Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Spill

Starting a new post I'd like to call "Saturday Spill."  Why?  

I'm glad you asked.

Because, I'm often too busy screening preschoolers speech sounds, scoping out pterodactyls on top of the grocery store, changing the bed sheets for the 1.6 billion time for the week, sprinting to the closest bathroom <infant car seat on arm> with a toddler shouting "pee!  pee! peeeeeee!" as soon as I get in line at the post office, all to end up falling over with a stinking ole' headache at the end of the evening to tackle my "High Five for Friday" posts.  Yes, these were JUST A FEW of the events of my day yesterday;)  Hehe.

So, instead of just pulling a Scarlet O'Hara & telling myself "I'll think about that tomorrow,"<<which I do A LOT>> when days like that happen... I'll have another option.  Because, one day- I fear my thoughts from yesterday won't be remembered & I just can't let that happen:)  

Here I am, spilling on this Saturday Morning about our world this week...
1.  Conley is sitting up!  I mean check out this tiny tiny in the bathtub!  He's a PRO;)  I can't believe //wonder how many times I have said that phrase on this blog// he is already doing this...& SO well at that.
2.  I'm coming to terms that my mom has morphed into a t o t a l cougar.  She can't go anywhere or watch anything without finding man candy.  She seriously knows everything there is to know about DWTS's Nyle Dimarco.  Then, there's the fact that she sent my sister & I a picture of a "Knight" that looked "JUST like Chris Hemsworth from a school field trip."  How does she even know who Chris Hemsworth is???  It's a little scary...will I too, go crazy when I am 53? <insert crying laugh emoji here>
3.  I think we are obsessed with the outdoors.  We just go brainstorming ways to stay outside when I'm not working.  I spent half of our grocery budget this week on a new pool for the boys.  I've got the fever for summer...Then again,  I wonder how obsessed I will be with snow, Halloween, & Pumpkin Spice Lattes by the end of May.  Cam & I may or may not have already been discussing our Halloween costumes this week.  I know.   
4.  Daddy comes home in a week from this TUESDAY!!!  We are SO excited:)
5.  We officially have passport pictures for Cam & Conley.  No one understands the process it took us to get this accomplished.  AND THEN they tell me I have to have the Mr. sign their passports as well before we can send them off.  I m i g h t have ran out into the traffic blindfolded had their pictures not been so darn cute.  Kidding-about the traffic, not their pictures;)
  And that's that!
Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cam the 3 Year Old

Age:  3 YEARS
Stats: 51 lbs <AND I still carry him...>
Clothes: 5T or size 5/6 boys

                                                we are a picky eater this year.  
        Candy.  Croutons.  French Fries. "Ketch." bread. and Pizza.  in that order:/ HEELLPP!
                                         *He does love fruit though <<winning>>

        cognitive/play development
we can practically count to ten & say our abc's.  i think he's color blind- joking...but we haven't quite mastered colors yet despite our constant drills.  we have an a m a z i n g vocabulary over here.  I mean he says awkward, adorable, & "my nerves are killing me" (wonder who he heard that from #momoftheyear).  big brother can grasp markers, pens, & pencils.  we are finally what I would call potty trained & paci free.  

robots, juice & "frite" (sprite), match box cars, superheros, being outside, watching his shows, the iPad or iPhone:/, eating junk food, his Chewbacca doll & teepee, spiders, Ony, jumping on the trampoline, croutons, hiding seek, stickers, "playing with the kids", going to the cabin & NanaPops, "Cond-ley", Knoxville, Hobby Lobby, Red Lobster, playgrounds, bible school (aka sunday school). Target ( I may or may not have created that monster...) chocolate coffee (choc. milk)

monsters, "girl stuff," bugs, Ony (okay it's a love/hate), "Cond-ley" crying, missing his daddy, being aggravated or teased, when grown ups act a fool, leaving anywhere...almost to the point where I'd just rather stay home than fight him to leave where we are going!

that's impossible!
awkward...(& I s w e a r, he always uses it perfectly)
40 dollars
40 days
40 minutes

