Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November in a Nutshell

I guess this is my monthly update at this point?
Writing about something other than an IEP feels so good to me!

How is it already the end of November??
This November has been…eventful.
We went from falala'in at Halloween to falala'in in November.
And now only 3 days until December! 
(Cam keeps reminding me with our countdown until "the elf" arrives)
I am as excited as he is.  Our elf is once again well prepared…
now if only I would care to invest in my job as I do the elf!

I've enjoyed more days off this month than I have since starting work,
and it just leaves me thirsty for more.  I am a homebody through and through & nothing made me happier than a coffee on a slow morning or getting to drop + pick Cam up from school.
Where are my working moms at?


Just so I won't forget:
For Thanksgiving 2018, we went to NC for the day & then had family over at our house for the rest of the weekend.  It was a great one & it always makes me realize just how much I take for granted when we talk of how thankful we are as we gather around (more than one-4 for us) Thanksgiving feast(s) & feel the excitement of kicking off start of the Christmas season.

In the midst of all the wants & "needs" of the season, I pray I can appreciate all that I already have.
All that I have already been blessed with.  I especially hope we can teach our boys that…
my Christmas loving tendencies don't exactly point to all of that & I can easily find myself getting caught up in the "spirit" that IS all the commercialism.

I'm struggling to make it through this post, post-Thanksgiving week!  And next week is even busier…
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  May we embrace the busyness, but take time to enjoy it all!
Sunday, November 11, 2018

For the Love of October + My Blog

I don't know how I will maintain my blog AND do paperwork for 100+ IEP's…
I will never stop trying.
Do you know how many times over the past month I've thought, OH I'd love to blog about that!

For instance:
Conley making up a story about a kid in his "Bible Church" class.  He makes up LOTS of stories.
Cam: How old is this boy?
Conley: 25 and 240.
Also, Conley never quits talking.  He just says words if he has nothing important to say.
Or makes up stories. 

In other news:
Cade: CAM!  I said to stop that!
Cam: You're not the King of my life!  Jesus and God are!
Their little boy conversations will never grow old.

A LOT has happened since I last blogged...  Conley is THREE, Cam lost his first, not ONE, but TWO teeth, we had all the fall/Halloween fun, welcomed a new furry friend (a whole other blog post, but I fear I may never have time), put up the Christmas tree, and now are quickly sprinting our way toward Thanksgiving.  Why is it my favorite time of year always seems to be on "fast forward?"  It goes by too, too quickly for my liking.  The leaves are a reminder of that!  When they "peak" they fade quickly.  This past weekend they were absolutely breathtaking.  I couldn't take my eyes off them no matter whether we were indoors or out.  Riding or walking.  Taking it all in before they fall to the ground until next year.  
Such beauty in the changing of the seasons!

Speaking of seasons, I am having a hard time balancing it all as a mom, wife, employee, daughter, sister, friend, and well- just Cassidy.  Worst of all, I feel "out of sync" with my Heavenly Father and when that happens, everything else just doesn't seem right either.
I try to read my bible and pray as I did so many times before, but I am overwhelmed with all that life has for me at this moment in time.  I pray I can find some normalcy in my routine and find myself back in the spirit I so badly need to be in.  

I believe in being honest, though I haven't always.  In honesty we can help others know that they are not alone or bring the realization that in our seasons of happiness and harmony, we are promised seasons of solitude and struggle in one way or another.  Our social media highlight world wouldn't have us know that, but I'm thankful for people who express that everything isn't perfect, but they choose happiness anyway and fight to always be their best.
Wow!  I'm quite touchy-feely today.

Here are a few pictures and memories from October 2018:
Conley's Dirty Thirty + The Pumpkin Patch
This is the first fall in several years it actually felt the season.  We didn't sweat bullets and it was a perfect day!  I think Conley had the best birthday, yet.

The Sticky Bandits, Kevin, Fuller, + The Bird Lady.
Best.  Halloween.  Ever.
I don't even care if none knew who we were!

We also did Jurassic Park:)

Ready for the Holidays.
We put up our Christmas tree no hesitation on November 1st. 
There is just not enough time to enjoy the beauty of a Christmas tree and I am not sorry for it.
Thanksgiving is my second favorite, & I think a tree just adds to the beauty of the day!

Tepper Rose.
As I said, a whole other story for a whole other post.
Maybe I'll get around to it one day.
BUt all you need to know is we are thankful to have a set of paws back in our lives.
Cam's "Fifty"th Day of School
He freaked OUT Wednesday thinking he was going to miss it, asked everyday if it was "Fifties day" yet, and continuously asked who he might know that was born in the fifties.  
He wore my dad's first "R jacket," a white tee, rolled up jeans, white socks & loafers, slicked back hair.
And I think he totally nailed it.  Nailed my heart, too.  SHUT! 
Wishing you all a slow & among all things, lovely November.