Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Cam!

It seems like just yesterday I began this blog to chronicle the journey
 to meeting our first baby...
and now, here we are celebrating his first year of life.
I have been so incredibly emotional, so I am just going to get to the chase.
I can't take any more sentimental who -ah.
Cam's first birthday bash theme was "A Little Prince."
I used different color blues with a gold accent.
Most of the decorations I either made myself or ordered from etsy.
And of course, as with anything these days, I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest...

 Cam's Royal Sweet Station
"Ella's Cupcakes" are absolutely delicious:)
even if I did forget to add the icecream to the spread!


Note to self: Don't plan Cam's 2nd Birthday Party in the middle of his naptime! 

 The forecast warned of a even though it turned out to be a beautiful day and the playground was a go-ya gotta be prepared to entertain ;)
Favor table and Coloring Station in case of rain!

The Birthday Boy Seat

I love  this shot;)

 {straws}{spoons}{forks}{mason jars, spray painted}

The Menu
Breakfast Pizza
Cheesey Potatoes
Blue Ombre Cupcakes
Ice Cream *which I forgot to put out
Chocolate Prince Frog Pops
Coffee Punch
Blue Punch
 Orange juice*which I also forgot to put out:(
Thank you Lord for my family, and a perfect first birthday:-)
My heart is so happy when I look at this picture!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Tales

I have been a little, okay, very emotional all day!
No one could prepare me for this part of parenthood...
For some reason I made it through the weekend-
but lost my cool this morning.
I guess when I visually was able to realize that Cam is morphing into
a toddler before my very eyes...
and realized he actually is. one. year. old.
I can't pretend anymore!
Today, I began weaning Cam.
Not only did he turn one Saturday, but I am adding
this change onto the emotional baggage!
This morning when I dropped him off at my grandparents,
as we began discussing the plan for the day, I felt tears swell up in my eyes.
No passy too???  I can't take this!
Thank goodness I was thing at a time!
I can't imagine my sweet little boy without the passy grin right now:(
NOT now!  NOT yet!
So far I have cried several times this evening,
as has Cam.  Let's just move on.  Shall we?
Our weekend?
It was great:)
No rain at the birthday bash and the crowd I had worried the whole time of feeding and entertaining didn't I stressed myself out for no reason;) mom, sis, the birthday boy and I made a quick run to Knoxville to wrap up the birthday to do list.  I think we all 4 really needed to get out of town, so no complaints here!
Saturday was perfect!
Beautiful weather, beautiful baby, and the sweetest birthday bash!
More on that later;)
After the party we played outside to our hearts content.
I am usually a winter freak, but that warm weather did wonders for my soul...
Given that Cam hadn't had a nap all day...
he finally gave in to a 2 hour nap in his teepee:)
While I hung out on the porch and enjoyed some lazy time.
Before bedtime, we headed back into the teepee to
read some birthday storybooks to complete his special day!

And Sunday, was just the encouragement I needed:)
A message encouraging us all to put our confidence in God.
Simple but absolutely necessary to tired and weak flesh
trying to take our load from Christ and tote it on our own.
I'm so thankful for this weekend.
Remnants of a first birthday...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Year

March 22, 2013-6:03 pm
We began our family.

