Friday, March 30, 2018

H54F || Good Friday 2018

Happy Good Friday, everyone!
I was well into my second cup of l a r g e coffee this morning before I remembered that today is Good Friday.  Really, today stands for the most important day in all of history.  The day that Jesus took our place on the cross.  Can you imagine the love he has for us?  That he would suffer for all the bad things we did, do, and will do?  I can't even BEGIN to.  Not a day has more significance, except his birth & Resurrection Day...Easter Morning!  He is ALIVE, sweet friends.  What an occasion to celebrate & rejoice in!  May we all take this weekend to be mindful & search our hearts to remember our Lord's sacrifice & the most important gift we could ever receive-salvation! 
Now for a little High Five for Friday fun...Good Friday Style:)  LInking up, as usual, with the girls from H54F this morning.
one.  baskets full of easter joy
Every time I hear the lyrics, "bringing every girl and boy, baskets full of Easter joy," it just makes me super excited to put the boys baskets together!  I'm nerdy like that.  But baskets are just fun, aren't they?  All those springy colors & textures.  All the heart eyes.   I've almost got it together !  Planning on stuffing eggs during naptime today! 🐰
 I'm also excited to dress them for Easter Sunday...they were so handsome last year in their easter best.  Though, I'm not sure if we'll buy something or just try to pull something sweet together from what they already have.  That's definitely the approach I'm taking for me & the Mr...but hoping we can swing a little something special for our sweets.
two.  easter themed therapy
I love holidays & the fun it brings to my job.  I hope to add more therapy/family oriented posts to Peaches & Pearls soon!  It just takes a lot of work & I can never find the time!  But soon, hopefully!  I will say...eggs are EGG-cellent for language.  
J'ya catch that?😏
You can have so much fun hunting them all while targeting descriptive words, colors, prepositions, vocab (if you hide fun things inside).  The possibilities are infinite! 
So, go hide eggs all spring long!
three.  first picked spring flowers from my boys
My nana's tulips are in full bloom, & she doesn't bat an eye when the boys pick one for me.  Tulips a r r r r e e e my favorite...not gonna lie.  There's also the frequent dandelion.  And if it comes from my boys (or my sweet speech students), it might as well be a rare rose! 
four.  Cam's big day
Cam's big day has come & gone, but he had the best time!  More pictures to come & for you to endure (😋 ) later of his mini Ghostbuster party.  #sorrynotsorry

Bear with the blurry, dark pictures.  Most of the party was late in the evening!

 I still can't believe we have a five year old!  And to think it all started here.
five.  walking in to this
God's been working in our lives answering so many prayers lately.  I'd like to share a post about it soon.  It really is amazing to see his hand working in so many ways-& I don't know why I would expect any less sometimes.

And let me say, it makes my heart happier to walk in & see that picture below on our breakfast nook table than it would to find a dozen roses or a diamond ring.  I'm so thankful for my best friend & hubs! 
So thankful he is at home with us now!
P.S.  Have to add a TOTALLY RANDOM soapbox. 
Every Spring I find my coffee loving self in the same predicament...

Dear McDonalds,
I'd really just like to order a regular iced coffee with cream only.
(Ever done it?  Maybe you know my pain.)
I'm very sorry for my snobby difficult order.  However, I would really like to just get a simple pour of coffee over ice with a couple of creams.  No sugar, no syrup.  Just coffee.  And a little cream.  And I'd like to pay a dollar (instead of $4) for it, as it is listed on your menu.  Is that so much to ask?  Instead, everytime I send all your kind employees in a panic and back up the line attempting to help the employee behind your speaker know how to code the order(iced coffee with syrup *but not really*) or else I get the wrong order.  And do anyway most of the time-which I totally get.  Maybe we could do a button for that “special” complicated request?
 It's enough to make a girl give up on an afternoon treat...
Kind Regards,
A Spring time Iced Coffee Lover (apparant) Coffee Snob

Soapbox over!😋☕️#firstworldproblems
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior!🙌🏻
Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Happy Good Friday! Rejoicing with you in the goodness of our mighty God! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I'm so glad to have found yours through the comment you left. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the finished work of our risen Savior!
Brenda //

Cassidy Adams said...

I enjoyed stopping by! Happy Easter:)