Thursday, May 30, 2013

The First Memorial Day

I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate our little picture frame that recorded the weekly growth of Cam during pregnancy into the blog I think I have a plan.  Why not have him pose with it for every 1st Holiday?  Eureka;)

Cam's 1st Memorial Day was full of festive fun, food, family, slobbery smooches, and love.
Mohawk compliments of Sarah Kate & Caroline...
You will meet them further down

Never too early to practice making food cute for Cam... even made eating fruit for breakfast a lot more fun & enticing for me!
Who needs a McDonald's biscuit or Starbuck's pastry?

I'm thinking he likes holidays just as much as his Mommy;)

Outfit c/o Aunt KK , Mommy, & Lolli
Tie: Sweet Delights/Etsy ,Plaid Romper: A Children's Place , Shoes: TJMaxx

Okay...TAKE IT CAM:)

You got it mommy...this weekend I got to hang out with BB & JoeDaddy

Lolli & Pop

See my Aunt C as a Marshall & big cuz Elizabeth graduate from highschool!

Met my cousins Caroline & Sarah Kate

Caroline loved me...

Like wouldn't let anyone else hold me love...

Okay's been nice to meet you...but I'm not a baby doll.
Mom?  Dad?! ;)

I guess they just love me like they love dad...

Here I am meeting cousin Rhonda and well...Cousin Evie and I see each other pretty often:)

Here I am with Cousin Jordan & Debbie

Okay guys...I'm pretty pooped from this weekend- I'm gonna go chill out in the bouncer!
Talk to you later...

#HappyMemorialDay!!  #festivechalk

Friday, May 24, 2013

Two Months Old!

How is he TWO MONTHS old???  It just can't be possible!

Two Months ago yesterday at 6:03 pm, little Cam made his way into our lives.  It's amazing to me to think of how God chose us to be his parents.  What an incredible blessing and HUGE responsibility!  I am watching God create such a beautiful little life right before my very eyes, and I am so thankful and humbled at this precious opportunity.

One thing I'm proud to say about these two months?  I truly can say that I have cherished every moment.  I have put off everything else that would have once been "important" and focused on my family.  I KNOW this is something I will never to just continue that pattern once I get a job...THAT is the REAL challenge!

So what's the Cambino been up to lately?  Well just read and see;)

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Bathtime, car rides, eating, farting (yes I said it...he's just like dad), moving...he CANNOT stay still, my passy, laying on the boppy, walks in my stroller, vibrating seats, bouncing...I must always be bounced, I love noise, and looking at bright lights and fans. 
Not so favorite...getting dressed, getting put in carseat, sleeping on my back...well sleeping at all!

Milestones: 1st mohawk, 1st trip to mall, 1st stroll, 1st virus, 1st smiling spells, 1st coo, I'm tracking!  1st Fashion show, sat in Bumbo seat!
My face: I have dimples!  They are really cute and hard to say no to...Occasionally I have smiling spells.
My eyes: I'm thinking they are going to be blue like dad's!  They tend to be pretty hilarious...lots of crossed eyes going on this month:)  He loves looking at lights and fans! Starting to track and follow things!
My hair:  Dark like mom's and lots of it!  May have a little curl to it;)  Growing like the weeds in our yard! We are really liking the spiked look too...

My hands:  I hold them like Papa Larry and Papaw Bill.  They look just like dad's.  They never stop moving and love to pull mom's hair...
My feet:  Again...just like dad's.  I always kick the covers off, and kick Penny occasionally...and my socks always fall off.
Music: Justin Timberlake's new album 20/20...specifically "Mirrors"...I say this because lately he hasn't really had a choice.  

Hmmmm let me think...

Best Part of Month:  Showing off by ALREADY sitting in my Bumbo seat, riding in my sling...this thing may have spoiled me permanently!

Worst Part of Month:  Colic episodes and a nasty virus!  
My favorite products: 

Riding in these carriers!

 & Cam

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Crazy and Fashionable Weekend...

What did I do this weekend? know- just watched my son and the Mr. steal the  crowd's heart at the Relay for Life Fashion Show...
(along with all the other cute as a button kiddos!)

Hahaha:)  But really...they were pretty darn cute for this great cause.  Cam was dressed just like dad and ready to take on crime:)
Pretty much had to beg make Cade agree to do it, but as usual he is a great sport and not only walked the Camster across the stage...he was rumored to have strutted, twirled, and struck all the right poses.

Wait?  Did I get to ACTUALLY watch this show?
No.  Not even a little!
Why you may ask?
Well, that would be because daddy was a little nervous the little man wouldn't cooperate.  Minutes before show time, I was persuaded to join the two fashionable hunks backstage.  Yep, instead of joining the rest of the family in their perfect view seating...I was behind the curtain coaching dad how to bounce the current favorite rhythm and speed.  Cleaning the life-saving storm plug passy that fell on the floor, oh I don't know, about 1000 times.  AND making sure the ginormous cowboy boots stayed on those tee-tiny feet (Check out the pics).  Needless to say...motherhood is wearing me in well!  So thankful there is a video of this grand performance, and Auntie KK was there to take pictures with our camera! 

Ahhhh the memories...:)
Friday, May 17, 2013

Product Love: StencilMeIn Custom Painting

Custom Painting 24" x 24"

There is nothing cooler than Etsy.  I have been obsessed with this website from the moment I discovered it.  I purchased much all of Cam's room decor from this handmade haven and this custom painting from StencilMeIn might just eventually make it's way into our "man cave"/ den / Cam's other room.  Apparently...if you send in a favorite photograph to this artist...they will create a modern, personalized, original (and definitely UNIQUE) piece of art!  The downside it costs 150 bucks!  But it may just be worth it when I start finishing up the decor for the den! ;)  Let's just face the facts...I foresee a lot of money being spent on pictures in our future!
Happy Friday!
Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Mother's Day

This time last year...I never would have imagined that I would be celebrating my first mother's day in 2013.  Funny how life can change so fast.  Becoming a mother has definitely been my biggest accomplishment in life. I'm very new at it, I have a lot to learn...but I am eager to learn and excited to experience everything that has to do with being a mommy.  

Moments I don't want to forget about this day:
-The sweet time I spent with my boys

-The time I spent with my sweet Mom, Nana, and Aunt

-The time we spent with Cade's Mom & Family

-Getting my first rose from Cade & Cam, AND the rose for youngest baby at church:)

-The thoughtful cards

-This adorable gift from my friend Samantha:)
Candies to remember every "sweet moment" and a candle to remember to CUTE is that??

-This picture (sure it's awful and not the one I imagined of us in our matching pretty blue church outfits...but it's real.  And my favorite part of the day.)

And the delay for this post is brought to you by...
Colic:/  Prayers appreciated for this little guy...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you sweet Mom's out there!
Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Smiles

Cam's little smile says it all.  Aren't weekends the breath of fresh air we all need?  

This weekend was the perfect way to start off the summer for us.  We went to Knoxville for a great 6 week postpartum check up.  I'm going to miss those trips to Knoxville and seeing everyone at Dr B.'s office (yes I enjoyed it) but there will be time for those trips again in the future...  We also chilled at home, just the three of us which is so underrated!  Had delish family dinners and Duck Dynasty night.  And then went to hang out with friends and had some yummy burgers!  Nothing like friends, burgers, watermelon, and cantaloupe to make you begin to crave summer time!  

Let the countdown to Memorial Day begin!:)

I mean...could it get any cuter?? #Dimples
A friend from school made that adorable sweater...unbelievable right?!

#CincoDeMayo Cam

Happy Monday!