Friday, March 31, 2017

H54F || 3.31.2017

I've been looking forward to another light-hearted High Five for Friday!  Can you guys believe today is the last day of March?  I can honestly say this has been the quickest month of my life for some reason.  Maybe b/c we have found ourselves so busy + occupied.  I really don't know, but it can slow down now.  
As if life didn't seem to be flying by fast enough...
Cam pulled out the book, "I'll Love You Forever," for his bedtime story this week & I boo-hooed all the way through it.  I just seen him in all of it, especially since we just celebrated his FOURTH birthday.  I can't believe how quickly my first baby has grown up.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to go by so fast...
  Now, he walks around pretending to read from memorization, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."  All the feels + emotions, you guys!  If you are at all emotional, don't read this book.  
Like, ever.

On to the high fives for the week:)
one.  quiet, slow mornings
I think i have posted this before...but I can't help declare my love for early mornings!
I am learning, that if I want to be the best mom/wife/person I can be, I HAVE to find some time of day that I can just do something i enjoy.  Typically, it has been at night, but lately, Cam demands cuddles + I always fall asleep after laying down with the second babe.  I'm finding out there is just something about getting up early before everyone else.  I love when I actually (it's very rare) can sneak out of bed & slip downstairs to read my bible + blog, do a little work from home, or just "be."  

two. neighborhood wide bible study
A couple of weeks ago, I did something God laid on my heart.  I reached out to the ladies in our neighborhood, to see if any were interested in starting a bible study group.  Not only to possibly meet some new friends (& kids for Cam+Conley to play with) but to bond with other Christians + share Christ with those who may not know Him!  Surprisingly, I had a lot of interest!  I think around ten ladies reached out & wanted to be a part!  Our first meeting is this upcoming Thursday & I am so excited!  

three. we conquered the mammoth week
I have dreaded last week for a while now.  I knew we weren't going to get to go home all week b/c in addition to my Monday-Wednesday work week, I had to attend a conference in NC Thursday + Friday.  On top of that, we had Cam's fourth birthday party in NC on Saturday.  (more on that soon!:)  =No home time.  No barre time.  No REST time.  We made it home Saturday evening for one day at home & then it was back to the daily grind.
But, here we are & we survived!

four.  easter + spring decorations
So this will probably be a reoccurring topic for the next couple of weeks!  Aren't springy decorations so bright + cheerful?  As much as i love my fall & Christmas things, it's always exciting to pull out those pastel colors & hunt for fresh blooms to fill the house, too!  There is something so refreshing & rejuvenating about spring<3

five.  bebe is okay!
We had a very sick Bebe (my mr's mom) since I last posted.  We are so happy that she is doing better & working her way back to her normal self.  Another instance where God is so good to our family.

Honorable mentions?
We got our order paid for at Starbucks this am.  I've heard of it happening, but it never happened to me-but it really made my day<3  It's the little things!  Needless to say, we paid it forward to continue the sweetness... ;)  
What are your plans this weekend?  We are currently on stand by at home in case the Mr. gets called back to North Dakota.  It's supposed to be any day now.  If he doesn't, we will be trekking back to NC for a County wide egg hunt with our babes to celebrate Jesus + this beautiful easter season<3
I hope you all have an egg-celent weekend.  Corny much? ;)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jesus Moments

Hi, y'all!  Remember me?  
It's definitely been silent around here for a while & I don't even know where to begin or what to talk about.  SO much has happened since I last posted.  Let me start by saying... 
How do you mamas do it??? 
this was a couple of weeks age...right after conley got the go to start brushing his four teeth :)  had to capture the first brush!
and apparently cam wore a construction vest to bed.
 I constantly feel pulled in so many directions + like I never get anything done or make anybody happy.  And that's all I want to do is make everyone that I love (& even those that are hard to love) happy!  I know we (or I, anyway) say that life isn't about making others happy, but at the end of the day, especially when it comes to family & friends, it's the way I lay my head down peacefully each night.  Knowing that I tried my best to live a life of love, that shares Christ.  

 You guys, can I share with you that I fail miserably on a daily basis?  I have to have my coming to Jesus moments second x second where I realize I am a total butt hole & I need that grace to help me be the person he forgave me to be.  I have to pray for him to help me over and over during the day, b/c if I relied on Cassidy & how she wants to act or think, people would (& maybe so sadly don't at times) never see Jesus in my life.  And that is why I am here on planet earth.  To wear Him well every day of my life in every role I play in my life.

Pray for me to do that!
And for my two little boys to see that in my life...

HEY.  They have their need for coming to Jesus moments, too every now & then! ;)
Our kids can change the world girls, as long as we continuously instill in them the power of Christ, his grace+forgiveness+love!
Til tomorrow...

