Friday, March 23, 2018

Photo Every Hour || 3.22.18

aka Cam's fifth birthday!
There is just something about setting my alarm & catching a 
photo of what's going on every hour of a special day.  
I love looking back at these special moments!
5 am
just jesus + coffee
& waiting for my 5 year old sweetie to wake up for his big day.
6 am
our elf, Spider, got special permission to come all the way from the North Pole, 
to celebrate Cam's birthday.  
he decorated the breakfast nook & made birthday pancakes
 for breakfast-that sly guy.😏
7 am
the troops awaken-he was so surprised!
also, fun fact.  Cam wears these pj's EVERY night unless they are in laundry.
for some reason, they are his favorite:)
Spider planned an egg scavenger hunt in the living room 
& I'm pretty sure both boys were more excited to see their elf than anything else.
8 am
pancakes are readyπŸ₯ž
if there is one reason as to why I know I was made to be a boy mom, 
it's because I love building legos.
10-11 am
Cade had the boys watching a predator documentary.
what a way with children, right?
I had to keep my nose in my to do list for Cam's mini party.🦁
12 pm
tickle fight thirty
1 pm
where's the birthday boy?  
oh, you know.  changing clothes for the 32nd time.
do your kids destroy as quickly as ours do??🚧
2 pm
more lego building:)  
3 pm
special outing for Cam's birthday "lupper!"
4 pm
can you guess where he picked?πŸ¦€
*another fun fact, Cade & I ate here after every single doctor's appointment-
so I guess naturally, he has not choice but to be a fan.
5 pm
picking up the party goods before everyone arrives tomorrow
6 pm
7 pm
we got locked out of our house with all our groceries d/t
 the boys draining our cell phone batteries while we were 
in the store (entertainment).  
as luck would have it, Cade had put my charger in his car.  
SO...very thankful for neighbor friends who let us use 
their phones to phone for help!
8 pm
birthday boy snuck into the kitchen & made himself some cereal.
And spilt milk everywhere.
9 pm
no nap for these boys & a late night = way overdue bath & hustle to the bed.
10 pm
yep. the glamorous life.  
get them to sleep & we are rooted out to the guest bedroom.
oh, well!
that night when we said our prayers, Cam's special request was that he wanted to thank God for his birthday. 
I think I'll call that a win! 
 it really was the perfect big day for him
and now, on to the adventure of having a FIVE year old...this mama heart is already preparing for Kindergarten tears (me, not him).  
we register him early next month...πŸ’•