Monday, October 15, 2018

Playing Catch Up || Fall 2018

This is my last day of fall break (one spent at a conference & the other at Dollywood) & I'm spending this last one with my almost three year old!

While bittersweet, I'm trying so hard to practice positivity & a thankful heart, so, I am just going to remind myself of how blessed I am to work in the school system so I can have days like these off with my babies!
I sure do cherish them. 

This month has been full of all things fall & we are embracing it with open arms.
Who's loving this cooler weather? 
Me, me, me!
My sweaters have never felt better & oh, so happy to be out again.

Traditions to check off the list from this October?  Kristy Kreme Halloween donut date, Halloween calendar countdown (I guess you could say we're half way there?!).  We made our way through Dollywood's Pumpkin Lumi-nights & I've almost got all of our Halloween costumes together & I just met a friend today to help her get hers together!  They are going to be Meghan & Harry ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

This time of year is so fun.

We've already made a little visit to a pumpkin patch here in Tennessee & we have plans to visit one this weekend to celebrate Conley's birthday a little early.  We go every year to the cutest little town in NC, browse around, visit the patch + chocolate shop, while slowly making our way back for painting/carving + chili +taco soup.  I'm hoping for cool fall temps and the rain to hold off!

I also found the BEST deal on the perfect entry piece for our home-still looking for the perfect mirror:). It's been a long, long time since we've bought anything for the house & I'm so excited about this piece.  It's everything I've imagined & more.  Can't wait to share the progress!
And yes, it is already decorated as much as it can be, for Halloween.  Ha!
Sneak Peek:

Brother Boggin weather!
These erasers are in the Target Dollar Bin.  I got them for work (+I always test out my toys for work with the boys) & for $3 I entertained them with an hour of sorting, relays, pattern making, counting-the possibilities are endless! 
Cam is allllllll about our October countdown!  Every morning he wakes up & changes the ghost to the next number & peeks inside to see what our fun fall to do is.  I use these little fun things to do each day (*We are so behind๐Ÿ˜ฌ), I know I'm late, but I'll share anyway!
I shared on time last year!
Dreamy pumpkin patch nights...
Not so dreamy by day-it was 90 degrees!๐Ÿ˜›
The Disney store did a "Halloween party" & while Cam ate up every ounce of it... Conley clung to me & shopped.
We are so looking forward to what the rest of this month might bring๐Ÿ
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Batty for Wreaths & Dollar Bins

Sharing a post I created TWO years ago (that never got posted) because this is the wreath on my door this Halloween:
These exact bats may not be in the Dollar bin this year, but I assure you, I've seen similar things there & at the Dollar Tree/Dollar Stores!

October 2016
In the budget world, one has to be very creative with how one decides on when to make a splurge purchase.  I mean, splurging on a wreath from Pottery Barn just ain't gonna cut it for my family these days.  And when I really think about it...WHY would I want to splurge on a wreath?  Says the holiday freak, I know...but for real!   I actually think I had this same dilemma last Christmas...History repeating itself.
It's especially hard to splurge on something from Pottery Barn when I can probably make it myself or find something similar (but maybe even cuter) at Home Goods.  That's right, I said cuter.   I love you PB but- 
I'm just sayin...

I seen this wreath back in the summer & knew it was something I'd love to put on my door  during October.  I like to do a fall theme in August September & then something more spooky in October.  Ya feel me?  Fast forward to well, October, & we still aren't in a house yet- but there's always next year, right?:)  I decided to go ahead & make the wreath anyway because I ended up collecting the supplies during the summer when I spied the materials I would need for cheap or in the dollar bin!  So here it is,what I'd like to call my Dummy Proof PB DIY Bat Wreath Tutorial;)
1.  Gather the materials
I got the bats from the Target dollar bin & the grapevine wreath from Walmart for $3.
I'm sure you might be able to find bats more realistic at a craft store but I was going for cheap!
I always have a glue gun & glue on hand because it is my favorite DIY tool.  
Deco for dummies y'all.  Glue guns are where it's at.  

2.  Cut the number of bats off of the ribbon that you want to use.
I ended up choosing to use five, though the picture shows three.  

3.  Put a large dollop of glue 
on the back of the bats & stick around the wreath.  Make sure to glue an uneven number for best results...a rule of design;)

4.  Cover with spider webs  
Or not...just if you feel like adding a little somethin somethin' -
& w a l a h!  There you have it.    

Can't you just envision this wreath on the front door while freshly carved jack-o-lanterns flicker nestled on the front porch waiting on the trick-or-treaters to arrive?
Ohhhh, I can! :)  And all for about 6 bucks!
Happy Spooky Craftin'!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Welcome Leaves, Pumpkins, + 80 degrees

Well, we finally put together all the fall + Halloween things around the house, but the TN weather is
n o t delivering!  Only when it rains, does it give the slightest hint of a fall day.  I knew the day would come when my job would start requiring lots more of my time, & it happened.  I've just got to figure out a way to maintain it & do it during weekends (preferably when my boys are ASLEEP).  Any ideas from others who juggle this same responsibility?  Thankful to have a break from it & get all the decorations out:)  My proudest moment of the week was when a little girl walked by our house with her brother & said, "Look! A Trick-or-treat house!" 
Okay yall, my job here is done:)

Favorites from this week, though I did not make it by Friday include:
one. chili + cookies (premature) pumpkin painting party
another Joanna recipe in the books, & another reason to buy the cookbook. Scouts honor.
Man, she just doesn't go wrong!
And early holiday cookies/pumpkin painting just to work out the rusty skills, right? ;)

two.  family trips to Sam's
It seems this is the only outing besides church that we get to have together lately.
But, I'll take it all the same.  We are together!  I forget the rest❤️
three. Cam's class fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch
love, love, l o v e all the pictures his teacher has sent this week!
He said the pumpkin patch was "even better than doing homework" (which he loves to do).
He also loves decorating for the holidays.  He is my dream child.

See Buddy the Elf? ๐Ÿ˜‚They got to do an alphabet parade around the school.  Cam was "A" & "D!"
four.  breakfast nook dreaming
I can't help but dream.  And this has been where I dream lately.  Especially when I found out the lighting fixture I've wanted for years is a symbol for Christmas...sharing some inspo to break up my "e-scrapbooking."

five.  fall fun picture spam
Back to e-scrapbooking. 
Because I love all these pictures & have no other words in me.  Here's a fall photo dump of late...
homecoming + work shenanigans, mummy cake pops, & pumpkin shopping shenanigans.

Have a great weekend๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽƒ