Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

We are almost into the lazy days of summer!  Are you ready?  I know I am!  I brought out my summer/spring clothes about...oh TWO months ago & I'm pretty sure sandals have been on my feet ever since:-)  Isn't shopping the best when it's time to change seasons?  Not only are there great sales everywhere, but there are new things to browse through that get you excited & imagining the fun things that each season brings!  Speaking of summer, I thought I'd share some summer Friday Favorites:)

1.  Water:  Expectant moms...ever crave the fizz of soda's?  Or want to have a little variety of guzzling something more than just water?  I am loving this alternative!  You don't sacrifice taste or health with this drink!  My favorite so far is the orange mango.

2.  Target's Summer Sandals:  Have you been to Target lately?  They have the cutest sandals for summer ever! I got this gold pair while we were at the beach.  I didn't have any flip flops to wear to the pool & was looking for something to be able to wear there and at the lake/pool this summer.  These not only work for that...but they are pretty dang cute for work & when I'm out & about as well...  SCORE:)

3.  Picnic Basket:  I have constantly the sale aisles of stores forever scouting for one of these babies.  I love the idea of taking a meal with all the fixings or just a simple snack to a fun outdoor area for a picnic.  They are way cuter than a cooler:)  I especially love this one from Crate & Barrel.

4.  Chalk Talk:  We've not felt much like going outside to play these last few weeks, but when we favorite toddler activity lately can be described as follows:  "Cam, what would you like for me to draw?"  Tata head, Mommy!  It's allllwaaayyss Tata Head:)  He giggles & hops all over the chalk Potato Head, just like he can't believe we made potato head come to life on the sidewalk.  So fun:)  & cheap!
5.  The End of the School Year:  I've never been on the "teacher" side of the end of the school year.  I have to's completely hectic & chaotic.  But when a kid hands you a card like the one pictured below, it all of a sudden seems worth it.  Sure it's one card out of the 40+ students that I serve, but if I made a difference & special memory in one kid's life, I think my job is done!  One of my schools also threw me a special shower & "farewell" party (more on that later).  It's been a sweet week:-)  Two more to go!

Happy Friday (& looooonnnnggg weekend) everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cam, The Two Year Old

I know I've said this once, and I'll say it over again, but I'm really in awe of how fast my little boy is growing up.  It's such a blessing, but oh so scary all at the same time.  I stay in constant fear that I will regret not being with him more or that I may miss something along the way.  He is as fun as he's ever been & constantly making us laugh.  You can see his wheels turning & watch him learn new words & concepts daily.  It's truly an amazing thing to see!  I can't wait to see him be a big brother...I think he is really going to enjoy having someone to play with:)  
Age:  2 YEARS
Stats: 35 lbs , 31.5 inches 
Clothes: 2T-3T all depending on the brand
Favorite Foods: breakfast pizza, fruit, ketchup aka "Catch," french fries, bread, croutons, popsicles, & "i crean"
Favorite Words: Get you"Get chu" or "got chu," love you "uh eu," Honor "Ony," "Ready to go," Mickey Mouse "mimi mouse," Snoopy "snoofy," Pacifier "Fra fryer," Popsicles "Lello McQueen," Want some "some," "shhhhh hide!," & his favorite filler phrase when he has nothing else to say?  "Four dollars."  He also believes that he can rob people of anything he wants as long as he says "tan tu" in the process.  Seems logical, I guess:)
Favorite Activities:  Wrapping himself in a certain type of tee shirt, playing with cars (and anything with wheels), he loves to watch Cars & Mickey Mouse,  Dancing to "Shake I Off" & "Bass."  He's obsessed with playing hiding seek, though he never makes it a second into the hunt before giggling as loud as he can & running to the person who is looking for him.  Playing outside, fishing, running in & out of his tee pee, jumping on the trampoline, driving anything with a wheel, playing games with trains, fish, & cars on the iPad, writing on the chalk board, he tends to name the toys he is playing with "mommy, daddy, and Cam."  He would also live outside if we would let him.

