Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Favorites || Long Time, No See

It has been a looonnng time since I participated in High Five for Friday & can I just say how much I miss it!?  I'm scared to say this, but maybe life has slowed down just enough to give my blog a little attention.  I sure have missed virtually spilling my brain about our weeks & all the thoughts I'm filled on this blank white screen.  It really is therapeutic for me!

This weeks faves...

one. cam starts first grade!
who confused the first day of school?  this girl.  we were driving home from the beach & got a phone call from Cam's school greeting us into the new school year which started the next day with a half day!  Wouldn't you know this would happen?  I felt terrible for messing that up (I thought he started Tuesday, & that's what I'd been prepping him for).  Somehow we pulled it together & though the entire week felt like a marathon-we DID it!  And it turned out to be a great week.  God is always SO good!

two.  week two of new experience as a TELETHERAPIST
I'm scared to death to say this...but I am L O V I N G teletherapy.  I keep waiting for there to be some catch to this dream world, but with my second week in, aside from a few scheduling + technology glitches, it is AH-MAZZZ-ING.  I don't have to leave the house & get tons of breaks in between.  Plus, I haven't been hit or had my hair pulled out the whole time:). It's one of those..."oh, so this is what I killed myself for during my 7 years of college...I get it now" moments.  And I thought that moment would never come!
the best part of this gig?
I get to do more mom things!🙌🏻
Picking Cam up & dropping him off is one of the highlights of my day. 
I never knew how much that would mean to me.

three.  nesting mode || august progress
Bebe, Joe Daddy, & KK (Cade's mom, dad, & sis) so graciously came down & offered their time to help us this past weekend do a little work around the house.  We added an extra shelf to both the boys & baby girl's room & you would not believe what a difference that makes in everyday life (putting away laundry, getting dressed, getting organized).  It is a life changer.  We also found a ROUND HUGE Restoration Hardware table on the yard sale page for the dining room & I don't think Cade or I have loved a piece of furniture more than this piece😂.  Overall, we still have a long way to go, but PROGRESS!  I still have to paint Baby Girl's closet (almost done) before we can organize, but we did finish the boys...
It's a beaut, Clark!  Now we need taller chairs😂

four.  flag football baller status
cam's first sport ever
Can I just say how thankful I am for flag football for a "first year-er?"
A little less nerve wracking without all the tackling!
We decided to let Cam be the one to decide/mention when he wanted to start sports.  My mentality is...let them be kids for as long as possible.  Granted, he didn't know what the heck he was doing for a little while😬...he caught on pretty fast.🤗   And though this season has been incredibly busy & fast, & FOUR games during the first week of school can be totally o v e r w h e l m i n g ...he seems to enjoy it when he gets on the field.  And he does awesome!  
I can't believe my baby Cam Cam is this big.🙈

five.  Also, ME
Happy weekending❤️

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Beach Vacation || 2019

Well, we went hard, we played all day, we ate our weight in seafood + ice cream -
I'd say it is safe to say we conquered 2019 vacation mode.

This summer was the first time I'd ever been to the beach pregnant, & man is it overrated.
Just kidding.  It's a good excuse to eat ice cream for dessert every night.
The boys had waited all summer for this week, & I don't think it disappointed.
It was a great family trip as both mine & Cade's families celebrated the last official week of summer vacation together.

We spoiled them this trip-doing something every night.
We played putt putt, went to Ripley's Titanic, a trampoline park, the sky wheel & bumper boats.
We even topped the day off with crab hunts a couple of nights.
Crashing into bed every evening of vacation was proof that a good time was had by all!

Funny moments
Conley <playing, stops to watch a hotel commercial about family time>
Turns around & says:  "That's what we're doing, mom."
Looks back at T.V.  Turns around again with his hand held out to his side: "We've got to share."

There you have it folks, family time is sharing time.
I don't know. It definitely spoke to Conley.  Well done, Holiday Inn.

We couldn't keep Cade out of the ocean or pool without his snorkel.
He was o b s e s s e d.

Cam: "This guy has a friend name Uber...and he takes him everywhere."
He just loves Starbucks...
My sweet Conley
Conley: and I quote: "Helllllllloooooo, ladies!"😳
Game face, who dis?
My big FIRST grader!!
Of course, he picked the poop float.
milk shakes + p.j.'s
I can stare at them sleeping forever.
avid crab hunters - they named every crab we caught & then we let them go🦀
we ended up taking two hermit crabs home-what an adventure that has been😂 
my boyfriend-i love having boys!
the main Adams brother food groups: candy, candy cane, candy corn, syrup.  Oh, and bread + cheese.
Captain Andreson's is my #2 fav meal of year, right under Thanksgiving dinner.
Look at that plate🤤

we rode the sky wheel this year!  it was finally open & the views were absolutely be a-utiFUL

bumper boats for the win.
date night selfie.  
he never cooperates.
rainbows all week long!
the bump & key lime pie ice cream🤰🏻🍦
cade & I sat and people watched like old people at Pier Park.  then went home.  it was fabulous.
let's stay up all night!
it always ends like this😉

coffee on this porch...always a summer fav
these nerds.

baby girl
my cam cam❤️
let's get our picture taken, mom!
these boys & their cup game was strong this week!
And the highlight of coming home was coming home to our pups.
The boys missed this girl SO much!

Happy end of summer!
Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Decor Inspiration

If you've ever snooped around on Peaches & Pearls, it's no secret that decorating for seasons & holidays happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

I don't claim to be an expert, or have talent in the area, or desire to be an influencer or whatever else social media has made someone sharing their ideas out to be.  I just like to share this passion!

It's my happy place.  
The place where I go back to my childhood, close my eyes, & try to recreate all the things that make a season what I learned it be way back when the lens from which I viewed the world was always more magical, lighthearted, & carefree. 

When I think of summer I think of long days, warm+light pigments, big bowls of fruit, American flags, cold sweet treats, & anything to do with the ocean or water because I typically spend my entire summer months wishing the days away until my feet hit the sugar white sands in Panama City.

I always want to recreate that feeling when you walk into our home during the summer months.  I want my kids to feel & take in all the excitement of each season just by eating at the dinner table or sitting in the living room for a family movie night (which we love to keep seasonal, too!)🤗
A few summer favorites are...
Heavy Weights
Man of the House
*The Sandlot
The Parent Trap
*Wild America 
Soul Surfer
Blank Check
*Three Ninjas
Born to Be Wild
**(be careful with some of these with your littles, I found out the hard way-earmuffs, blindfolds!)
Can't tell we're 90's kids, can you?
Our ice cream jar...that we've never got to use this year.  
The ice cream truck only graced our presence once this spring.
All I can say is he's missing some good business!
The hubs has yet to hang this mirror.  
He likes to procrastinate (or hire out/cheapskate work😂)
All the tangerine + orange essential oils!
Summer memories❤️
My fav spot in the house now!  Our booth!  We still need a lighting fixture, chairs, & a cushion for the bench but I think it is coming together nicely.  All in time!
My budget for shelf decorations was mainly dedicated to the actually booth project this year...but I did score some finds at the Target clearance aisle & can't WAIT for Fall & Christmas!
The boys are already excited for Spider to see it (our Elf on the Shelf!)😉
Summer-it's been real & it's been fun-but I can't wait for all the
pumpkins coming soon!