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Whole 30 Diary || Week 3

Day 15
breakfast: strawberry smoothie+black coffee
lunch: hamburger patty with lettuce, mustard, tomato+ a few little weenies
dinner: left over meat loaf and potatoes
Struggling today.  It's a travel day with no control over the menu + I am feeling super hungry at all hours.

Day 16
breakfast: two oranges+black coffee
lunch: nothing😱
dinner: baked chicken with potato in olive oil w/ salt+pepper+garlic salt
I am about to die today.  We are in NC with no food, basically.  It's been absolutely miserable.  My husband & kids are eating fruit loops & I think I'd literally kill for a bowl.  I don't know if I will make it to the thirty day mark like this or not!

What do you get when you cross a baby that wakes up from 11:30 pm-5 am + a hungry mommy that is absolutely past going?

YOU GUYS.  On Day 17...I caved.  Our office was having an appreciation dinner-I had no lunch+no coffee+was running on approximately one hour of sleep.  So I said to heck with it & ate 2 chicken strips and a salad with Ranch dressing.  Then, for supper, we went & ate Mexican & I totally had cheese dip + tea.  And I have never felt happier to finally eat the foods & things I love...LOL.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  So, you know what?  No whole 30 tomorrow, either...
Back to it on Day 19...( my family may kill me though-hangry is my middle name😢)
So, it was my birthday. Despite my continuing Whole 30 intentions that I had from day one, I enjoyed chocolate, cream in my coffee, pizza, & cake.  We've laughed at how much happier I've been and at the good mood I've been in.  My stomach is still remaining flatter than before & I (against my better judgement, stepped on the scale on Day 17- & had actually lost a stubborn pound after eating regular after lunch that  WEIRD.)  But I am starting back tomorrow to at least attempt to finish out what I started.  I figure since I was mainly doing it for weight loss/help myself tone up for summer...two cheat days wouldn't completely sabotage my results.  + I'm motivated to get back at it.
breakfast: two boiled eggs + banana
lunch: grilled chicken salad from Knox Burgers
snacks: blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, coffee with steamed almond milk
This day was super hard.  I ended up not eating supper until about 10/11 o'clock at night tonight b/c the boys never went to sleep.  Everyone else ate Chinese & I sat there & watched them.  Maybe that's why I only lasted today before throwing in the two-week towel.
Okay, so here's where it all ended for me.  I started out strong with a breakfast of eggs/bacon/fruit, then a snack of walnuts + raisins.  Then, after we made a quick trip to Lowes the Mr. decided we needed to take the boys to the playground to let the boys run out their energy.  It was around 2 pm, & I still hadn't ate lunch yet.  SO we ran + grabbed a salad - it ended up having chili (which was non-compliant with Whole 30) so... I thought to HECK with it.  This girl is hangry & I'm tired of it!  And, that's my story.  Ha!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed in myself for not making it an entire 30 days, but at the same time, I completely did with out dairy + sugar for two entire weeks.  Two weeks, people!  That some kind of amazing for me.  I feel like I've jump started a health conscious life again & I'm ready to get back to normal + enjoy food again without putting too much time & thought into it.  I'd like to plan on doing this again sometime soon just to keep myself in check, but for now...
Life after...
-I lost four lbs. and a total of (I have no idea right now) inches...
But I can tell you I have a flatter stomach
-I learned a lot of new foods/recipes that I plan to continue to use & enjoy
(while I have cream in my coffee + a good piece of chocolate every now & then;)
For example:
<<here's what today looked like for me>>
The best reese egg ever while drooling over alo leggings during nap time!

Friday, March 10, 2017

H54F || 29 Years Young

This weather, guys.  
Yesterday, I wore workout clothes with UGG boots & burnt up.  It ended up being in the 70's.  😳  I hear this week <<like tomorrow>>, it's supposed to snow?  The tulips in my house & my new pair of cheap sunnies have planted a bit of spring in my heart.  Not to mention that lullaby of a thunderstorm I woke up to this am.  
Talk about the perfect sleeping weather + the epitome of spring.  
But if you know me, I'll take a snow day if the good Lord has one lying around;)    
On the subject of spring, I'm also pretty excited about putting together some easter baskets!  
But our wallet?  I can't say the same...
Teaming up with with girls from High 5 4 Friday, on this dreary Friday morning.

one.  mr. is still here!
blizzard=no worky for the hubby.  we are excited to have him home as long as we can.
they all three went & had haircuts together yesterday & Conley basically looks like Matilda.
But in a boy kinda way.  I love his curls (+that he can see).

