Saturday, March 11, 2017

Whole 30 Diary || Week 3

Day 15
breakfast: strawberry smoothie+black coffee
lunch: hamburger patty with lettuce, mustard, tomato+ a few little weenies
dinner: left over meat loaf and potatoes
Struggling today.  It's a travel day with no control over the menu + I am feeling super hungry at all hours.

Day 16
breakfast: two oranges+black coffee
lunch: nothing😱
dinner: baked chicken with potato in olive oil w/ salt+pepper+garlic salt
I am about to die today.  We are in NC with no food, basically.  It's been absolutely miserable.  My husband & kids are eating fruit loops & I think I'd literally kill for a bowl.  I don't know if I will make it to the thirty day mark like this or not!

What do you get when you cross a baby that wakes up from 11:30 pm-5 am + a hungry mommy that is absolutely past going?

YOU GUYS.  On Day 17...I caved.  Our office was having an appreciation dinner-I had no lunch+no coffee+was running on approximately one hour of sleep.  So I said to heck with it & ate 2 chicken strips and a salad with Ranch dressing.  Then, for supper, we went & ate Mexican & I totally had cheese dip + tea.  And I have never felt happier to finally eat the foods & things I love...LOL.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  So, you know what?  No whole 30 tomorrow, either...
Back to it on Day 19...( my family may kill me though-hangry is my middle name😢)
So, it was my birthday. Despite my continuing Whole 30 intentions that I had from day one, I enjoyed chocolate, cream in my coffee, pizza, & cake.  We've laughed at how much happier I've been and at the good mood I've been in.  My stomach is still remaining flatter than before & I (against my better judgement, stepped on the scale on Day 17- & had actually lost a stubborn pound after eating regular after lunch that  WEIRD.)  But I am starting back tomorrow to at least attempt to finish out what I started.  I figure since I was mainly doing it for weight loss/help myself tone up for summer...two cheat days wouldn't completely sabotage my results.  + I'm motivated to get back at it.
breakfast: two boiled eggs + banana
lunch: grilled chicken salad from Knox Burgers
snacks: blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, coffee with steamed almond milk
This day was super hard.  I ended up not eating supper until about 10/11 o'clock at night tonight b/c the boys never went to sleep.  Everyone else ate Chinese & I sat there & watched them.  Maybe that's why I only lasted today before throwing in the two-week towel.
Okay, so here's where it all ended for me.  I started out strong with a breakfast of eggs/bacon/fruit, then a snack of walnuts + raisins.  Then, after we made a quick trip to Lowes the Mr. decided we needed to take the boys to the playground to let the boys run out their energy.  It was around 2 pm, & I still hadn't ate lunch yet.  SO we ran + grabbed a salad - it ended up having chili (which was non-compliant with Whole 30) so... I thought to HECK with it.  This girl is hangry & I'm tired of it!  And, that's my story.  Ha!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed in myself for not making it an entire 30 days, but at the same time, I completely did with out dairy + sugar for two entire weeks.  Two weeks, people!  That some kind of amazing for me.  I feel like I've jump started a health conscious life again & I'm ready to get back to normal + enjoy food again without putting too much time & thought into it.  I'd like to plan on doing this again sometime soon just to keep myself in check, but for now...
Life after...
-I lost four lbs. and a total of (I have no idea right now) inches...
But I can tell you I have a flatter stomach
-I learned a lot of new foods/recipes that I plan to continue to use & enjoy
(while I have cream in my coffee + a good piece of chocolate every now & then;)
For example:
<<here's what today looked like for me>>
The best reese egg ever while drooling over alo leggings during nap time!

Amie said...

Prior to kids I was all about losing weight and being on a diet but I am a total hangry type person when I am hungry and you know what, I like food! So I just try to do better during the week and kind eat more of what I want on the weekends. I have gotten some good snack ideas from your posts though so I can also incorporate that into the healthier weekly eating. Thank you for sharing and I say do what makes you happy :)

Jessie M said...

Good for you, I did 1 failed Whole 30 - and one full 30 day whole 30. And they were both miserable and I said never again. Truly, if a splash of cream in my coffee and a square of dark chocolate now and again are that BAD for me + some queso, well then I am A-OK with that!