved to the coast of North Carolina.  So I have pretty much been flying solo most of my days with my two little monkeys.  Without oversharing, things are about to get a lot easier than they have been the past five years (aside from Cam starting Kindergarten-HELLO homework), so I hope I can put a lot more into this little space.  After all, so much from the sweetest part of my life has been shared here. 
 I can't stop, won't stop now! ;)  

Highlights & Blessings this last week of February:

one. sunshine!
I am so thankful for the rain, but MAN, am I thankful to see some sunshine today!  I have missed our morning walks through the neighborhood with the warm February weather & the beginning of morning dates at the playground before it gets too hot!  

two.  dinner, party of FOUR
I am quite sure, I will never again take for granted cooking at home & sitting around our little table together.  There is little in the world that makes me happier.  Something that has always been so important to me is finally coming to life.  Not only that, but tag team cooking in the kitchen with my Mr.  I think we make a pretty great team...except for last night, when Cam told us the cafeteria spaghetti was better than ours...😂
their faces...okay, i may or may not have taken this picture a thousand times trying to get the one I envisioned & it just never happened-so here's this one!

three.  a painted powder room
my mr. has been bored out of his mind not being able to work in all this since we had some paint leftover from the boys room, he decided to paint our downstairs powder room.  It looks SO good!  The walls are SO much easier to clean with a fresh coat of semi-gloss (HELLO little boys peeing-boy mom's- it's NOT pretty is it??)  
 Here is what I would ultimately like to see happen when we finish this space...(in ten years - HA!)  😂

four.  spring spirit
After all the warm weather, this cold rain, & realizing that the chances of a good snow in the South is just not likely anymore, I have never been more ready for Spring time.  Not to mention, we have cabin fever from sickness & rain.  I put all my bottle brush trees away last weekend, & spring is starting to trickle in the Adams Abode. 
I'm definitely in the rearranging/playing decorating mode.
Also, I am sooooooooo excited to (fingers crossed) talking my Mr. into helping me making a raised garden this spring.  My nana did a little one last year, & I wanted to so bad but knew I wouldn't be home enough to take care of it.  This year, I wilL!  I have so many ideas!  I drooled over all the seed packets at Home Depot!  I just. can't. wait!  
OR dream... 

Also, did you guys see Joanna Gaines garden posted to instagram the other day???
Sigh...  Goals.

five.  second cup of coffee morning dollar bin run's for the win 
- St. Patty's Day + Spring!
Did you catch ALL that??  I started making therapy bins for each season last summer, & I love going to the Target Dollar Bins to figure out what I can score to add to my speech activities.  
I had to make a run this morning d/t the boys having not a SINGLE sippy cup - anybody else find that they vanish into thin air within a week of buying???
Well, I'm going to chase a squirrel for a second...Con informed me as soon as we got back,"Mom, member when I hid my chocolate milk in here?"  as he pulled a gatorade sippy out of Cam's Star Wars lunch box.
Oh, well...isn't that life with kids?  

Whether you're a teacher, therapist, or parent, there are so many fun things you can find there...& it helps the job not get boring when you have fun activities to drag out for each season!  I found this cute leprechaun hat for an open ended artic coin toss game!

ALSO- I am avoiding these Reese eggs like the plague.
They are my drug & "I ain't doin it" this year!
Why are the holiday Reese's so much better??
Wishing you all a weekend full of sunshine (physically & spiritually!)
Amanda Bullard said...

OMG Reese Eggs are pure CRACK. Girl, I'm in NC and if I had a dollar for every time an older generation person said, "The best snow we have got has came in March and April..." I could literally stuff their dentures down their throats. I'm sorry your spaghetti isn't up to cafeteria standards. LOL! Have a great weekend - with sunshine!

Amie said...

My hubby got me the Reese heart version for Valentine's Day and let me tell you they were just as awesome!! We are so very happy to see the sun this week too :)

Cassidy Adams said...

Amanda, you are so right! We had a blizzard in March of 93', I just know when I WANT doesn't seem to happen;) Happy sunny weekend<3

Cassidy Adams said...

Amie, they are so good! ahhhhh I can't quit once I start! Have a great weekend!

Emily at 'a little bit of Emily' said...

Target's dollar spot really has so many good finds!!! You never know the goodies that will be there. And Joanna's garden has me wanting one so bad. It just looks SO lovely and beautiful! Good luck with yours.