Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road Trip Absence

Hi all!
I will most likely not be posting until next week.  We are road tripping it this week so stay tuned for some future fun from our trips next week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Essentials

The countdown to summer solstice comes to an end tomorrow...Whose excited??  
I know I am:)  
What better way to celebrate then by sharing what makes this time of year special for my family along with some of my personal favorites!

1.  Hats:  I've already expressed my love for fedoras, but I love any kinda hat...especially during the summertime!  Baseball, Straw, Floppy, etc.  Not only are they cute, they keep the sun outta your eyes and protect your head and face from the harmful UV rays.

2.  Bubba Water Bottles:  I absolutely LOVE my Bubba water bottles!  I have the large pink one, and a smaller blue one.  They come with silicone straws and they can hold both hot and cold beverages.  I can tell that I drink A LOT more water by having this cup.

3.  Summer Playlist: There is nothing better than laying by the lake or pool, going on an evening jog, or just jamming to summery tunes out loud in the kitchen while you cook!  ...These songs just scream summer to me:
          Holiday in the Sun-Weezer
          Firework- Katy Perry
          Knee Deep-Zac Brown Band
          Something Like That-Tim McGraw
          Summer Breeze-Seals & Crofts
          Escape (The Pina Colada Song)-Rupert Holmes
          Fireflies- Owl City
         Summer Love- Justin Timberlake
         Our Kind of Love- Lady Antebellum
         Beauty & A Beat- The Biebs
         Bennie & The Jets- Haley Reinhart
         Cruise- Florida Georgia Line
        Glamorous- Fergie
        Rocketeer- Far East Movement
       Strawberry Wine- Deana Carter
       Mud on the Tires- Brad Paisley
       Counting Stars- One Republic
      Wagon Wheel-Darius Rucker & The Biebs
       Ho Hey-The Lumineers
       Come and Get it- Selena Gomez
       Summertime-Kenny Chesney
       When the Sun Goes Down- Kenny Chesney

4.  Summer Chalk: Since investing in our chalk board, I have became a little obsessed!  I can tell it is going to be a fun addition to every holiday festivity!  I continually scope out the web and pinterest in my free time getting new ideas to chalk!  Check out my "chalk" board on pinterest here.

5.  Summer Decor:  There are very few things I enjoy more than browsing stores like Home Goods, anthropology, Pottery Barn, PB Kids (...they always have the cutest holiday decor) and etsy to find cute little trinkets to display around our house for each season and holiday.  It just makes each time of year more present and fun!  I guess I get that from my mom...she always did that when I was younger and I kinda credit that to giving me my crazy holiday obsession:)
           Lemonade - Summer - Fresh and Cold - KitchenRoxy Girl - Hostess Gift / Home Decor - Painted and Distressed Mason Jars - VaseWedding Garland Paper Flowers Orange, Ivory Peach Pink Book Pages 22 feet

6.  Maxi Dresses:  
This is my favorite thing to wear during the summer.  They are SO incredibly comfortable and cute at the same time.  And...there are endless patterns and styles so you can never really get bored with them!

        Piperlime                                Loft                               Nordstrom

7.  Watermelon!  I try to keep one cut up and ready to eat in the refrigerator!  Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day:)
Love YOU Photograph Photo -  Heart, watermelon, fresh, red, green, white, clean  - Heart YOU Melon - 8 x 10 Fine Art Print more day to go...and we can officially welcome the lazy days of summer:)
Let's do this!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Naptime Warrior

One week we have a brilliant schedule going...
I feel like wonder mommy.
The next everything goes capooey!

One thing I have learned from this:
Cam thinks he is in charge.
And he is.
For now...

As I mentioned last week, I am in the process of reading "Baby Wise."
A controversial method that promises to have your baby sleeping all night long.
Which...really isn't my concern because Cam overall does well at night
 (aside from the one month night battles!).

The controversy, to my understanding, concerns not feeding your baby on demand and putting your child on a rigid schedule.  I am combating this by just establishing a general routine to follow.  If we stray from it one day, I'm not going to freak's life!  And life is unexpected.  If my child is hungry...I'm GOING to feed him.  So that's that.

MY ultimate concern is Cam's overall well being.  He is very fussy and fights sleep like no other!  He is still an infant and needs lots (or hey...just one daily nap!) of sleep to assist his growing little body and the daily demands it faces as it changes everyday.