Least Favorite Activities: Not getting what he wants (especially junk food & paci), when you do not let him drive any wheel within a 0 mile radius, bath time, not being in the bed with mommy & daddy, 
Other Milestones: Trying to get rid of paci & transition out of our bed.  It's a working progress:-)

Father, thank you for my precious baby boy.  He has brought so much love, joy, & happinesss into my life.  Everyday I see your power & love when I look into his eyes. I don't understand why you blessed me with him & this new baby on the way (and my sweet husband) but all I can do is pray that I am the mother & wife that I need to be for them...

Happy Friday Eve:)  
Monday, May 18, 2015

15 Weeks

This is Week #:  15 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  It's been very up and down between 2-5 lbs since I have been sick.
What I am wearing:  Well, people are brave enough to ask me if I'm pregnant it's safe to say that the bump has arrived & is ready to stay around until November!  Still in my clothes.  My skirt wouldn't zip & go over my belly this morning so I have a feeling I will need a belly band in the very near future!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Hmmmm, do pajamas count?  The only thing I liked about a week off of work is no make up & sweats everyday!
Body woes:  My back hurt the week before I got sick.  I was constantly on my feet & very busy that week.  Low blood pressure... which doesn't make one feel too chipper.  My belly is sore from growing so much in such a short amount of time.  Baby A is just like it's brother!
Best part of week:  I had one day that I felt perfect!  It was so nice:)  Looking forward to more of those!  I really want to enjoy pregnancy!
Feel anything in there?  Sometimes I think I do...but then I'll go long periods without anything!
Gives me the Creeps:  Food in general, but I 'm always really hungry.  Strange, right?  Right now, the worst is Barbecue.
Zzzzz Pattern:  I sleep all through the night.  Trying to soak that up, because I know it only gets worse the further along!
Gender:  The gender appointment is May 29th.  Hoping we will find out for real this time!
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  It's deformed
I’m Craving:  Liquids!  Always thirsty...I have to have a large half and half tea every morning.
Working Out Regimen:  None & I so want that to change.  Hoping as soon as I'm out of school I will feel up to it.  Really want this to start motivating me...The Pregnancy Project
Mood (s):  Missing my husband, enjoying Cam so much.  He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has.  He's just like his daddy:)
I can’t wait for:  A lot of exciting things coming up.  But at this moment?  Finding out what my sweet baby is & I sorta can't wait for June 5th!  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Summer Vacay never sounded sweeter:-)
Happy Monday, Y'all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ta ta, First Trimester!

My first trimester with Baby A #2 decided to go out with a boom!  This past week was one of those things that you look back on and think...where did that come from?  Did that really happen?  Saturday evening, I was wrapping up dinner, (so looking forward to actually eating the meal btw) and I suddenly felt lifeless, nauseous, & white as a sheet.  I laid down on the couch & the rest is history.  Monday evening I ended up at the hospital where they ended up keeping me over night and half the next day.  I was dehydrated.  Dizzy.  And nauseous.  Even 6 bags of fluid later!  It was very unexpected, so naturally we didn't pack one thing...except I did stash my untouched BBQ sandwich from supper in my purse.  And yea, you guessed it.  I didn't get to eat that either:(  
I have struggled the rest of the week with dizziness, enough to prevent me from driving.  My blood pressure has been my main arch enemy.  I don't think I can eat or drink enough to get it stabilized!  I finally started to feel the dizziness fading over the weekend.  Here's to hoping this is a good sign that it is on it's merry way out of my life!  Second trimester, please be kind to me...  If your listening, I would like to order up tons of energy, no headaches, & superhero strength & speed;)
On the lighter side of things, while I've been on the mend, Cam has pretty much took charge of the television and we have watched Sky High & Paddington (aka Teddy) 45,678 times throughout the week.  He also has found out that I am a pretty good block builder laying down, so we have built a lot of "towers" for his cars to crash through.  The Mr has been supposed to leave for North Dakota all week but his trip has been postponed until the middle of this upcoming week.  Thankful that the Lord seen fit for him to be able to be at my side for this rough week in the pregnancy trenches!  
Happy Monday everyone!
See? I promise I had planned to post this Monday!  But when you forget your password...its kind of impossible to blog #pregoprobs #goodtobeback
I hope you all had a great Mothers Day:)