Tuesday, March 13, 2018

30 Things I Learned During My 20’s

Over the past couple of weeks, as the time trickled down for the big day when I officially turned "thirty," I found myself with a lot of time dedicated to reflection over how I have changed in the past decade & all the things I've learned & ways in which I've grown.  I mean, I graduated college, got married, I began this blog, earned my masters degree, had two babies, and am in my 5th year of practicing as a speech language pathologist.  It's hard to imagine a decade in the future will EVER be that eventful again, right??

Well into adulthood at this point of my life, I still feel like my teenage self in many ways.  Despite that, it is easy to see the ways in which I have changed for the better.  I think that's a positive thing to cherish with age & I hope it just keeps getting better.  All that hoop-la prompted this little post of 30 things I've learned during my twenties.  I've kept this running list in the note section of my phone the last couple of weeks and jotted down my thoughts as they came to me during the reflection type goes!

1. I’ve learned to be inspired, but stay true to myself.
2. A personal heartfelt & intentional prayer life is something you have to fight for. 
3. Everything in moderation.
4. A content life is the best life. We look around us, and we don’t have to look far with our social media obsessed culture, and see all these beautiful things we don’t have. It can control us if we allow it to, distracting us from the beautiful parts of our own life!  There isn’t a materialistic thing that exists that is worth drowning in debt or worrying over. 
5. Love is not a feeling, love is a choice. Love is something you have to fight for everyday of your life. But it’s 100% worth the fight.
6. The second you have a baby, prepare for time to double, okay triple, in speed.
7. Waking early > staying up late (unless your babies find you😜)
8.  You can do anything you put your mind to if you seek Gods guidance & provision.  Like earn a masters degree in speech Language pathology (even though you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant halfway through the program) 😋
9. If you want to be happy, then be.
10. Don’t take yourself too seriously. (Says the most serious person ever...I’m working on it!)
11. Be thankful, but never get comfortable.
12. Coffee is a best friend & side kick.
13. Take care and value what God has blessed you with. I sit back and observe my boys with a new toy. At first, it is a cherished prized possession, but over time (and a short period of time at that) they set their eyes on another prize and that you often becomes broken, lost, or at the bottom of a toy chest. They don’t know this, but I’ve been watching my nana and papa the past years they have kept my boys, and am both amazed and influenced at how they care for what they have. I mean, anyone with a dryer as old as ME deserves respect! New isn’t always better-especially when you owe for it!
14. Home is where your family is together.
15. Technology sucks the life out of me.
16. Dinner around the table with your family with quiet and no distractions-just us, a chance to pray together, enjoy our food, and good conversation-turns out to be the most important time of the day. And when our kids will actually share vs when they are just being picked up from school/nana's😜
17. Saying no is way harder than saying yes. It takes a deeper love to do so.
18. A bubble bath can solve world problems. Okay maybe just my own!
19. Don’t be afraid to be wrong & openly admit when you are.
20. Embrace your differences respectfully.
21. Things worth having are hard work and never easy.
22. Thank you cards are important. I kinda quit after getting married but I’m going to start back. It’s the best way I know to express my appreciation & love. 
23. It’s ok to take time to rest & just “be.”
24. You can’t do everything.
25. Be you and be proud of it.
26. Eating your words becomes the fourth meal.
27. Be present. I think I have to remind myself of this every second with the world of distractions we live in-but I’ll never quit.
28. There is beauty to be found in every day and every situation.
29. It doesn’t matter what people think, you will always have some who have a different opinion. Give it to God & move on!
30. And last but not least...never dread or feel sad about a number on your birthday cake! Yes, even 30😉  I once heard that the time we are currently living in is called the “present” because every day is a gift from God. I love that & think about it often.

The day I turned 20 feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened in the last ten years and I’ve changed and grown so much. It will be fun to see what I can add to the list in the next 10 years.  Should I start a running list now??  

Happy Tuesday!
*or maybe not so happy if you consider that sickness has visited our abode again