Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby A ...Round Two!

We are SO excited to share that Baby A #2 is due November 2015!

Maybe you have noticed I have been pretty quiet here lately.  The first trimester is definitely in full swing & that makes my dog tired days of slipping in the bed at, oh I don't know...7 o'clock... acceptable.  Thankfully, the time change is still rocking Cam's world so he doesn't complain about the early bedtime (at least for now).  Our house is a wreck, I can't eat anything I cook (mainly only want subway grilled chicken sandwiches?)  & the mere thought of coffee makes me want to jump off a cliff.  Who is this girl?  I will be excited to feel like me again.  But words cannot describe how excited I am about another baby:)  God has blessed us soooooooo much!
Cam, the original Baby A:), will be passing on the title to his future side kick & I have am positive that he will be the best big brother in the world.  It's so exciting to see our family grow & I hope I really savor this sweet time in our lives.  It's so easy to wish time away & that's the last thing I want to do!
  We went for our first doctor visit last Friday, Cam in tow, for the first ultrasound.  It was interesting,  My patience wore thin as we were the last people of the day called into see the doctor at 5pm (and our appointment was a 3:30.)  You'd think by that point a toddler would be worn out...nope.  During our waiting room adventures, he labeled each family member as a power ranger, made monkey noises, tried out every chair in the waiting room, danced to the music, & looked at some baby magazines.  He then decided it was time to move to the floor.  He army crawled all over the floor until he found a huge truck.  After successfully making his way across the floor on his belly, he jumped up and chucked the truck across the room & yell, "CRASH!"  Let It Go came on the radio & he turned to me with the most concerned look & said, "Ana singing??"  

The front desk finally realized we needed some help & turned the channel to a kid friendlier channel.  When we finally got to go in the back, he was quiet as a mouse.  When they printed the pictures from the ultrasound, they gave them to Cam.  He smiled & said "baby, baby!"  And then he took his lollipop & stickers & was ready to go eat & pick out a toy for his birthday  :)  
  We announced the news to our family (& of course soon followed the Facebook world) at Cam's birthday party Sunday afternoon with these sweet (impossible Cam) pictures.  We've known for about a month & kept it secret.  Well kinda.  There's only so much I can keep from my Nana (& mom) who keeps Cam 4 days a week.  An absent coffee cup & coming in white as a sheet every morning somehow threw up a red flag?  Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all have a slow & relaxing weekend:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cam's 2nd Birthday

My baby boy is officially two.  I don't know how we got to this place in our adventure as parents, but here we are.  Does he just get better ever day?  I'd like to cross my fingers & hope so.  We had the best time celebrating!  God is so good to let us have days like that...right?  How blessed.  This year, I decided to go with a low key party at home with our family.  Cam was totally in his element & all about the cake & presents!  While we were all about everyone coming to us and being able to start decorating/taking down the decorations whenever we want.  We had garlands, balloons, & pizza, lemonade punch, & sweets everywhere with Peanuts music blaring in the background.  It was one of those days you would just like to freeze in time.  Especially when you forget to charge your video camera:/ <insert heart sink into gut here>

I pretty much made all the decorations myself via inspiration from none other than Pinterest.  A little tissue paper & felt can go a long way when your planning a party!  I even decided to make the cupcakes myself, with of course my sister baking side kick.   I'm pretty sure we watched a whole season of Cupcake Wars to prep...All we heard from Cam was, "Eat cake?"  "Eeeeaaaattttt caaaakkkkkeeee!"

{I Am This Many Tee}
I think it was totally worth the wait.

Happy 2nd Birthday My Sweet Love.
I have to say it's true.  YOU are our greatest adventure.
Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's In Your Purse?

