Thursday, October 26, 2017

Conleys Two! || Photo Every Hour

6 am
7 am
those fingerprints on the mirror though...
8 am
Ten til 9 am
9:30-10 am
12 pm
1 pm
4 pm
5 pm
6 pm
7 pm
Going to paint pumpkins at church...but Conley decided he wanted to "listen to preacher mike" instead😂
8 pm time for bed!
9 pm
Conley Scout.
You are one of the most precious blessings God has ever given me.  I cherish you and your brother with all my heart.  To me, no matter how old either of you grow, I will always look back at you and see my babies.  Just as the book we like to read...I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.  And then some.  Love you with all my heart sweet baby.  
Happy 2nd birthday💕

Friday, October 20, 2017

October Lately

Alright, fall.
You can be consistent in the weather any day now...I would like to be confident in the outfits I clothe my kids in everyday! Will they burn up? Or freeze? It's a gamble everyday🙈
I guess that just comes with the territory of fall weather.

I don't know about you guys, but we are in full Hallo-fall mode right now. We're cramming all the pumpkins, spooky, and maple pecan lattes we can possibly cram into these last days of October. 
 How and why does this month fly by so quickly?

I've been a failure at planning my posts lately, but heres a little stroll down memory lane so I don't forget this month in 2017...

Wilmington Fun
We headed down for a long weekend with my sister on the coast of NC this past weekend.  It was my sister's birthday yesterday, & she really had a hard couple of a weeks + we had never visited her new why not? 😉  Also, Wilmington is like walking into a time machine in the oldest parts of the city (which is where my sister lives).  It straight up looks legit like walking down the Hocus Pocus neighborhood in Old Salem & all the old historic houses and downtown shops decked in fall & Halloween decor.  So festive!  So far, we spent a morning/afternoon at Wrightsville Beach, stalked sharks at the aquarium (that was all decked out for Halloween *SO* CUTE!).  We went down the riverwalk in downtown & watched the last leg of an ironman race!  
Also, NOTE: The brothers are in full fledged fighting sucker punch to the face mode😳  Heaven help me.  
I have a 70 lb 4 year old that had a bit of a temper + doesn't know his power when he attempts to throat punch or throw a Spanish Bull charge at little brother & a 25 lb 2 year old that thinks he is Goliath with a built in 9 lives waiting on him.  

and b/c the Iron man triathlon was fascinating & I can't get enough of this snap chat filter😂...we stared at people running & talked about them for a couple hours.  It cut my snaps short...but you will get the gist.

Rae Dunn
A friend & I recently decided to start hunting Rae Dunn.  
We both had already had a few pieces by luck, but little did we (or at least I) know it was a dog eat dog world out there when you really decide to look!  
At least at the TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Home Goods worlds... 
 I have been f a s c i n a t e d at how crazy, WILD the girls are who are out to get Dunn dishes...b/c if you can find it IN's a LOT cheaper than online.
Friends, people will do just about anything to get this stuff. 
Don't get me wrong, I too, am guilty of loving the cute mugs + dishes.  
I really do, but I love it for the hunt (civil hunt).  
I have just about given up in Knoxville, as there is a LINE at every Marshalls every day of the week at opening & one to two people generally buy everything the store owns before anyone else can get to it.  At Home Goods & TJ Maxx, we've heard there are people who go 2-3 times A DAY looking for it.  We suspect, once they max out their own collection, most of them take it & sell it online for a pretty profit.  It gets a bit disheartening!  But at the same's SO humorous.  

Turns out, Wilmington Dunners are just as cray as K-Town.
  But somehow, we lucked out at TJ Maxx & beat out all the crazies.  
Three people had already called the store & asked to put it on hold.  
(Which they can't do...)  
 We ended up scoring.  I've never felt so lucky!😬
Are any of you guys, Dunners?

three.  cooking
I have been a cooking fool lately, & yes I'm going to take pictures of it😂
.  Now that I don't have to worry about grocery shopping for crazy ingredients + a side of crazy babies thanks to grocery pick-up, nothing makes me happier than trying recipes for my little piggies!  And I do mean piggies!

four.  Mr. Bones + Scully
New members of the family in the Adams Abode.  Mr. Bones favors greeting the neighbors & company on the porch, while Scully on the entry bench, is dismembered daily by Conley.  

five.  Cam's artwork
Cam's artwork these days is everything.  Look how cute.
I Can't...
This is Conley & the sun
this is Cam & his hat...
I hope you guys have a great weekend💕

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

It's one of my favorite times of the year!
Pumpkin Patch time🎃

We've started a fun little tradition in October where we (shocking, I know) go to the pumpkin patch, take a hayride, & pick out a pumpkin!  We also sneak a visit to the best chocolate shop, & find excuses to eat bad food all day before we paint them;)
Puts me in ALL the festive fall vibes!
Give me all the pumpkins🎃🎃🎃
No, I really wanted to take every single one of them home with me🤗

Sure, we may have sweated like pigs & Conley refused to nap ...
=Mr. Crabby Pants.
I know, who doesn't let an almost two year old sit in the drivers seat of a tractor pulling 20 people.
Gosh, mom.  Get a grip on life👶🏼  
Nonetheless, it was such a sweet day!
What are your favorite fall traditions?