Friday, July 27, 2018

friday favorites || GOD over google

I literally woke up this morning with a feeling of complete failure.
I EVEN a b o u t found myself googling "how to not let outside stress make you a bad mom."

This week I have had a headache every single day.
The boys have been on another level of crazy & I feel like all I am doing is telling them to stop, quit, or threaten them with a last request.

I have had a lot to accomplish in preparation for starting work next month (orientation, staff meetings, drug/background checks, switching state license), Cam beginning KINDERGARTEN & life is a bit wild at the moment.  Blessed, blessed, blessed... but wild! 
 I absolutely despise when it feels like we haven't had good quality time together as a family throughout the week- like the only interaction we've had is discipline or the overwhelming moments that rob us of the people God created us to be!
Ever have those times?

Would you know, as soon as the desire to "Google answers" kicked in...
The living God in my heart reminded me of just who I can have in control.
With tears I thought- Nope.  I'm going to give ALL of this to God.
Instead of turning to the world wide web, trying to fix everything on my own, with a feeling of helplessness (how crazy am I?), I 'm going to turn to God's LIVING word & the power of prayer.
In the little things (like this), & the big things (sickness, loss)...
I have such peace & joy knowing I have this forever in my heart.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

Tomorrow (or maybe after I get the hang of my new job & our new life that comes with it) I know this season of worry & stress will leave, but until then, I may just be "living on a prayer :)"

On to my "little happy's" of the last TWO weeks:
(I'm behind!)

Finding Waldo + Sharkweek = Downtown Fun
One thing I love about our new city is all there is to do for FREE with your family.  We have had such a blast this summer & I'm looking forward to all fall & the holiday's have to offer.

Two.  Marking off the Summer Hope To's
Our list is slowly, but surely, filling up with little check marked boxes.
We have had one of the sweetest summers ever, so far... from celebrating a trip with great Grandma Muriel + BB's birthday at the lake, to visiting the sunsphere (or "farkly ball" to us;), & making new memories with a brand new neighborhood supper club-it is definitely one we will never forget. 

We've been lazy this week-the only request from the boys has been the mall playground.
4/5 days for the record.

We still have to plant pumpkins & keep our eyes peeled for that sneaky ice cream truck.

Three.  Polar Bear Frozen Hot Chocolates
Remember when I said I wanted to do this?  Well, we did it! 
And if the frozen HC's at Serendipity in NYC take anything like this did...

I'm adding that to my bucket list for my next trip. 
To remind you, this recipe is from Southern Living!

Four.  Baby Fever
Just kidding.  Did you read above?  Okay, lying again.  No, nothing will ever deter my love for babies.  THAT SMELL.  Totally NOT who I was before becoming a mama, but I had no idea what I was missing out on!  Baby Lyra is p r e c i o u s! 
 And seeing one of your best friends since the third grade, priceless.
Endless laughter:)

Five.  Packing for the beach
This is one of those trips we weren't so sure we were even going to get to take with the move & all the uncertainties that brings, but I'm excited to say that we are headed for the sunshine state soon!  The boys are all kinds of excited & so am I. 
 I just wish the Mr. could come, too...

Sorry if I bored you!  This was a long one.
Have a great weekend, sweet friends!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Finding Rest

"Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the Lord thy God..."
"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.  Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars."
 2 Chronicles 16:7 & 9

Let go & let God.
Words I've heard my entire life. 
So simple, so true.
Yet so hard to do for me.

You see, I'm a "fixer."  I have to fix everything.
I want everybody to be happy, I want everything to always go perfectly.
I want everything IIIIIIIIII want & I want it now. 
So many things swirling around in my life, especially when I became a married "adult" &
E S P E C I A L L Y when I became a mama.  I always just imagined that as a Christian, I would naturally let my Father handle worry, concern, or any question I would ever face.
There's no other place in this world I would want to leave it, than in His hands...
But what do I always end up doing?  I snatch it back from him.

God finally stopped me in my tracks when this was the scripture I read the other morning during my quiet time.
Asa, was King of Judah, & was known for most of his reign to have been a righteous King. 