My "little" Cam.  The little boy that made me a mommy.  It's hard to put into words what these three years with you have been like.  First of all, I blinked & your almost as big as I am.  My brain just can't ever process how quickly the time has passed.  The days when it was just the two of us loafing around while we waited for daddy to have a day off & play with us are a blur.  I am pretty sure I have learned more about myself & the world during your time on earth, than ever before.   You have taught me way more than I could ever teach you.  Your passion for life & adventure is contagious.  Your smile is contagious.  Your laugh.  The sparkle in your eyes.  The way you go at everything with all your heart.  It's Everything!  You are everything a little boy should be...brave, loving, forgiving, adventurous, mischievous & tough.  Your sense of humor comes straight from your daddy.  Watch out for that temper when you get angry.  You are learning to share & take care of your puppy Ony.  You still love to cuddle & for that I am forever grateful.  You are learning to earn your own money, & how to work your manners.  Somedays you nail it- while others I wonder where my little big eyed sweet loving boy went!  Lol.  I could go on all day, but I'll spare you.  I guess what I'm trying to say is:  Life would be DULL without your spunk.  Don't ever change, you are perfect<3

3 year photo dump
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Conley Scout || 5 & 6 Months

Okay, so is it seriously about to be May 2016?  Where, & I mean, w h e r e has time gone?  It can't be almost summertime.  meh.  Time is SUCH a thief.  Our little tiny is half a year old!  Between the internet troubles & my stubborn spoiled rotten 6 monther...I'm a little behind on posting about Conley!  Here's to catching up;)
5 months
 Weight: 18-20 lbs (again...totally guessing) 
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz

whats new...
-teething, or so we think.  he stays wet from drool!
-we have a rollie pollie, back to belly & belly to back...& well-can you classify a log roll, too?
-first visit to the zoo!
-first easter!
-we've really noticed his voice-it's so deep!  a lot deeper than cam's ever was:P
-wearing size 3 diaper, size 3-6/6-9 month clothes

big brother cam, baths, splashing, smiling, playing with his feet, trying to eat his feet, watching people, his fist, laying on his side
getting put in his carseat, loud noises, cam roars, naps

play & cognitive development
 conley is crazy about standing up (with help of course).  when you grab him he usually slams his little feet in your lap & will stand there as long as you allow!  he loves to play under the jungle gym mat & look at bright lights or look at his toys.  he loves to kick & move his arms.  his laziness his wearing off these days!  he mainly just rolled from belly to sides at 5 months.  he began liking to feel something while he goes to sleep (like a blanket & just like big brother who always had a special shirt he liked to rub while going to sleep;)

we started the oatmeal/rice cereal this month!  he really didn't know what to do with was pretty messy.  but hey!  aren't almost all transitions in life?:)  he still is nursing more frequent, but less time.  and he continues to eat a lot throughout the night.

homeboy isn't about sleep anymore.  or was he ever about sleeping after his first month?  sometimes i find myself saying...he never sleeps!  but...i'm pretty sure i said that with cam too.  hmmmmm.  maybe it's just a tired momma talking?  he sleeps okay through the night, but i'm almost positive he's down to a month a day as a FIVE month old baby.  yes.  and if I'm not at work...let's just say he doesn't take a nap.  and if he does, it's like 2 minutes long.  don't ever ask me for sleep advice LOL!

five month photo dump

we've had our first halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, valentines, easter...
yikes!  now, it's on to your very first summer
6 months - HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY, CONLEY!
Weight: 19-21 lbs (again...totally guessing) 
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
whats new...
-sitting in the leaning position on his own!   he still topples over when he leans too far to one side.  he's starting to sit during his bath, in the bean bag, & mamaroo!  p.s. changing diapers is NOT fun now!
-he has started reaching out and grabbing e v e r y t h i n g.
-teething...but aren't babies "always teething"-or so it seems?  slobber box!
-cries for me if he sees me after i've been gone to work
-he can push up into "a girl push-up position":)
-he is in a 3 diaper, wears 6-9 month (some 10-12 month) depending on brand
-first hair cut (given by mommy) I had to snip that crazy Ace Ventura swoop

his big brother, his first swim in the pool (it's going to be a fun summer!), sitting up, being held ALL the time, fruit, being talked to, toys, grabbing everything in sight, being walked & bounced, rolling over, his feet, seeing how far he can cram his fist in his mouth, to talk & hear himself talk, leaving the church service;/, talking to daddy on FaceTime 
getting put in his carseat, sleep, being sat down anywhere, loud noises, laying flat on his  back, not a fan of his pack-he'd rather nurse & it's almost impossible to fool him.