I have always loved the handbag articles in magazines.  Carrying a purse has been a thing of the past for the last two years.  My wallet & phone (& any other thing that would have went in my purse before baby) somehow ended up getting thrown into the deep dark pit that is my diaper bag.  When it came time to use them, I spent at least ten minutes frantically pulling everything out to find them.  After carrying the diaper bag around for a couple of months, I've come to realize it might not be such a bad time to downsize...
 Cam will be turning two in a little less than two weeks, & I just now slowly been making my way back toward carrying a purse.  Cam doesn't need as much as I want to believe he does, & Lord knows it would help the future of my back & shoulders to decrease the load I have grown so accustomed to carrying.  I always left a change of clothes at home anyways...#mommyfail that happens too often.  Obviously, the majority of my purse contents are Cam's things: snacks, boogie wipes, a small book, wipes, diapers, any diaper duty essentials & of course CARS.  The reusable coffee sleeve comes in handy for my coffee as well as Cam's smoothie treats (so his little hands don't freeze off)!  I actually have lip color now.  And my sunnies are just a reach away!  I feel like a new woman:)  I'll admit I'm a little anxious without the big diaper bag in tow, but I'm growing to love a more organized way to travel & haul our "essentials" around for the quick trips out and about.
When did you stop carrying a diaper bag?  What are your handbag essentials with a toddler in tow?
Monday, March 9, 2015


Twenty Seven.  How can it be that this number has showed up in my life so soon?  I can remember thinking how old thirty used to be to me.  This particular birthday wasn't everything I thought it would be, as we spent the day taking Cam to urgent care to find out he had strep throat & an ear infection.  My little man just wasn't himself, laying lifeless most of the (beautiful day btw) & it absolutely broke my heart!  But I have to say, I never feel more grateful than when my birthday does roll around & I can count another year that the Lord has blessed me with.  Not a day I deserve, but he gives them to me all the same<3  In celebration of my birthday, I thought I'd share 27 things about myself.  Indulge me today or come back another time for something more interesting!;)  
1.  I wear Christmas pajamas year round.
2.  My favorite color is green.  Emerald to be exact!  It changes a lot but this has been the constant for about 4 years now after I found an amazing Emerald ring and dress...
3.  I met my hubby in high school.  I was 15, he was 14. 
4.  I started my first blog in 2010, but it was a hot mess and I had no clue what I was doing <not like I really do now lol>.   I didn't blog again until 2012, & I have never looked back.  Cam is my muse:)
5.  I love brown boots and purses.
6.  I majored in interior design for two years in college.
7.  If I had a genie grant me one wish, it would be to stay at home with my kids until they started school.  I would love to soak in every moment of that season in our life.
8.  My love for Snoopy began as a one year old.  Back then he was better known as hu-oh.  And he was awesome.  To this day, he sits on my desk and is also Cam's favorite.
9.  I think every house should have fresh flowers, chalkboards, & a constant fresh pot of coffee:)
10.  I got a Great Dane in college because my mom promised me if I read her latest Nicholas Sparks book, she swore she would buy me a Great Dane if it died in the book.  Needless to say a month later, I had one. 
11.  I randomly bake sugar cookies from scratch at least once a month.
12.  I always thought my childhood home was the house from Home Alone.
13.  My imaginary friend monster was a white cane stick that would peck on my window at night.  I naturally called him Stupid.
14.  I had the worst Lizzy McGuire style & frizzy hair most of my grade school career.  I would love to burn my all of my annuals to destroy proof of my existence back then.
15.  I have always wanted a big family.  And to marry a blonde headed boy.  I did marry a blonde.  Laughing...
16.  My cousins & I made many home videos of homemade TRL episodes, talk shows (including Jerry Springer ?), The Blair Witch Project & music videos.  
17.  My favorite place to pray is in my car on the way to work.
18.  I have witnessed a Santa Convention complete with 1000s of Santas, Mrs. Clause & reindeer.  They even gave me a sticker that said, "I Believe."  Yes, I was in my twenties then.  I have since then been convinced that Cade & I are destined to attend as a new Clause couple one day.  
19.  Breakfast is my favorite meal.
20.  I was once told to draw thumbnail sketches of my apartment, in which I translated into actual drawings of my finger nails.  I turned them in to my teacher (like 10 drawings) & needless to say- we both had a good crying kind of laugh.  Maybe thats when I decided a career in interior design was not for me?
21. I always wanted to work at Disney World as a Disney Princess, just for one summer.
22.  I have worked in two settings already (nursing home & schools) in my career & that blows my mind.  I don't feel like I have been at it long enough to be able to say that!
23.  Nashville, TN & New York, NY are the dreamiest places I have ever visited.
24.  I really struggled with my salvation.  I had a lot of doubt & confusion for years.  Today, I can thank the Lord for giving me the peace, understanding, & assurance that I finally needed to give him full control of my life.  I am thankful for that struggle & what it has taught me. 
25.  I am a dreamer, it is what I do.
26.  One day, I would love to own a Baby Boutique.
27.  Becoming a mother is the best thing (besides salvation) that ever happened to me.