"And all Judah rejoiced at the oath for they had sworn with all their heart and sought him with their whole desire; and he was found of them: and the Lord gave them REST round about. 
2 Chron. 15:15 

In what I seen as an upside down people, with God's help, Asa stepped in & cleaned up a mess.  He tore down all the strange gods & images while commanding Judah to turn from their sin & to seek the Lord.
But somewhere along the line, as we all do, his flesh apparently got the best of him. 
Asa started taking matters into His own hands. 
He needed something done - but he decided to put legs on it & do it himself with out asking God to help him.  He temporarily might have thought he had fixed everything, but he had just turned things upside down.  He had witnessed God's mighty power in his life & knew that God could provide, but he walked right by God thinking he'd just do things his way.  And that's precisely what WE do, too!

Like Asa, after witnessing God's miracles & provision all my life, when I have a new burden or new need & I pray like I'm going to give it to him...a couple seconds later I'm googling how to solve the problem or looking to someone besides God (no mama can't fix everything) that can't do anything about it to give me answers or direction!

Sure, it may not be an immediate answer & most of the time things will seem "clear as mud," but I think that is the way God likes it.  Because it is then, that our faith kicks in. 

 Oh how it has became my prayer after reading this scripture, that I will quit putting legs on my prayers & trying to do God's work by myself- & instead lay it at his nail scarred feet.  I am but a speck in this universe & to think that I could do something about anything in my life, is comical! 

Lord Jesus,
May we all give you this day, all of our cares & all of our worries, never to pick them back up again, while we enter into the rest only you can give!

I hope this uplifts you the way it did me this Monday morning☺️

friday favorites || Sales, Sharks, & Sleighbells

If there is one thing that is true of my summers, it is this.
Mia Thermopolis hair.
I did have ONE good hair day (for me anyway) come from weeks of product experimentation. 
It did motivate me to put "real" clothes on & try to look cute for ONCE this summer SO...
I had to snap a pic complete with a background of laundry to be folded & a snicker from Cam.
I know we have a lot to talk about right now, because all the rage is Hallmark Christmas, Shark week & the Nordstrom sale.  How bout that Build a Bear sale, too?  Yikes.
I know you "pay your age" but we are not taking advantage of it.
It looks like Black Friday madness x 20.
I will admire the Nordstrom sale from afar, but those of you stalking the sale-have fun!
One. And the Relatives Came
We SO enjoyed our time with Florida family.  These boys had a blast together!
We hung out + played at our house, swam at the pool, looked for Waldo, played in the splash pad downtown, + then conquered Dollywood together. 
Busy, busy, busy, but OH so much fun:)

Two.  iLuminate
My boys have watched this group on YouTube forever from their days on Americas Got Talent- "the dancing robots" have stolen their hearts.  Especially after seeing them at Dollywood earlier in the week!  Cam would NOT sit down-bounced the entire time & after every dance Con would say, "More robots?  MORE robots coming???"
Even cooler than that, they got to have their picture made with them after the show!
AND they featured Cam on their Instagram story!
Three.  NEWSFLASH:  Fall is NEARING!
Ran into Hobby Lobby while we were on the "wait list" to get into the indoor playground (e v e r y b o d y is trying to escape the heat!) and found a Fall w o n d e r l a n d.  It made my heart happy & my mind couldn't help but start serenading me with an endless loop of the Great Pumpkin Waltz.  Naturally, that lead to frying up some apples for supper!
Oh, what a heavenly fall-ishous smell.
Four.  Recipe To Do's : William Sonoma Corn Fritter
Completely turning into a foodie over here-thus all the talk about food.  I really should just do a post with the new recipes I try-we are rarely having the same things twice since I have time to cook & experiment :P. I used to be so overwhelmed with meal planning & what to cook for picky eaters!
I'm quickly learning that no one in my family will stifle a veggie down their throat except me - the only one they will even remotely consider is corn.  William Sonoma's Instagram feed totally caught my attention with these corn fritters (I know, not exactly the healthiest thing- but a tiny bit veggie all the same)!  Sounds like a good summer side to try, huh?
*While also on WIlliam Sonoma I found these boy moms...
Star Wars Popsicle Mold
*limited time only!

