Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving Fun

I'm getting so excited about this next week, guys!

Not only is my Mr. coming home this weekend, but we are almost a week away from Thanksgiving!  This year, we are planning a low key Thanksgiving, just staying at home & having our family over.  I love the hustle and bustle of visiting everyone in our families, but I am excited for a little change.  I also know we still have Christmas for that!  
Am I crazy for being a little excited that Cade & I get to give a whirl at fixing our first ever Thanksgiving meal?  I’m also looking forward to giving our boys a chance to soak in the day & enjoy the little things like the parade & dog show (which Conley will FLIP over!) without trying to watch while  crammin a little breakfast, getting ready, and being at the first house in time. 
 We may actually get down & eat an entire meal all at one time!  No saving room for three other meals😉  
In honor of the upcoming turkey day, I figured I would try to find a few things to put us in the Thanksgiving spirit around here, so here goes...  

peanuts thanksgiving party 
pop some popcorn (I've recently learned this is probably actually something they served at the first thanksgiving!), with some jelly beans + pretzels on the side for a viewing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We did it here in 2014, & I think it's time for a repeat for Con.

jess in new girl wearing her thanksgiving pjs
FYI : they're sis and I already tried to find a pair😂 

nyc + thanksgiving

if you're a gossip girl fan like me, it's a must to go back & at least watch the thanksgiving episodes💁🏻

 parade prep

throw a mini parade planned by your kiddos.  Let them line up the "floats" & you commentate the line up + find a theme song to go along with the fun.  They will more than likely be extra excited to see the parade on tv thanksgiving morning😎

playing dress-up

whether that's in reference to your home or yo' self & fam!  I love planning what our little family will be wearing for the fun holiday months.  

I think I'm pretty boring.  Every holiday season it seems like i gravitate toward chunky knit sweaters and cognac colored shoes.  As for home love...I am generally all Christmas crazy, but this year, I only have the tree up-pumpkins & leaves everywhere else!  Here are a few of my current cravings besides turkey & dressing...

boots | graphic tee | cardigan | mule | surplice sweater| tapered candles 

* ALL Old Navy is 40% off!!

ps i'll just drool over all the pottery barn kid peanuts stuff for thanksgiving😩

Give me all the recipes!
I've been a cooking sponge lately.  Loving looking through Pinterest + old Martha Stew's at all the recipes for turkey + dressing😍  Only me?  Mmmm k.

I've gotta stop now, friends.
In the words of Angels with Filthy Souls (come on guys...the Home Alone movie Kevin watches while family is away) "I could go on forever, baby!"

What gives you all the thanksgiving feels?  🤗🦃🙏🏽💕🍂
Sunday, November 12, 2017

Halloween 2017

Three things I learned after Halloween 2017:

1. Trick or treating with a two year old is H A R D.  They don’t want to participate nor do they understand why on God's green EARTH they are dressed up like a lunatic while we drag them frolicking around in public.  All the tricks to get the treat #fillhimwithcandy

2. “These stretchy things are not comfy.  I’m getting a comfy costume next year.” -Cam
 Translation: Elastic, inflatable costumes are not comfy.  Seems like Mom may have mentioned that before deciding on Marshmallow man...🤔

3. One size does NOT fit all.  Please see husband below.👇🏼
Memorable moments this year go to:
 My Mr. attempting to shimmy into his ghostbusters costume for boo at the zoo.

My grandparents, in their seventies, dressed up for Halloween (never get the mindset you're too old to have fun and dress up-as far as I'm concerned-couples costumes are life now, Cade Adams...🎃)

When Conley finally put on his Slimer costume I DIY slaved over😂 via sucker diversion, & (even) embraced his inner Slimer, proudly shouting, “Conleys Slimer! Trick or Treat!”😍.

The always hilarious it’s ever an adventure following his instructions as to how the night should be scheduled.  

Also, oh how I loved deflating and inflating his costume after every trick or treat stop.  Not to mention my own inflatable proton pack as I drove down the road. #gobigorgoHOME ❤️ 
And hate me, but I’m already thinking ahead to next Halloween...😂. But of course, I have to run my suggestions by our Halloween mastermind, Cam.
I hope you all had a magical & happy Halloween!💕🎃

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

MOO Conley’s TWO

*please ignore my work in progress gallery wall
N e w s f l a s h.
I may never throw another "big" bash again.
This was something I could enjoy...
Conley is obsessed with cows these days.
As much as I wanted to throw another "Great Pumpkin" bash with our leftovers from last year, I couldn't resist showering our little terrible two-er with this theme. 
While throwing in a few pumpkins, of course.😉
Having a smaller gathering, at home, gave me time to gradually decorate and prep the party spread leisurely instead of all at once as all the guests arrive before I have any food prepared, balloons blown, or decorations up!  And $5 pizzas from Little Ceasers?  Yes, please!
felt ball garland || fickled felt tree
cow cake + cow smash cake || piece of cake bakery
chevron burlap table cloths || Walmart, last year
cow balloon || amazon
two banner || yours truly-out of 30 cent pieces of felt
cow print straws || amazon
two sparkler candle || swoozies
Everything else...the dollar tree!
We has such a sweet time celebrating our now TWO year old💙
Friday, November 3, 2017

Finding Balance in Joy & Burdens

I've been pretty quiet here lately.
It really is hard to find time to write without a laptop (if your new here or don't know what I'm talking about...I backed over my laptop in July after it fell out of my back window while I was backing down our steep driveway <<I forgot to roll the window up after packing>>☠️). I never get a chance to work on posts, what you read these days has been typed in the note section of my iPhone while IF a baby sleeps on me at night, and is copy and it pasted into blogger the next chance I get to borrow a computer...please bear with me through this rough patch-I promise I haven't quit.
It's my favorite time of year but I tell you, there is so much sadness in the world. I constantly have an internal battle in my brain fighting over happy vs. sad. Do you ever feel guilty to be happy or enjoying a moment when others are going through so much heartache? How can I talk about decorating for Christmas or something funny that Cam said when someone I know is sitting in the hospital with her daughter week after week without answers? After I hear another has been diagnosed with cancer? Or another just lost their sister to cancer?

As a Christian I believe the Lord wants us to fully experience joy through knowing Christ but also carry the burden of others. It's not an easy thing to balance. It's not an easy thing to discuss. But that doesn't change it's influence on how we look at and do life.  

I don't know about you but I'm an all in person. There's no in between. I'm either really happy or really low. I have to praise God on the mountain and pray in advance for when my time comes to be in the valley. I can't help but believe that the mountaintop is the perfect place to keep lifting others up.   I actually believe that's part of the reason God allows us to have times on the mountain in our lives.  I've really been trying to pray that God would send me reminders throughout my day of the people I've purposed to pray for...and he has been ever so faithful in doing just that. Also, just for the record...when I say I'm on "The mountain", it doesn't mean everything is perfect. Sure, I have things that trouble me...things that I'm not sure about or questions that seem to never have answers-but my family is alive and healthy at this very moment and I consider that as blessed as I can be on this earth.

This blog is not meant to make light of the things going through on in the world. I pray that you know that when I write about my Friday Favorites or a post about decorating,  it's just me trying to balance the negativity of the world and all the sadness that life can send our way.  How do you balance joy as a Christian & sharing the burdens of others?