I probably just embarrassed myself by sharing some of those things, but it's Monday & we all need a good laugh or two, right??  Hope you all have a wonderful week!  From the looks of it, we are in for a taste of sweet springtime:)  Happy Monday, everyone!
Thursday, March 5, 2015

#Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of family pictures Saturday, I got a little reminiscent today as I looked through our past family photos.  I tell you, I am awful!  I've got to put together some albums & brainstorm a place for more picture walls!  After browsing, I felt prompted to figure out some unique ideas for what to do with all of those pictures that never make it in a permanent wall position.  Commitment & I have issues...especially when it comes to decorating the home.  What do you do when you have family pictures?  Print them all out & frame or post them to Facebook & forever let them live in the techono-age?  #guilty

1.  Gallery Walls:  I love creating a gallery wall with shelves.  This doesn't make you commit to a permanent hole in the wall & you can switch with the seasons, holidays, & your moods!  The Mr. jokes I would have shelves on every wall if he'd let me...
2.  Mix & Match:  I love the idea of hanging pictures with graphic art pieces, letters, wooden carvings, etc.  Anything eclectic & aesthetically pleasing!  I really want to do one of these this summer:)
3.  Clips Are Your Best Friend:  I love the idea of finding a wire system with clips (such as this) & interchanging photos as often as you please!  Note to self -You have to print pictures off first before this will work.
4.  Utilize Counterspace:  I already have this system going, & I really like being able to again change out the pictures with the seasons.  Sometimes I'll stick a picture in the frame, and other times it may be a graphic print.  Whatever I'm feeling at the time.  I like to change things up!
5.  Coffee Table Books:  I really, really, reeeeaaaallllyyy want to put books together for all the pictures I have with something like this.  Wouldn't it be amazing to always be just a coffee table away from thumbing through some of your sweetest memories? 

"What is caught on film is captured forever, it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything." 
Monday, March 2, 2015

Cam, The Easter Bunny & Basket Favorites

Cam lucked up & stumbled upon the Easter Bunny for the first time Saturday at the mall.  We just happened to run into him while we were in search of the Mr.  He quickly waddled toward the line of kids & parents in line for the meet & greet.  Once he reached the back of the line, he stood just under the ropes of the short line staring at the giant bunny.  I would have loved to have known what was going through that little fuzzy head of his.  "Cam, would you like to go sit in the Easter Bunny's lap?"  
"Mommy, No!"  Mommy!  He shrieked as he became a recluse & glued his head to my shoulder.   Alrighty then.  But that did not stop him from screaming "bunny!" the whole way to GNC.  We made many stops along the balcony to spy on the Easter Bunny from afar.  He did wave at us a couple of times & I'm pretty sure it made Camster's life.  Too bad we didn't have binoculars;)  

This sure has been a beautiful start to the week!  59 degrees?  Talk about bird chirping weather.  This just might force me to get in the springy spirit.  It's doesn't take much time in the sun to make you believe that sunshine is truly the best kind of medicine!  Just as I couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny was already replacing Santa in the Mall, I can't believe I'm already planning Cam's third Easter basket.  Just doesn't seem real!  Here's a couple of things on my list...I would really also like to get some resurrection eggs for our egg hunts so we can keep the true meaning of Easter close to our hearts!  Here is Cam's Easter Basket last year.  What are you planning to stuff your little bunnies baskets with?
                                                                {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}