Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Tales

Sometimes, I often wonder why we can't just make Friday evenings last forever?  It's the only day of the week I can go to sleep knowing I don't have to get up early...granted I'm usually so sleepy by 9 p.m. on Fridays-- I can't keep my eyes open!

Our lives are already getting a little more festive everyday, especially on the weekends with that extra time on our hands...

I have really been missing my Aunt Karen a lot lately, and one way I can feel a little closer to her is by going to the handwritten recipes she collected for me over the years.  I whipped up some of the white hot chocolate she perfected for our wedding Friday night, and garnished it with some reece pieces to add a little fall color.  I'm sharing my very special recipe here, just for you:)

Given my toddler was old enough, I think curling up with this white hot chocolate and watching E.T. would have been the perfect way to spend a weekend night;)  But instead, we slept.

I also do a little more fall decorating everyday.  I am so ready for the real thing though!  It's time for a trip to the pumpkin patch real soon, y'all:)  Does anyone else's trip to the Dolla Gentral with toddler end up like this?  A "loon," ball, and Snoopy hanging on for dear life...

{treat bag} {keep calm, Home Goods} {garland}
I seen something similar on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a stab with Cam.  Given Cam's idea of painting at this point is sticking the paintbrush up his nose, I was the artist behind these leaf people and I'm not really sure what we will do with them- but I'm thinking they may be a fun festive way to work on identifying noses, eyes, and mouths;)  Food for thought!

And we can't overlook Aunt KK's birthday celebration.  We took a trip Saturday evening over the mountain for some Cheesecake Factory...Happy Birthday KK:)

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all have a great week.
You will definitely want to come back Wednesday...lots of fun stuff in store for October;)
Thursday, September 25, 2014

18 Months

How can I possibly be typing Cam's one and half year stats?  I know, I think some people probably feel like parents sound like a broken record sometimes-- continually stumped at how fast time has gone by as they reflect on their little bit's age(s).  But, I think that is just the vibes in this particular season of life!  You'll be there too one day ( if you aren't there already!)  Just wait;)

I can't possibly put into words what these last 18 months have been like.  I feel like some people describe it beautifully, but I always go back and read my personal previous descriptions and they all fall short.  
So, instead of attempting another failed reflection,
 here is a standstill snapshot of Cam in time at 18 months.
Height: According to our growth board, 2' 9 ft!  Somebody pinch me...
Weight: 30 lbs
Clothes Size: 18-24
Shoes: 7
Favorite Words:  He is a parrot right now repeating I decided just to choose a few, constant words that I can't hear him say enough!  "Coo-coo" (though he does say cookie)," "UH OH," "pease"-please, "tantu"-thank you, "tar"- guitar, "oopy" or "ooby" for Snoopy, and my recent favorite...pumpkin -"pumkum" or "pumbo!" When you ask him where mommy is, he says "cool" -school!:)
Favorite Fun: Anything outside, with a ball, wheels, or strings.  He loves turning anything (water bottles, landscaping lights, footballs, nasal aspirators, cabinet doorknobs)... into a microphone.  He yells "TAR" and ball if there are any in a 100 mile radius.  The grocery store is not our friend, as they have a tower of balls right when you walk in the door (thanks, Ingles...great marketing skills).  We then carry a ball around the grocery store until he has thrown it out of our cart 67,896 times and we finally walk away screaming as it rolls away.  Grocery shopping is the best.  He loves to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," write on his chalkboards, climb stairs, and commentate as to whether things are "hooaaa"-hot or "cooolll,"-cold, often adorably confusing the two.  Snuggling is his favorite, as long as he can rub your shirt collar or sleeve:)  He plays with cars or reads book laying on his belly (cutest. thing. ever).  He loves waving at puppies, trying on shoes, singing in the choir, and kissing pictures of Santa (I told you I would be working on a pleasant visit with "Hoho.")
Food:  He has lost a lot of his passion for eating lately.  I really don't know how to feel about this!  I'm so afraid he is going to become picky with what he eats.  He has always been the best eater, rarely turning down anything!  He LOVES fruit at all times.  Especially green grapes.  He loves smoothies and usually whatever is on everyone else's plate.  I still try to go by the cleanish side of eating, with an occasionally special treat (which these days is candy corner or ghost marshmallows...I can't resist the "peeeaaassseee" and "tantu").  I do believe that part of eating healthy is important.  I tend to think always depriving little ones of specific things can lead to bad habits later on in life...what do you think?
Favorite Products:  I really can't say enough good things about the Honest Company's baby products.  Our favorite items are the bubble bath (extra sudsy) and diapers!  And FYI, my NANA raves over these diapers.  In the words of a true "old fashionist"-They are the best!"  And I couldn't agree more.  We also love Freshly Picked moccasins.  We are on our third pair, and everywhere we go we get compliments.  Not to mention they are durable, comfortable, stay put, and are unique (which may be my favorite feature!)  Cam picks them out to himself wear A LOT!
Favorite Books:  Jesus Calling Bible Storybook.  Cam gets so excited when it is almost time for bed.  As a way to wind down, we cuddle up in bed together with a regular storybook of his choice, and our bible story book.  Cam has to do all the pointing and reading first, THEN, and only then, can I read the stories to him.  After we're done reading, he slaps his hands together in prayer position to talk to Jesus.  This is my most favorite and rewarding time of the day!
Looking Forward to: The Lord's everyday blessings in life.  It's so easy to get caught up day to day and fail to see what love he has for us!  We can't wait to see daddy again at the end of October, all things fall, Vols and Panther football, Halloween, and cooler weather!

