Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Musings from June

It's almost the end of June (whaaaatttt?), & summertime is in full swing.
Even though I'm still working this summer, I do have a sense of a little more laid back schedule.
I am missing my morning car drop off time with Cam, but I do get to leave later and arrive earlier to work!  The list of kids I get isn't as long & on Fridays we tend to work on paperwork/computer type things at the office.

It's a nice change!  

I do find myself having trouble to get out of bed in the mornings.  
All these rainstorms just make me want to curl up in the covers & doze back off!  
Anyone else?

Here it comes.
Summer Photo Dump....
+ commentary😬

Alternatively titled...Cam & Conley + Food.
I feel like Conley knows something is about to change.  He loves talking about baby sister, but man, he is my right arm lately!  Snuggling my current youngest baby extra❤️
Nesting in full swing.  This is my love language.
I'm in love with this space & can't wait for paint and the lighting fixture with all the pillows!
Food is both the highlight & downside of my day.
I feel so hungry I could eat a horse, but most days I can't fit much into this big belly!
The boys have loved coming to the baby doc with me lately.  And I don't mind because they have been super great the whole time!
We had a great time celebrating daddy!
Teppy got the worst haircut of her life, but she loves living life under the booth.
Her new favorite place to sneak a snack or catch a few zzz's.
I snapped this picture during a tornado warning.  The boys are amazed with tornados and storms.
As long as they don't get out of hand, there really isn't anything better than summer storm watching!
Back to the basics.
Hot weather=ice cream life.  I try to be good & then Cade brings something in called "BLUEBELL BANANA PUDDING ICE CREAM."  I could literally never eat another thing and die a happy girl.
Diet Cherry Limeades ARE summer.
They LOVE art.  And they are a m a z i n g at it!
And any excuse to eat fruit.
<homemade waffles by Conley + yours truly🤗 #proudmoment>

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

21 Weeks || Baby A # 3

Who thought picking up pizza after pick up groceries AFTER work was a good idea?  Only to pull up & go in to the close by pizza place to find you've ordered and paid for it practically an hour away?  This girl.🙋🏻‍♀️I am 21 weeks (a little late 22 weeks now) and my body knows it.  Over half way there!  I really can't imagine making it to forty weeks at this point lol.  My belly is BIG & my back is struggling.  But other than's all good.
Before I realized it was backwards...
How far along? 21 weeks + 3 days
Total weight gain: 11 lbs (she weighed 14 oz. at my Dr. appointment on this past Tuesday.)  
Maternity clothes? I am carrying this sweet baby high, I can still wear my jeans.  I crave leggings and tunics though.  Much more comfortable.
Sleep: Okay...I wake up sore all over, but I also sleep with a 3 year old little boy wrapped around me lol
Best moment this week: We had the anatomy check on Tuesday and everything checked out well...and baby girl didn't "sprout anything!"  I have a lot to be thankful for!  God has blessed us so much.
Miss Anything? Hmmmm.  I really can't think of anything at the moment.  Things are pretty good:)
Cravings: Still cheeseburgers 😬. I don't get to eat them much, but I would choose a cheeseburger everyday if I could.  I had the best one of all time this weekend.  If you're in East Tennessee, do yourself a favor & get one at Litton's.  I've had cheesecake on the brain a lot lately too, but we have banned sugar in our house except for special occasions so I guess maybe we can pull one out for the fourth? 😉. Really, I don't think I craved that much with the boys as much as I had food aversions.  It's interesting!  Isn't it funny I wrote the most about food?😂
Gender:  Girl 🎀 
Looking forward to: My evenings home with the boys this summer!  And any day off I may get to snag:). We are also doing house projects & I am so excited to see everything come to life:). I guess there is just a lot to look forward to right now:)

Summer far:
Con tagged along for my baby doc appointment!  Good Scouty time:)
Baby girl has a name.  We just want to keep it a secret;). We've loved it for years!
Cheeseburger game still going strong😬
Direct quote from my Mr: "Me, going to Lowes to buy all this sh** with a Starbucks cup." 
Only him.
Behind the scenes: We are f i n a l l y getting to do our first home improvement project besides the boys room since moving in three years ago.  This stuff is my jam.  I am SO EXCITED!  I've dreamed of a booth just like @nestingwithgrace (see inspo below) since we moved in!  Obsessed with her and her home!  I've been posting updates on instagram.  I want to post when the whole thing is finished (+lighting fixture/paint) but until then-I'll be "instastorying" the process!). Sorry for the annoying excitement🤗
Inspired by @nestingwithgrace:
Isn't this such a dreamy space???
Want to know why I ache?  The space to the left of Conley is where I sleep?😝
I know it's my fault.  I can't turn him away.  They are only little for a short time.
I think it's an unwritten rule to take a bathroom bump selfie.  
Baby girl shows off and out often.

Orrrrr it could just be that I have convinced Cade to venture outside of Mexican for the nights when we eat out...& it's more of a food baby?  Look at that baked spaghetti!  Whoops.  
Louis Drive In is a new fave.
Happy weekend!  XO

Sunday, June 2, 2019

June Is Here!

 I guess since I last hopped on...Cam has graduated from KINDERGARTEN.
HOW is this possible?
Cam & his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Livingston
He got "Best Athlete" & the "Citizenship medal" for his class.  
As much as he hated PE I was SURE it wasn't a PE award😂

The "lazy" days of summer are here.
Well, I don't know if I'd call life around here that lazy!  Just yesterday, I found myself cleaning, doing laundry, mowing the yard, and then rushing to a cook out while I chased Conley around for several hours trying to keep him from chipping his other tooth...
and making sure Cam doesn't kill him in the process.
Brotherly love, anyone?  and THAT was a day off!
The last day of school: yup.
This ole belly of mine...
I got a message just this past week that I hit the "20 week" mark.  "You're halfway there!"  The app delclared.  That hit me.  The past couple weeks I've been very emotional.  Sensitive.  Tired.  Achy.  I remember ever since we began dreaming of our third baby thinking of how I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy.  With the boys, I always found myself anxious SO ready to meet them & get back to normalcy without the belly.  With work, taking care of the boys, "my biggest boy" - aka the hubs, doing things to make sure our house isn't condemned by the health department and making sure everyone has clean underwear...I have all BUT enjoyed the sweet (I can't say little) bump that is growing every day.  I fall into bed and die every night.
There's still time to start enjoying though, right???
#andsoisStarbucks when stuck at the office all day
sitting in kid chairs are about to be the death of me...

You guys have no idea the joy I have knowing my d a u g h t e r...
the one who completes our little family -
is on her way!  I have to pinch myself daily.
A GIRL.  What am I going to do with myself?
How in the world can I love her as much as the boys...but yet how could I not???
So many thoughts swirling up in this brain of mine.

I've also gone c-r-a-z-y in the nesting mode department.
I am selling everything we own and replacing it -or making room for the boys big new room & baby nursery.  I carry around a notebook with all of my plans & I drag everyone to Home Goods & TJ Maxx every Saturday morning to see what treasures I can find to make those dreams & visions come true.  (It's becoming a fun outing I look forward to-if I do say so myself!)
We haven't made a summer bucket list yet, but we hope to soon!
I love hearing what the boys want to do each summer😍
Cam continously asks how many days he has left of summer break.  He can't quite comprehend that he still has two months left.  All the same, I have a feeling it will never be long enough for him...
What are you guys up to this summer?