two.  roar cam's four status:  bday shirts + number 4 sparkler candle
can't believe my big boy's fourth birthday is upon us!  he is so excited, & i can't wait to celebrate him... i always have fun planning their parties<3  trying not to go overboard though.  i get made fun of a lot.  i love picking out shirts to match the theme & these sparkler number candles are birthday tradition for these boys-  They are so fun!

three.  i made it through the last two weeks+ i'm 29
tis' the season for IEP referrals.  we are swamped!  Meetings everyday, + any spare time I have in the mornings or nights when the boys are asleep I am trying to squeeze in paperwork.  And then there is the time I spend trying to logically understand how I am twenty nine years young...

four.  eating good food
never take it for granted people.  embrace every carb.  every chew of that chocolate reese shaped egg.  can you tell I'm going into withdrawals?😂  The day I can eat these things... I will be a happy girl.

five.  outdoor furniture
I'll just be over here drooling over this pergola & black.white outdoor patio set🙋  The 70 degree weather just makes me excited for our outdoor space, even it we can't get all of this (or one piece of it- LOL) this summer- a girl can still dream! 😜
And yes, in case your wondering.  This is shopping in a nutshell with Scouty.
Happy Friday, you guys!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My 29th || In Photos

8 am
dropping cam off at school.  coney's face though.  
9 am
Yep, Whole Thirty gone today yo.  Conley drop off.
10 am
sweetest. coworker. ever.
11 am
get to see my school babies<3
12 pm
hearing screening @ lunch
2 pm
IEP Meeting+again, sweetest. coworker. ever...
pick-up our tiny
4 pm
mini pizza party 
5 pm
quick game of clue...totally forgot how great this game is

packing.  meh

Wednesday night prep
<<I WISH I would have captured them pretending to cross the red sea with the staff of Moses😊>>
Tea+ride to TN+long talks with the hubs+reading funny parent tweets
free drink for my b-day.  woot.
I drink too much.
tinies are out!
11 pm
perfect day.
<Cade's aunt sent this & I thought it couldn't be more perfect>
Good night, 29!  It's been real.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning+Flamingos+Toy Story, Oh MY || Guest Blogger Series

I'm excited to introduce to you our guest blogger for March, Kia!  I follow Kia on several different social media platforms & I always enjoy her posts about her life as a mom.  She has such a precious family to share with you!  Take it away, Kia...

Hi guys! 
I'm so excited to be sharing a little bit about my life as a wife, mother (maid, taxi.. you get the idea ;) My life is pretty fast paced. I have sports kids, you guys. Life is always BUSY! 

Well guys, my name is Kia! That's right, like the car. lol I'm 27, married to a welder, we live in Western NC with our 3 kiddos. Lexi will be 8 next month, My oldest son, Riley, is 6 and my youngest son Brantley, will be turning 4 next month!  I'm currently a stay at home mom until my youngest starts kindergarten. I'm clinging onto him for dear life!! 
(how stinkin' cute are they???)
So since it's March, this means time to start Spring Cleaning. The time of the year where I am excited, but dread. I enjoy decluttering and organization. With smaller kids, they tend to accumulate SO. MUCH. STUFF! I started the Kon Mari Method! Which means toss out anything that doesn't "spark joy". 

Next month, we have a busy schedule. 2 birthday parties to plan/have, baseball starting, Spring Break, Easter, you name it! Time to get to work! 

Ideas for their parties... Lexi will be having a cake with these flamingo candles on top. Her theme is a flamingo/luau! Perfect way to start Spring! 
 Brantley is OBSESSED with Toy Story you guys! He is so excited for his "dory-dory pardy" (I'm saying this in his voice as I type this out. So cute!) 
I'll save the rest of my ideas for April in case I'm needed again ;) Haha! thank you guys for listening to me ramble a bit. 

Thank you Cassidy for allowing me to be a guest for you. I enjoyed it. :) 

Some advice I would give to mommas?  Never criticize another mother for the way she parents. Parent the best way you think works and is right for you and your child. Every child is different, they each require their ability to learn different than any other. ❤️ 

How fun is she??  Love that advice, Kia!  God made us each different not only as a person, but as a mama, too!  And then, a flamingo party?  How a d o r a b l e.  We MUST see more pictures after she throws it, right?:)  Also, is it just me or does she need to share an in depth post on spring cleaning?  We just moved + I STILL haven't finished going through our things in the garage.  I'm a throw everything away kind of girl:)  Thank you so much for sharing a little of your life with us this month, Kia!  Some mail goodies will be on their way to you soon...

If you'd like to contribute to Peaches + Pearls as a guest blogger, I would love to hear from you.  I believe we can learn something from each lady that God places in our life & I'm excited to hear from each & every one of you (+ I believe other girls are, too!)  Shoot me an email at if your interested & we will work together on a post.  
Happy Tuesday, girls!

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