One year later...
And we have a bouncing baby boy who feels its best if he never sleeps.
He says, "mama," "dada," "tz" (aka Fitz), "bite," "more" (sometimes)
with an occasional squeal when the word doesn't emphasize the urgency.
He squints his eyes and wrinkles his nose to grin.
He loves to sing and dance.
Especially to "Dancing in the Moonlight."
Why walk when you can run?  That's his philosophy!
Cam loves to clean.  He recommends a swiffer and broom.
They'll get the job done.
Oh!  And be sure to check the cabinet door performance
(and maybe even throw a few pans and lids on the floor to make sure they make noise).
It's best to check the toliets as well!
They may need to saturate some brand new toliet paper rolls...
Make sure all the candles in the house are blown out and every flower sniffed.
He loves bread, cheese, gravy, and Gerber snacks.
Yes, lots of fruit too!
He loves drum sticks.  Candles.
Watching birdies from the window.
And going outside.
And you gosh darn better know what this little boy is pointing at!
Because he wants to go there, see it, and then find
something else to point you in the next direction.
He has cool style.
Hats, unique shoes, ties, and spiked hair.
And a grin, that could crack a concrete heart.
His favorite place lately is running in and out of his teepee.
However, he hasn't figured out that you have to "dunk" to get in.
He forces his way in, and I swear he may have a permanent slant to his eyes
by the time he realizes there is an easier way to fit inside.
I can only imagine what more we will learn about him as he journeys toward the next birthday!
Happy Birthday, Camden Tripp:-)
I am in love with everything you do...obviously
Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Tales & St. Patrick's Day

Well, here we are.
Cam's last "first" holiday...
and last weekend as a "0 year old."
It's both unreal and bittersweet,
but such a blessing to be
able to truly say we've made
the most of each and every one!
I just want to thank Jesus for Cam.
He has been the biggest joy of my life.
I have always wondered what my purpose would be.
And now I know...
I have found it as a mommy.
I pray we can make each new day of his second year,
second holiday's and weekend fun,
just as special as his first...
On a less sappy note...Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
We had a lovely weekend full of green...
this may or may not include snot, but hey that's life!

We made a St. Patty's snack necklace!  via Pinterest
We chose cheerios, grapes, and 1 peep in which Cam chose to give to Fitzy.
Proud mommy moment.

It's never a bad thing to have a puppy dog suction close by...

 We had a glow in the dark green bubble bath!
(A very cheap way to have fun...the glowstick wand and glowsticks are all from the dollar store;)
Top O' The Mornin' To Ya Lad!;) 

 The Saturday Morning spread:)

Our Fruity Leprechaun

And after breakfast we had a very special early birthday surprise...
Every one year old should have a tee pee, right?
{garland, a felt affair}
 While Cam liked his teepee...Mr. Fitz loved it...
 The perfect place for mischief!
Sick baby nap duty: Gossip Girl, Mexicano, and Sparkling H2O
And the only green we seen Sunday...yep you guessed it.
This is the snot I spoke of earlier.
Cam was the poor sickling this weekend,
but I paid for it today...
By bedtime, Cam was feeling well enough for a night time story and bedtime prayer in his new tent.
So we grabbed the flashlight, "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day," his Leprechaun and frog and snuggled in to enjoy the last few minutes of the weekend.

Just call us mustache obsessed!
Apparently, P.T's, O.T.'s, and S.T.'s really get into holidays!
Our St. Patty's celebration at work...I'm white as a sheet after 3 weeks of sporadic horrible cold.
When will it ever end!?

 I hope you all had a fun-filled, green, pinchless, snot free day:)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Holiday Home Tour: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day hasn't ever really been a favorite holiday of mine.
I always wear green on the 17th so that I won't give someone an excuse to pinch me,
but that's pretty much been the jist of it!
But like I've said this past year...and I'll say it again...
holidays are magnified with little ones.
There is so much to do!
So many fun things to plan!
So here we are with a little more St. Patty's festiveness in our lives...
I figure: Green is my favorite color, I love me some rainbows, and shamrocks are pretty...
why the heck not?? ;)

The Adams Household just turned green...

I have been using our ottoman as a "mini learning center."
I change it up with the upcoming holidays/events
so Cam can explore the related books/toys/etc. more on his level:)

Cam's Corner!

{garland, a felt affair} {succulents, home goods}

Money savvy Idea:  Take cheap greeting cards, frame, and turn them into holiday prints to style your shelves and add some festive fun to your home!

Coffee station

Again...I would love to be able to buy cute prints from etsy...
but who can afford it for every holiday?  I made my own here!

And any chance I get to do some fun seasonal artwork with Cam...
I take it!  Here is our guest bath:)

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a great weekend!