This schedule introduces naps into the day, something he has almost refused since probably a month old...unless being held.  And we really need this established before once I start to work!
Too much going on Mom!!

Sneak peek at the battle scene:

We start out like this.

Then...the passy falls out and the eyes pop open.

And my little Naptime Warrior is at it again.

I call this: "Our Day"
Forgive the dark circles under my eye...

Gotta love him.

I plan to review "Baby Wise" once I finish it...but for the time being I will share what has helped me increase the success of daytime naps:)

1. Levana Monitor.  I have already shared our monitor in my two month favorites post.  This thing puts me at ease to see him while he attempts to sleep.
2. Mam Pacifier: for some reason these babies work!  Rocking him with a passy will almost always get him to sleep.  Its the laying him down that is tricky...
3.  Summer Infant Slumber Buddy and Crib Soother and Nightlight Frog:  This thing is pretty cool.  Cam really likes looking at lights and the turtle projects stars onto the ceiling.  I think this has bought me a couple of naptime minutes by distracting him when he does wake up!  It also has sounds, but he's not very impressed with any other sound than blow dryer right now...which leads us to...
4.  Blow dryer: Put ANY blow dryer on a nightstand and let it blow.  Enough said!
5.  Pillow:  I prop Cam's back up against a pillow toward the back of his crib.  That is about the only way he will attempt sleep!  Any pillow will do.

Feel free to share anything that has worked for you and your baby in the past in the comments section!
I love talking to other mommies:)
We are all in this together anyway!
Mommies vs. Their Naptime Warriors

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Pretty Little Liars Summer Kick Off!

Almost everyone has their favorite TV show...even the not so avid TV watchers such as myself!  (Generally, Michael & Kelly and GMA are my TV limit...)  ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" has pretty much become a summer gathering tradition for my friends and family.  It's the perfect TV show for a fun get together with just enough drama and mystery to keep you on your toes and excited for the next episode the following Tuesday!  
Given that last Tuesday was the summer premiere...we HAD to make it special...think pink, red, and plenty of junk food!

We had strawberries dipped in chocolate so it wasn't all junk food!

On the menu...white chocolate strawberry popcorn, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry wafers, animal crackers, strawberry shortcake, and punch!
Yum...Yum...and YUM!

Even Cam joined in the fun laying on the ottoman to watch some of the show...
don't tell his daddy (who was off on a business trip)!  

My friend Lindsey REALLY got into character...

Cam with his Aunt KK and Aunt C

We really get into it...

AND have LOTS of Fun:)

Happy PLL Day to all!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

A First Father's Day

We have talked about a lot of firsts lately.  I'm beginning to think having your first kid is where you experience the majority of those "firsts."  This weekend, another milestone has come and gone in our young household...Cade's FIRST Father's Day.  
It was a very special day, with a not so special schedule.  
We had a very busy day and Cade had to WORK, yes work...:/
Work.  AND we had Bible School which began yesterday...

But I tried to make it the most special day I could for him...
Waffles in bed

A little home decor

Topped off with a Father's Day Candy Bouquet

And that pretty much wrapped up our day!
No Father's Day post would be complete without giving a shout out to my OWN dad...Eddie:)
He is the funniest person I know!  I love him sooooo much.
Happy Father's Day to Cade's dad Joe as well!
Hope all the great dads out there had a very Happy Father's Day!
Have a great Monday:)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He's got Personality...

Naptime strike!  
Yep you heard me...
We had SO much fun this weekend that Cam decided to boycott
 his new nap schedule yesterday!  
Leaving mommy with a very cranky little boy...
No workout, and double house chores! 
Personality Trait #1: Stubborn

Friday, Cam had his first encounter with a pool.
No, he didn't take a plunge, Lolli just dipped his feet in.

The result?
This face:
Personality Trait #2: Particular
(he likes his water warm!)

And he's letting Lolli know!

Naptime Monday?
As you've already learned...didn't happen.
We are talkin' this 2 month old maybe slept an hour ALL DAY!
Personality Trait #3: Determined

And I really don't have a certain story for the fourth trait...
#4: Angel
That's just what he is to me:)
God sent me an angel...and I hope he fills mine and Cade's life with more in the future...
I did say future!