Can't wait for more leaves in our future;)
In the partial words of Charles Shultz, "happiness is" 18 months!
Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Weekend Tales of Summer

Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so close to Monday?  The cycle is teasing and vicious!  It's good to know, that up in heaven--I imagine everyday will feel like a weekend:)  I for one, am looking forward to that!
While we are on topic...Did everyone have a nice last weekend of summer?  We filled ours with a high school football game, picnic, boat ride to look for fall leaves, gingersnap baking, oral hygiene (bahahaha) and a semi-sick day Sunday.  I don't know what is going on but Cam didn't feel good yesterday, and I feel very lousy today.  Tis the season, I suppose...just as long as the flu doesn't pay us a visit!

Cam turns 18 month old today (that's a year and a half, peeps!) and we are officially only a couple hours away from Fall!  We're talking, Fall begins 10:29 pm tonight!!  The breezy 73 degree cool down never cease to make me giddy.  Let the crisp air begin!  The only thing that could make this time of year better, would be to have my Mr. home--33 days. #allaboutcountdowns

Don't we all need this reminder on Mondays?;)
Free Printable Here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Tales

It's beginning to look a lot like fall in my neck of the woods!  Cam's trying his best to say "punnmmmkaaam" (pumpkin), and the trees are slowly but surely beginning to turn into their fire bright hues.  If only it would get cold enough to make me feel safe switching over to my fall and winter wardrobe...
While we are still waiting for the officialness of fall, our weekends are shaping into the autumn feel.  Friday, I had to leave work early for a doctor's appointment in Knoxville.  Since we were there, we decided it would be a fun time to scope out the festiveness at a few of our favorite shops.   Our fun just goes to show, you can go shopping and "sight-see" rather than spend money:)

We did, however, splurge for a tasty Pumpkin Spice and chocolate milk/apple juice as we browsed;) #guilty

Saturday, we had a great morning waking up to Big Orange Smokey pancakes:)  I actually made them from scratch!  But they are not as good as anything my Mr could have fixed.  Cam and I are sad, lost puppies without him.

Apparently, our pancakes had no superstitious positive quality to the game Saturday night, whatsoever.  The Vols lost big time.  But that didnt take away from the fact that we still had fun getting together with the family and cooking up some football favorites.  It got cool enough that evening to pull out the jackets, too! 

And Sunday, we had another great church service singing in front of the "tars."  Cam went to Uncle Todd and the tars literally took his breath away.  He would cup his hands, grab his mouth, lose his breath "huuuuuuuh" and say "TARRRR."  Five shrieks later and it was finally time for Sunday school:)

Cam & his entourage

After church, we did something my grandparents had wanted to do all summer.  We took Cam to Santa's Land.  Right up my Christmas loving heart's ally.  The skies were fighting rain, which set the mood for an almost empty park.  The "elves" followed Cam and a few other kiddos around letting them ride whatever ride they pointed to, for however long they wanted.  Cam, of course, migrated to the rides with wheels, and rode the Rudicoaster (it's pretty aggressive for an 17 month old y'all!)

He also fed deer, waved at goats, monkeys, bears, and all the other petting zoo animals-- all while topping the evening off with a new found terror of Santa Clause.  I've got work to do before December, friends!

