Monday, March 19, 2018

Wordless Weekend || St. Paddy's Day 2018

Okay.  Maybe a *few words here & there.
And may I mention the fact that I am actually doing a weekend rundown, again?
I may be back in the blogging game!
You'd think a few pictures with captions wouldn't be such a hard thing to do...
Happy Monday, btw!
*wrote a book about it

Friday p.m.

Sometimes you just gotta risk a flash for a moment.  Even if it has the potential to wake up a sleeping toddler/man child.
Can't he sleep with a fluffy, stuffed animal?  Nope!

A Plastic rapter named "Blue" with a piercing tail & teeth.

Saturday a.m.

Cade got rained out from work Saturday, so I didn't have to make the green lucky charm pancakes myself!  

I'm a stickler for recipes & he cooks everything from scratch.

Yes, a little jelly over here.  👩🏻‍🍳
But whose the creative genius telling him how to do things?
  Me!  😏
<cue sarcasm here>

 Conley sat outside the whole time we were cooking dinner & talked to this rabbit.
If he turns up missing, I probably ate him.
Saturday p.m.

Pizza night.
And Cade totally made fun of me for my excessive use of food coloring in our food this weekend.

If it is in the spirit of a holiday, I'm okay with that.
Anybody else love the ancient holiday cartoons our mom's & dad's watched when they were little?

The boys loved Peter Cottontail.
 (And I confess, I did too...)🤓

Leprechaun trap from Cam's class project.  
Can you spy the ghostbuster party decorations?
  Cam cried several times Sunday b/c he didn't catch a leprechaun...ultimate parent & teacher fail.  

Not totally though, because I heard the words, "I should have listened to you mom & hid it where you told me to."  Ahhhhh, like music to my ears.  Maybe he'll catch on to that before he's a teenager.
Finally pretty enough for some outside time after dinner!
Are yall loving the extra daylight in the evening?
Cam just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels, & naturally, the weather turned cold again.  He was excited to get back on for a spin.

The neighborhood was swarming with kids riding bikes.

Cam watched as one little boy rode by.

He smirked.
Then looked at me & said, "Mom, I just smiled at him.  Like this.
(Insert cutest half smirky smile of all time).

Casually crashes bike soon after.  "Not what I suspected."

(he meant expected)

I couldn't get over this pretty sky...
Skipping rocks in the retention pond. 
 Oh, the fabulous life.  
Now to go snuggle in our bed without a bedframe.  I'm just kidding!  
We are soooo blessed I just like to make sure everyone doesn't just see the highlight reel & knows there are real life shots behind the things I share. 
 God is so so so so SO good to this undeserving ole' girl! 😉

Cam is ready to go in at this point.

"Con, the coyotes are going to come out & eat you."

Con does this number in sarcasm:

Yep, too much Kevin McCallister.

On our way in.  Decides to sprint down tall sidewalk wall.  
Me: "Con, youre about to it it."
Con: No, I already ate my food mom.
Speechless.  So many times.

Food color coma with a side of iced coffee & second viewing of 1970 Peter Cottontail...
Con cracks us up with his karate hands.  
And they always go in our room & talk to "Lexa (Alexa)."
Apparently, they believe her to be deaf b/c they yell at her like she lives in England & tell her to play Rock & Roll music, which always somehow ends up channeling,

 "Big Girls Don't Cry."
How's that for macho fighting music?👊🏼

And lastly the battle of where to place the leprechaun trap.  If Cam had it his way, he would have launched it sitting atop his nose.  Aye.

Feeling cornily Irish in my commentary at this point.

The trail.

Not sure about my logic here or
the terrible attempt at leprechaun footprints...aka green melted chocolate from last St. Paddy's...
It was late.
& the only green maybe easy to clean thing I had to dip Hulk's feet in.

And the tired mama.

Sunday a.m.

utter disappointment

how does one stage a leprechaun caught in a trap, anyway???
I need help on that one.

Maybe next year.

And btw.

Basically...if you don’t like Jesus, food, babies, or holidays... you won’t like this blog.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 

I'm hearing snow in the forecast for my big boy's birthday week!
Sparkles and Lattes said...

This looks like the perfect weekend. Pizza, goodies and so many green goodies. I love all the St. Patrick's stuff that you did.

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend as well:)