Can't wait to learn more about him!
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Month Favorites

Here we go again.  Time for Cade, Cam, and I to provide you with some more of our favorite products that have helped us survive this second month:)  Here goes...

Nick Lachey- My Father's Lullaby:  I play this while I rock and give Cam baths.  Its very calming and soothing music...we love it:) Click Here
Levana Video Monitor:  I couldn't leave Cam alone without this thing.  I can see every move he makes which puts me at ease during his naps.  This has really helped us get on a schedule this month.  This particular model tells the room temperature AND plays music (love the music feature!!).  It also allows you to talk to your baby from your monitor...yea I don't use this much-I want him to sleep!!  Haha...and if he needs to hear my voice I'd just rather he hear it in person:) Click Here
Blowdryer: if you follow me on twitter (@cassidyadams) you have already heard about my fascination with the blowdryer.  I have read that it is really loud in the mothers womb... so a noise such as a blowdryer or vacuum cleaner soothes babies.  MAN does it soothe mine!  My blowdryer is currently in his nursery to assist me when naptimes get everytime (knock on wood!)
Fisher Price Bathtub:  I love this little tub!  Cam does too...he is never more relaxed than when he is laying in the bath hammock surrounded by warm soapy water.  I also have learned this soothes tummy aches!  Click Here
Rompers: Cam's been dressing up a little more this month when we go out.  I LOVE these little rompers...we really haven't met a brand we didn't like so far.  Very easy to deal with during diaper changes, comfy for Cam, and adorable on!
Pottery Barn Kids Stroller Toys:  Cam LOVES to look at his zebra while in his carseat.  It seems to do a pretty good job of entertaining him as we go down the road!  Click Here

Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section!:)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Body After Baby Diary: The Two Month Point

I am going to be honest.  My body has been put on the back burner lately.  Between  Cam, family, housework, trying to find a job, and everything else going on...counting calories and points just haven't been priority.  I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight but I know I have breastfeeding to thank for that.  
Needless to say...I am becoming a huge advocate thru this experience LOL.
However, I have A LOT of toning to poor stomach:/

                    April 2013                                June 2013
These pictures are proof weight loss doesn't equal visible results...
working out does (something I haven't made time for these two months!)

Not to mention...poor Cam has been having a lot of stomach problems himself lately.  We are pretty sure it is colic...however I have really been modifying my diet more for him than myself.  I have cut out the food items that they claim hurt a baby's stomach and a lot of those are the clean eating type foods.
Baby comes first!

On the fitness note:  I was released for exercise (oh like a month ago)!  
After having Cam, I was so ready to exercise...and then colic happened.  Along with diet...exercise was also put on hold.  I have definitely missed how it relieves my stress, helps me feel better, and there's also that added bonus I have been missing...
muscle tone.  

Before this week, I did a hard core Jillian workout twice in the one month since being released to exercise, oh you know...because some little fellow likes to have mommy's undivided attention and that does not include chillin' in the bouncer or taking a nap for 20 minutes while she works out.

Then enters the schedule I mentioned yesterday...
This morning he slept for almost 2 HOURS!
 I got to fit in my Jillian workout, shower, do laundry, answer email, AND make the hubby some muffins:)  Talk about feeling good and somewhat #domestic!
(Thank the Lord for video monitors!)

Day #2 of the 2 hour nap battles...

I know this probably won't ALWAYS go as planned...sooooooo
on days he isn't very supportive of this new schedule, I'm thinking we will at least opt for evening strolls and jogs...this way we are BOTH happy & entertained:)

Yes...Penny rides in the basket...and tries to attack everyone we pass...
#embarrassing #thethingsyoudo

Am I giving up?  Absolutely not.  Am I going to EVER eat a perfect clean diet?  Probably not.  But that is the point of journaling about this experience.  Finding what works.  And that is my goal!  The main thing to aim for is healthy living-and I sure am trying to get there for myself and my family:)

Goal this week:  "Fuller, go easy on the Diet Pepsi!" MORE water and more protein!!
Gotta kick my bread and cheese habit!

AND I'm tweeting with the hashtag #junewithjillian to log how my weekday workouts are going.  I'm going to try to do one of my Jillian workouts every weekday (unless Cam doesn't cooperate...then we may stroll/jog)  and rest during the weekend.  Want to join?  Tweet away!