Happy Monday!
7 days til fall, 40 days til I see my Mr.
P.S. Honest Company is on Zulily today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Tars" & Church Business

It's been a heck of a week already.  And it's only Tuesday.  I'm super stressed and feel so behind ever area of life.  Ever feel that way?  (And your thinking...she's here. Blogging. lol.)  

Hey, I have awesome time management skills!  Just kidding.  For me personally, I feel like sometimes it's important to take time to do things that you enjoy to destress from tough days.  Blogging is one of those things for me.  Not to mention a cutie patootie that loves guitars ("tars"), shoes, and "cars."

Here's a peek at our weekend and this week's Pearl of Wisdom.   We ended up taking Cam to the Fun Factory and to his first concert:)  He was in hog heaven and a complete blur the entire time (as you can see below) literally sprinting to every car and "tar" he seen.  We had such a great time!

And I have a few funny stories to share about church on Sunday...
If your a reader, you know Cam is "tar" obsessed.  We've just started getting the nerve up to attempt to sing in the choir at our church right in front of the "tar" players.  Cam loves it.  He is mesmerized the entire time.  That is until, he starts yelling "tarrrrrr" and reaching for them.  As I tried to distract him with a song book, he snatched the book out of my hands and began scream singing at the top of his lungs.  HOW can anyone keep a straight face?  Could we be any more distracting?  Yes.  Yes we can.  The Cam kisses I beg for all week long, came unexpectedly.  He out of the blue puckered up and started pecking me like a chicken with kisses after he had everyones attention from his choir solo.  I can't take it.  I lost it!

And that night.  Long story short...there we were in the choir again and this time he pooped all over my cardigan, and his clothes.  We had locked his extra clothes in the car.  And our keys?  They were in the sanctuary.  Thank God my mom was in a classroom!  So we ended up having to go home with a naked Cam in his diaper and shoes.  He grabbed his bare belly all the way home and said, "Cooooooolllld, Cooooooollllldd, Cooooollllddd."

God's Not Dead!!
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Favorite Time

I feel like I have had a very productive weekend!  It feels so good to get some things done around the house.  Talk about a stress relief.  And maybe I've worked hard enough to just enjoy today?   Not a chance.  Still have therapy planning to do!

In my productive state, I thought I might should put up a post since I have been slack this week!  Up today...some our recent, most favorite things:)  Sorry in advance for the crappy picture quality in this  post...

Ebay Since I ended up with a job switch this summer, we are at an in-between time as far as our budget (what budget) goes.  We are really trying to pay off a lot of bills  survive and still have money to live on.  Anyone else feel like it's impossible sometimes?  It certainly doesn't help to have a little boy growing like a weed!  I have so many adorable things for him picked out for fall and winter...but we just don't have the funds right now to splurge.  SO.  I decided it's about time I part with some of the things he has outgrown.  I've had good experiences with ebay in the past, so here is to hoping for some profit for all my hard listing work! 
I listed all Saturday morning... he colored and slept:)
Smoothies:  Typically, the only reason you will find me in the McD's drive thru is for a big yummy cup of coffee (i'm a little obsessed-my coffee at home just doesn't taste the same).  These days, Cam is joining me with a newfound love for smoothies.  A small smoothie has made for a fun treat on these last few (I hope) hot days of summer.  It's something like the perfect toddler treat.  And he thinks he is SO big getting a drink like mommy.  15 days til official start of Fall btw!

Shoes This is one word Cam has mastered.  He LOVES shoes.  He will sit for hours and hours and try the same shoes on over and over.  I am not sure if it is the actual "shoe" he likes, or if it is the fact that we always end up going somewhere when he has to put shoes on.  Nonetheless, he is obsessed!

He loves to try on his hats too...
Peanuts We watch Peanuts "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," every time we are home.  Cam's face lights up and he gets so excited when I put it on.  (Can't say I don't do the same).

Fall decorations under construction
Goldfish Another budget influenced favorite.  I'm pretty sure I could now consider goldfish a part of my main food groups.  It was beginning to seem that Cam was always in need of snacks to pack.  The little containers of puffs, graham crackers, and such always seemed to disappear in a few days.  Into our life trots the Jumbo Carton of Goldfish.  I eat them, Cam eats them, and it seems we now have an endless snack supply for the both of us.  It's a win win situation;)
Have a lovely Sunday:)
This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalms 118:24