Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Favorites || Ba-de-yah, The Last Week of September.

It's rainy, gloomy, my clients have been Cray CRAY all  (hello, full moon)+ I''ve worked on paperwork til my eyes are crossed this week, so I'm keeping my time on the computer short + sweet today! 
Here are five things I love from this week :)
One. Blast from the past
I found an old phone + just look at one of those gems.
I posted several on my insta-stories.  Dying!
Must print to Parabo to hang on my photo clip board ASAP!
Two. In the Fall, I wear my hair black.
(i.e. On Wednesdays, we wear pink)
Okay, now I have a itch to watch Mean Girls.  My hair is super black, when all I wanted was my natural color.  Oh, well.  I know it will fade over time.  I'm so picky with my hair. 
Three.  Dirty 3rd-y
Though it's a mini party like last year (the only way to go with itty bottles now, in my opinion), I am fully engulfed in planning a 3rd birthday party.  My instructions from my little guy is a "blue motorcycle birthday."  I guess my pumpkin parties are over! I am having fun with this one too, though.
Four.  Coffee forecast/reviews
I'm a coffee freak along with the rest of the world, but I do have a new love. 
I'm not interested in hot coffee right now (Sorry Pumpkin Spice, I tried).  Until the weather really gets cold, I can't pass up a cold coffee fix.  That being said, Dunkin' Donuts has my heart right now > Starbucks.  Though I did make myself try their (new? I guess) Iced Maple Pecan latte with cold foam instead of whip cream & it did not disappoint.  I still love DD's Iced Mocha any day though.  I think it's just because there's a whole lot more in the cup, but nevertheless. 
It always seems to be just the pick me up needed after work for the drive home.
Five.  Saturdays at home
We had the best slow Saturday at home this past weekend.  Hug in a mug with homemade pancakes (gator style).  Morning Target tour just to check out the Halloween & Fall decorations.  Fresh hair appointment! And ended the day with football and family.  So thankful for precious times such as these.

Go out there & enjoy your Friday, friends!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall Love List 2018

Happy first official week of fall!
Can anyone explain to me how the beginning of the ber months became October?
I am over here scratching my head a bit.
I have yet to even fall-ify my porch for fear I am too early (is that a thing?)
& here it is time to decorate for Halloween!
Do you decorate for fall?  Halloween? Or both?
I like to do both, but this year...I might just have to mix it up!

Here are a few things I am loving this fall... just to set the mood ;)
 1. (in store, similar) | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7.

I've been eyeing that galvanized pumpkin from Pottery Barn forever, but I can't justify the price.  I found one in Marshall's for half the price! 
Hoping it will make it's way to my Halloween fireplace soon...
I've had that little pumpkin garland since last year, & I tell you, from now until Thanksgiving, it is cute as can be a n y w h e r e.  The boys picked out our front door Fall/Halloween mat (of course, skeletons!) & I can't ever get enough of matching pj's this time of year.  I love the black & orange stars! 
Obsessed with the sweet cinnamon pumpkin scents from B&BW...BUT, it didn't last. 
I've talked myself into ordering a cinnamon essential oil to diffuse instead this time around.
The bag I have for work... in black.  Oh, it's on my wishlist! 
And I love my mules! They make every outfit feel cozier. 
Wear all day, everyday:). As long as it's not raining!

Other things not mentioned that I am currently looking forward to:
-Purple + orange + white mums
- making caramel apples
- looking through all my mom's old Martha Stewart holiday magazines
-Pumpkin Patch fun
-gathering all our Halloween costumes

Til' next time...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Friday Favorites || nine to five

No, not really
More like 6:50 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
It's all takin' & no givin'...
If you add in progress reports that are consuming my every waking moment this week...
 you'd sing: Working tweeeenty four hours, what a way to make a livin.'
Dolly don't know what she talkin' bout.
I get silly sometimes.
When a child subtly reminds you that you are in survival mode...
Favorite words from the week:
Student: weird stare at me when I get him for speech.
Your hair is down.
Me: Laugh.  Do I look weird with my hair down?
Student:  You never wear it down...
Me:  Oh, yea.  And I never wash it either.
 I'm not hiding any secrets around here.
...just trying to keep it all together.
I'm just a tired girl looking forward to a lazy weekend.