Star Wars Aprons
*20% off right now!

Five.  Nordstrom Sale Favorites
And even though I'm admiring from afar, I can still pretend to shop & share my favorites, right??
Almost all my picks are under $100.
And sidenote* TEAL is DEFINALTEY my color for fall... gravitated toward everything in that color if you can't tell.
Fall Favorites
 Church Wear
Cozy Mom-iform
Wear to Work
 *Disclaimer: If you follow the link here & make a purchase, I will get a small percentage of your purchase  for putting this link together:)  Thank you for helping support this blog & allowing me to do something I love.
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Have a happy weekend, sweet friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

The month where most men are wishing away the last month without football & the women are
all kinds of excited over Hallmarks Christmas in July, where it's a right of passage (at least I think so!) to indulge in two weeks of Christmas movie marathons!
Mini History lesson...
Did you guys know that Christmas in July actually started 85 years ago on July 24th and 25th in 1933 at girls camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina.
(About two hours from my hometown!)
Wondering WHY in the world my mom didn't hook a daughter up.
It's around this time of year that my Christmas loving heart starts getting so excited about all is to come.  FALL.  Sweaters.  Booties.  Scarves. Crisp air. Soup.  Trick or Treating +
Pumpkin everything.
I'm going to start getting on your nerves.
All that excitement leads you straight into the Christmas season.

To kick off my mid year countdown... I'll share a few ways Id love to celebrate Christmas in July this year!

1.  Polar Bear Frozen Hot Chocolates
This recipe from Southern Living is the perfect couchside treat for an after dinner movie with family or friends!  P.S. if you don't follow Southern LIving on Instagram you are missing some seriously on point hilarious memes.

2.  Christmas mantle.
Because I'm a garland fanatic & you have to be festive while you watch those cozy Christmas flicks ;). 
Find the pineapple garland here!

3. Start a Christmas savings
Something I say I'm gonna do every year & never do.  May this be the magic year & this savings plan happen!

4.  Pick out or Make a Christmas Ornament
If you have kids, this might be a fun outing or craft to do at home!  Go to the craftstore or Hallmark , pick out a new ornament or the supplies to make a new one & I'm almost positive it will be sure to ignite all the Christmas excitement a little early:)

5.  Decorate Summer Gingerbread cookies
And make a sundae or a s'more with them?  Meshing a home + family idea with pinspiration:)

6.  Snowball water balloon fight
My boys are all about a reason to throw water at me!  
Thank you pinterest.

7.  Diffuse or burn Christmas scents!
I bought airglade apple cinnamon air fresheners with our groceries last week (against my husbands will-HA!) & have been diffusing Christmas spirit. 
I love how my house smells right now!

8.  Christmas Music Dance Party
The boys love to turn the lights off & dance.  I have a feeling these days are numbered the older they get - so I dare so no to a jam session these days!  Not only can it beat summer boredom but talk about exercise in disguise!

9.  Plan ahead.
I know for me personally, if I don't plan, I plan to fail.  Especially when that period between October-December is so busy!  What better time to start planning your Elf on the Shelf, Christmas lists, any tweaks in decorations & so on than right now!?

10.  All the Hallmark movies + Christmas Home & Family episodes
Home & Family during Christmas in July on Hallmark is under rated imo!
The past couple of days during nap time... I've learned how to make a fruit cake + gingerbread sundae, build a photo booth Christmas tree + Rudolph & countdown clock DIY lawn décor, not to mention how to build a mini manger scene :) 
I'm so excited already:)
Do you have a favorite thing to do for Christmas in July?
*pictures that are night mine have been linked to original source:)
Thursday, July 5, 2018

photo (or two) every hour || the fourth

aka setting an alarm + capturing a picture every hour of the day...
5 am
6 am
7 am
8 am
9 am
10 am
11 am
12 pm
1 pm
2 pm
3 pm
4 pm
5 pm
6 pm
7 pm
8 pm
10 pm

11 pm

12 am
I hope you all had a blast this fourth...pun intended 💥😋🇺🇸