Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Well, friends. If there’s one good thing about Easter being over, it’s that all that Easter candy is g o n e. 
 Most delicious chocolate of the year be GONE with yourself.
  No more temptation🙅🏻‍♀️
That is until you go to school Monday evening to pick your kid up from preschool + it's:
"Welcome to the Chipmunk bunk, Captian.  Chipmunks!  Download!" 
 Heavy Weights quotes...  Anyone?

Cam's teachers handed me a grocery bag packed full guessed it. 
More easter candy.
I’m pretty sure I had drool running as I made my grocery run this past weekend trying to avoid all the glorious Cadbury, Reece, & Robin egg displays oh my. 
I'm over you Easter candy!
I always think the boys are going to love all the holiday things & we can make all these sweet memories and then... reality sets in.  It ends in something like, for example, these bunny soup bowls.  Cam told me they looked stupid and Conley’s spit his soup in the floor.  Good soup mind you.  Delicious soup.  They don't know what's good! 
S T I N K E R S.
I should have just baked my normal batch of cookies & got the festive Cass out of my system.
All that aside, I love holiday fun but Easter isn't about "Easter"...
it's all about the resurrection. 
And though we had fun this weekend dying & hunting a few eggs, or waking up to baskets, it was the joy & peace that came to mind when we talked or thought about the fact that God's plan of salvation "is finished." We no longer have to fear death or what Satan can do to us.  Jesus is alive.  He's alive! (& I totally wore out that song by Dolly this weekend;)

Here's the recipe for the's so yummy!

I found this Cam selfie on my phone before we hunted eggs.

Little brother was determined to wear his snowboots for the hunt.
We've probably slept a total of 8 hours since Wednesday... but who's counting?
So tired of snot!
Easter outfits complete for this year for 10 buck-a-roost!  Feeling thrifty😎
Easter baskets ready & waiting!
Not sure what to think... or maybe it was so early.

This sweet pea, okay, 99.9% of the time-mean pea but I still call him sweet because I love him, felt so bad...

Left over Easter eggs for breakfast?  Yes, please.
Especially after all the chocolate I ate yesterday...
All that cheezin' for a jelly bean!

Do you see my swollen chocolate face?  I think I'm squirreling away a few Cadbury's in those cheeks...
Church time!  And Con begging the whole way, "please not the little kid church!"
But he always loves it when its over...& yep, you guessed it.
Bags full of candy.  And a donut.  With an oreo.

I'm so thankful to sit by my hubs in a couples Sunday School class!  No place I'd rather be-
God is so good!:)
This last part of a hymn we sang Sunday morning spoke to my heart...
" Love so amazing, love so divine... Demands my soul, my life, my all."
And the Easter basket aftermath...
legos are taking over our household.
Testing out the bubble gun.
I love what the pastor of the church we are loving shared Sunday morning:, so I think I'll leave that with you as I close this post!
"The resurrection of Jesus Christ can take away all of our fear, forever as a Child of God.
  Satan no longer can threaten us or harm us, because he can no longer touch us. 
Because of the resurrection, It is finished."
What a lovely thing to dwell on!
AND even share with your little one (C-A-M) who is always scared of the dark.😉
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun Easter! And I think the bunny bowls are too cute! ...but goodness, kids do have a knack for bringing mamas back to reality, though! ;)