Thursday, January 16, 2020

2020, Let's Do This!

HAPPY 2020!  It's crazy to think that this little corner of the web has been up and running since 2012...I never dreamed I'd still be typing away 8 years later!
With that said, I'm back from my blogging hiatus.
And from the glorious days of Christmas break😍
Just a little life update:
The number of times I have free time without a baby in my basically non-existent & I'm totally okay with that!  I am a two-time witness that I will miss these days with all my heart.
Needless to say, NOT sorry for the blog taking a back seat.  It may also take a back seat to bathing, cleaning house, doing laundry with the occasional work out.
  I've got to make up for the time I sit holding my babe somehow!😋

But, here I sit, in-between clients, wondering how in the world I can catch up with all that has happened in the past THREE (WHAT?) months without leaving anything out.  
I guess a few future milestone posts are due.
And a few not so clever captions to narrate?

Then maybe I can do my usual thing!  
  Also, is it just me or did all bloggers exchange their blogs for instastories? 
Kind of makes me sad!  I vote we bring back blogs💕
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Anticipation || (+) Tying Up Loose Ends for A Fresh Start

December 23rd, 2019
Do you know how long I have desired to sit down to write just for fun?  So many nights I've thought...I would love to just sit by the tree after everyone goes to bed & write.  Somehow the days have gone by & I've found myself the day before Christmas Eve.  I've missed Baker's 1st and 2nd month milestones...I've missed her first Thanksgiving.  And here we are Christmas!

<Just be prepared...I'm on break & they ARE coming!  I'm determined!>

Not to be all down & all, but, I've really had a conflict of emotions the past week.  It seems as though Christmas (the actual day) leaves me sad.  The anticipation of it is what I adore.  That's where the excitement is.  By the time the actual day draws near, retailers have already moved on to the next holiday, everyone is already talking of taking their tree down, & I'm at the point now where I'm just waiting for Cam to figure out that Santa is only a fairy tale.  It hurts my heart to know I'm at a stage I had seen so far in the distance for so long.

Alright, enough sad & sappy.  Sorry, guys-I do find myself in a bit of depression toward the end of the year-but by New Years, I'm ready to take on a fresh start.  It's all a crazy cycle.  Anyone else feel the same or do you just count your blessing & smile (as I know I should!). Please do let me in on your ways of overcoming these sad thoughts.

Back to better topics as I promised!  This weekend has been wonderful.  And it's all because of that precious anticipation!

May this new year be full of it without wishing the time away!

Fast forward (or "Fast play" as Conley says) to 1/14/20 and I still haven't published this...
Though I don't have any pictures or didn't finish out the post...I didn't want to lose the mindless rambling;) So here it is!  Maybe I'll find time to catch up in the near future.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday Favorites || November Happenings

I hope your Friday is off to a good start!
 This week has seemed to have been a long one for some reason...
 (though, not in a bad way!)
Here are a few fun things from our week:
one. Santa visit✔️
I'm the girl who either does things super early, or absolute last minute.  The years when I wait to get Santa pictures last minute...never result in a picture at all.  SO-the wonderful fast pass happened!  And I was actually on time this year:). I love the Santa at West Town because he is the same every year & so so s w e e t (you can see your kids grow each year with the same sweet Santa❤️).  With the fast pass, we got to have about 20 minutes with Santa all to ourselves.  The boys talked to him and then the digital package let me get images of all three babes with their own picture with Santa, along with one together.  It was a perfect evening!  Even if they did have to wear their "church clothes."
*I'm saving the good ones for my photo challenge & maybe Christmas card...haven't decided!😉

two. first post partum workout
I don't have my actual post partum appointment until the beginning of December, but I have listened to my body & took it easy long enough.  I feel like it would do me some good to work up a sweat-know what I mean?  This marks week one of working out post partum!  Baker wasn't thrilled at first, as she was on the bean bag/mamaroo watching, but when I could hold her while doing a rep of something safe I did-& she was entertained to say the least😂. I didn't hear a whimper out of her after that-I think she was waiting to see just what crazy move we'd do next.
My motto with this last baby-NO EXCUSES! Haha:).

three. first outing solo with all three!
 chick-fil-a + pj's and breakfast with Santa
Sadly, Cade had to work this past Saturday, so he didn't get to tag along for our morning at the mall with pj's, free chickfila, making ornaments, & attempting to sit in Santa's lap (hello, fast pass-bye bye standing in line all day as my boys attempt to rock climb the tinsel lit backdrop!)  I have a feeling he would have talked me out of it if he had been home anyway, LOL.  He has a way of doing that!  He's more of a homebody than I am.  I will say, with our history of him working off, I've never been one to hesitate doing things by myself.  It was a way of life for so long, so I guess that's a blessing-right?
We had a fun morning up until our cue to leave.  What might that have been you ask?  
The boys ran over a women's leg & almost backed over a toddler in a little tykes car at the playground...

 All you could see was her bow😂

 I even got to take lots of pics!  I was amazed.

four.  Baker's new born pics
We finally purchased them!  So excited to start working on picture walls in the new year!
This is one of my favorites & I know it will have to be humungous to do it justice!

five. stockings
Hello, my name is Cassidy, and I have the worst luck with stockings e v e r.  Wouldn't you know, that when I went to order Baker's stocking back in October...I would find that they quit making the one we all have.  Back to square one.  In years past, I had the same thing happen another time with Conley...& the year after mice ate a hole in our new ones🙈. Thankfully, in walked, or should I say popped (bc I found on the www) the most adorable stockings ever!  And to make it flow, of couuurrrse, I had to get one to match.  And then there is C (my sis who works/does classes online who so graciously helps us with kiddos, too!) who is cooped up at our house right up until Christmas week, so I felt like we owed her one, too!

Just FYI: I wanted to get these embroidered & most everyone I talked to didn't think it possible. I contacted SewFrancie & she was on it-got it done in less than a week, EVEN though I had to ship it to Texas (She is in Knoxville, too-just back & forth).  SO.  If you have what seems like an impossible embroidery/monogram task-she's your girl!

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Happy Friday, friends!