And a haircut.
A haircut will be nice.
And the fact that someone will wash my hair FOR me.
What are you all looking forward to about the weekend?
Here are a few sweet moments from our past couple of weeks.
I don't know how I'm going to keep up here... but I'm determined to do so.
We enjoyed a trip to NC to see all our dear loves!
Cam has been so great at school lately that he saved up enough "coupons" to do one of his favorite things... go to Build a Bear!  Meet "Speed."

These little kinders are working so hard on their reading skills.
I know Cam is, & I'm so proud of how much he takes initiative & cares!
I'm going to do my Cassidy duty to remind you: We're so beyond ready for fall + Halloween.  The boys have tried on their costumes from last year almost every evening in anticipation for the season to come.
Getting geared up for the season of soups + baking with my great grandpa's sugar cookies & JoJo's Tortilla soup.  We ain't playing, yall.
Speaking the cozy weekend & all that talk...
I'd like to decorate my porch, too.  But let's not get too overly ambitious.
Friday, September 7, 2018

Five on Friday 

As expected, September is flying by at warp speed.
My big boy a d o r e s kindergarten, Conley is currently exhibiting the behaviors of a child who will LIVE in the principles office once he goes to school, & I live on unhealthy amounts of chewing gum & iced coffee.  I'm sweating in my sweaters trying to wish it fall & am currently obsessed with early intervention/Candace Cameron podcasts on the way to & from work.
I’m on the struggle bus 🚌  with an intro...

one. short work days
When you work in a tourist town & school dismisses an hour early for two weeks in a row due to "Rod Run." 
It helped that I felt "green" all day after Cam threw up all morning. 
This may be the start to an interesting weekend.

Cup || Riddle Me This Designs
two.  Cam + Kinder
A little obsessed with packing this stinkers lunch everymorning.
I love coming up with new ideas & hearing how he likes it.  It's kinda like a little love letter I get to send with him everyday, because every girl knows food is the way to a guys heart😉
That philosophy flows into supper for the Mr...ha!  I love this little bento box we found! 
 Can you tell he loves it, too?

I'm also super proud of him for getting on "green" behavior the entire school year so far. 
He works so hard to earn the good behavior rewards.  A little heartbreaking when I overheard him Thursday night saying, "Gotta go to sleep so I'll feel like eating popsicles in my pajamas tomorrow!".
(The good behavior reward). He even laid his pj's on his bedstand.  Then, we woke up to a sour stomach & throw up.
He was devastated 😢

He also dumps all of his hard work out on the table every evening to showcase all his hard days work.
I love it so much.  P R E C I O U S.
Three.  Long weekending love continued...
It was pretty hard to go back.  
Let's just put it that way.
Branchin with Con.  Dropping off + picking up Cam at school.  Family.  Thanksgiving din in September.  Birthday parties.  A best friends church.  Football + Fall creeping.  Premature leaf lookin.  Cade's breakfast. And a first pumpkin spice latté.
Can we do it again?
Trying to take the perfect picture like:
The boys & I have been talking about Halloween City since, oh, March?
four.  McDonald's Diet Coke
Totally boring headliner, but really.
If you like diet coke, go get a large one from McD's, put it in the freezer for a couple minutes. 
Just do it.
five.  To Mule or Not to Mule?
Is that even a question?  TO MULE!
Starry eyes for these shoes for a YEAR.  Can't ever find them in stock, ever in my size or color, not on eBay, not on Postmark, Amazon... not anywhere!  I got an email this weekend that by some miracle, they are BACK!
Happy Friday, friends!