play & cognitive development
conley is almost sitting all by himself-i can see his core getting stronger day by day.  he pushes up into a yoga cobra pose when he has tummy time lol!:)  he loves to talk & sing & when people talk to him. i'm pretty sure this baby smiles 23 hours 50 minutes of the day.  he has to be stimulated for what seems to be, 24/7.  he never wants to be put down & fears the "s' word (you know, sleep!) sounds like a familiar threenager i know...he has r e a l l y started showing interest in everything around him.  he notices people, animals, & especially his toys.  my diaper bag is packed FULL as it's a constant rotation of toys to keep him entertained & his hands on something "baby proof":) 

we started baby food this month!  he (again, as with oatmeal) really didn't know what to do with it...his bibs & clothes are done for after he eats:)  at first, he cried & got mad when i tried to give him the veggies.  so far he has had sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, & a pumpkin mixed veggie.  His favorite is green beans.  my nana gave him fruit while babysitting the first week, and naturally he loved it.  i feared he would never eat vegetables again...LOL-but he has proven me wrong.  he also has been having frozen banana in the teething ring.  loves!  today, we tried a puff & he wasn't very impressed nor made much effort to help it dissolve-which, i couldn't BELIEVE? w h a t child doesn't love puffs?  tomorrow, he'll probably love them.  that just seems to be his style.  as for nursing, he wants to nurse ALL the time which explains his michelin man appearance.  

he pretends he sleeps...but he doesn't unless i am laying with him.  what have i done?  i've created a monster.  that's what I've done.  MONSTER:-)  currently busy diagnosing myself with adrenal fatigue.

six month photo dump

there's a lot of baby talk going on here in this blog a mine...tomorrow-it's all about cam:)
till' then...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Robot Party || Cam is THREE!

At three, Cam was basically able to tell me exactly what kind of party he'd like to have.  In true "threenager" style, he requested the most random thing he could think of: 
 I want a "wobot party, Mom!"  
At first, you know what I'm thinking...robot??  How in the w o r l d are we going to have a robot party??  And THEN.  Then I remembered that 9 letter word we women reference at least 56 times a day--P I N T E R E S T.  And let's just say the rest was history:)

To make the robots, we used tin cans, variety of different sized cardboard boxes, dryer vent for arms, styrofoam discs for hands, spray paint lids for the eyes, and as for the details...just went into Hobby Lobby with a creative eye!  We also attempted twinkle lights, but that was a headache!  Cool idea...but in the end, not worth the hassle!
**I did not take ANY of these pictures.  How pathetic am I?  I especially hate we didn't get a family picture...I was t o t a l l y swamped in the party...but thankful that BB & KK snapped a few pictures to share!  

For entertainment, we had a "Build a Bot" station <Mini bots made from candy boxes and toliet paper rolls- decorate with foam stickers>, Robot PiƱata, & a robot arm work station <"Snappers" from Target with two baskets full of mini balls>.  

For favors, we had robot boxes with Pop Rocks, mini robot arms, a slinky, finger robot puppet, & robot stickers!  

For food, we had ham & cheese sliders (space ships) with chips (microchips), pizza dip (cell dip) with crackers, and meat balls(bolts), blue punch (jet fuel), (Droid Cakes) Cupcakes & ice cream (future freeze).

I'm spelling this ALL out, because no one else on Pinterest (that I found anyway) did!  It's fun to be creative, but when you're a busy mom...sometimes it'd be nice to not have to plan every detail-so here you go:)

Cupcakes || Ella's Cupcakes
Plates, Napkins, Cups, Straws || Party City
Favor Boxes & Contents || Amazon & Dollar General
Robot Onesie || Mad Moon Clothing
Young, Wild, & Three Tee || Jack of None
Robot Labels || doodleprints

I'd like to end this post saying... It is possible that a little bit of spray paint & a glue gun could perhaps solve world problems.