Friday, March 31, 2017

H54F || 3.31.2017

I've been looking forward to another light-hearted High Five for Friday!  Can you guys believe today is the last day of March?  I can honestly say this has been the quickest month of my life for some reason.  Maybe b/c we have found ourselves so busy + occupied.  I really don't know, but it can slow down now.  
As if life didn't seem to be flying by fast enough...
Cam pulled out the book, "I'll Love You Forever," for his bedtime story this week & I boo-hooed all the way through it.  I just seen him in all of it, especially since we just celebrated his FOURTH birthday.  I can't believe how quickly my first baby has grown up.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to go by so fast...
  Now, he walks around pretending to read from memorization, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."  All the feels + emotions, you guys!  If you are at all emotional, don't read this book.  
Like, ever.

On to the high fives for the week:)
one.  quiet, slow mornings
I think i have posted this before...but I can't help declare my love for early mornings!
I am learning, that if I want to be the best mom/wife/person I can be, I HAVE to find some time of day that I can just do something i enjoy.  Typically, it has been at night, but lately, Cam demands cuddles + I always fall asleep after laying down with the second babe.  I'm finding out there is just something about getting up early before everyone else.  I love when I actually (it's very rare) can sneak out of bed & slip downstairs to read my bible + blog, do a little work from home, or just "be."  

two. neighborhood wide bible study
A couple of weeks ago, I did something God laid on my heart.  I reached out to the ladies in our neighborhood, to see if any were interested in starting a bible study group.  Not only to possibly meet some new friends (& kids for Cam+Conley to play with) but to bond with other Christians + share Christ with those who may not know Him!  Surprisingly, I had a lot of interest!  I think around ten ladies reached out & wanted to be a part!  Our first meeting is this upcoming Thursday & I am so excited!  

three. we conquered the mammoth week
I have dreaded last week for a while now.  I knew we weren't going to get to go home all week b/c in addition to my Monday-Wednesday work week, I had to attend a conference in NC Thursday + Friday.  On top of that, we had Cam's fourth birthday party in NC on Saturday.  (more on that soon!:)  =No home time.  No barre time.  No REST time.  We made it home Saturday evening for one day at home & then it was back to the daily grind.
But, here we are & we survived!

four.  easter + spring decorations
So this will probably be a reoccurring topic for the next couple of weeks!  Aren't springy decorations so bright + cheerful?  As much as i love my fall & Christmas things, it's always exciting to pull out those pastel colors & hunt for fresh blooms to fill the house, too!  There is something so refreshing & rejuvenating about spring<3

five.  bebe is okay!
We had a very sick Bebe (my mr's mom) since I last posted.  We are so happy that she is doing better & working her way back to her normal self.  Another instance where God is so good to our family.

Honorable mentions?
We got our order paid for at Starbucks this am.  I've heard of it happening, but it never happened to me-but it really made my day<3  It's the little things!  Needless to say, we paid it forward to continue the sweetness... ;)  
What are your plans this weekend?  We are currently on stand by at home in case the Mr. gets called back to North Dakota.  It's supposed to be any day now.  If he doesn't, we will be trekking back to NC for a County wide egg hunt with our babes to celebrate Jesus + this beautiful easter season<3
I hope you all have an egg-celent weekend.  Corny much? ;)