Welcome to Peaches & Pearls!  
I'm Cassidy.
The girl behind this little corner of the web.
Peaches & Pearls began as a way to document my way through motherhood...
with a side of home, Jesus, my journey through graduate school & (generally failed) attempts at health & fitness.  
I rarely talk fitness these days...more about cookies & my kids runny noses:)    
Where to start??

I'm a born & raised Southern girl.

First & foremost.
At 15, I became a daughter to the one TRUE K i n g of kings...Jesus Christ.  You can read my full testimony here. The life of a Christian is not all perfect rainbows & sprinkles (as my Mr thinks I see things at times).  But with forgiveness, peace, & faith- man can find no other more fulfilling thing in this life I assure you.   Once I gave my life to Jesus, let's just say He took it from there:)  

My Mr.
I married my high school sweet heart, Cade (or my Mr. as I like to refer to him) on December 12, 2009.  Yes, we were babies...20 & 21, but when you know your soul mate - you know your soul mate, right?:)  No one can make me laugh like this boy & that's how I knew he was mine.  He cheers me up on the toughest days & I SWEAR he reads me like a book!  We are truly a team.  Together we have learned the key to marriage.  Love is not always a  feeling you is a choice!  Always fight for it.

The Boys
Camden Tripp -"Cam" 
His namesake is totally after my Mr's favorite football team's quarterback...Cam Newton.  He's lucky I loved the name. This little hunk made me a mommy on March 22, 2013 (almost four years old-pinch me!).  There is never a dull moment with our first born!  His zeal for life is contagious & his big sparkly green eyes stole my heart from day one.  He's always smiling & trying to make others smile, or most certainly laugh (just like his daddy.)  He has the cutest lisp, a heart of gold, & could make friends with a rock.  He spends his days talking about sharks, monster trucks, or spiders & is always trying to bribe someone for an iPad or iPhone.  He loves to "shake it off," go to preschool, stick his head up the back of my shirt & go outdoors.  He is a total boy & I love it.  I'm so proud to be his mommy I could just bust!
Conley Scout
Conley Scout joined our little clan on October 25th of 2015.  Much like his time cooking in my tummy, "Scouty" is a total trip.  I was on bed rest for about 12 weeks with this cutie, so it was quite the ride!  We prayerfully made it to a healthy 38 weeks (praise the Lord) & the first few days after he was born he slept a l l the time.  He was quiet as a mouse.  I panicked & cried all the time fearing there was a problem.  But never to worry.  About a month later, out pops this loud, proud, & stubborn baby boy out of n o w h e r e!  He has a temper like a lion, but bats his big sparkly blue eyes (yep, I guess it's just an Adams baby trait) as sweet as a lamb.  His chicklet teeth smile will melt your heart no matter how many times he slaps you in the face or wakes you up for the 546th time at night.  He only loves balls.  He loves to throw e v e r y t  h i n g, play in the toliet, throw important things in the trash, eat, & tap his toe to the beat!
We would love to add at least one more to our clan one day if the Lord blesses & when the time is right.  I'm sure it will have to be a boy to fit in around here.  Hehe:)  
We will just have to see how all that plays out.
We recently uprooted our NC roots for TN, sold our first sweet home for our family nest.  We find ourselves spending the majority of our days laughing at corny jokes, dancing in the kitchen, dunking baskets in the play room or refereeing wrestle matches in the floor.

I'm a part time speech therapist by day & full time mommy + wife for life.
While I didn't end up an interior designer as 18 year old me intended 
(two years of education in that field under my belt, too) 
You'll find that Peaches & Pearls, along with tales of motherhood & Jesus, is also my outlet for design <<e s p e c i a l l y when it comes to decorating for fun holidays!>>
 + I like to share fun speech therapy activities & ideas when I can, too!
Oh & one last thing you should know!
I'm a self-proclaimed terrible cook, but can bake a mean batch of homemade cookies & pretty cute fruit plates.  I'm always trying to improve my kitchen skills with experimentation so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!
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