Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning+Flamingos+Toy Story, Oh MY || Guest Blogger Series

I'm excited to introduce to you our guest blogger for March, Kia!  I follow Kia on several different social media platforms & I always enjoy her posts about her life as a mom.  She has such a precious family to share with you!  Take it away, Kia...

Hi guys! 
I'm so excited to be sharing a little bit about my life as a wife, mother (maid, taxi.. you get the idea ;) My life is pretty fast paced. I have sports kids, you guys. Life is always BUSY! 

Well guys, my name is Kia! That's right, like the car. lol I'm 27, married to a welder, we live in Western NC with our 3 kiddos. Lexi will be 8 next month, My oldest son, Riley, is 6 and my youngest son Brantley, will be turning 4 next month!  I'm currently a stay at home mom until my youngest starts kindergarten. I'm clinging onto him for dear life!! 
(how stinkin' cute are they???)
So since it's March, this means time to start Spring Cleaning. The time of the year where I am excited, but dread. I enjoy decluttering and organization. With smaller kids, they tend to accumulate SO. MUCH. STUFF! I started the Kon Mari Method! Which means toss out anything that doesn't "spark joy". 

Next month, we have a busy schedule. 2 birthday parties to plan/have, baseball starting, Spring Break, Easter, you name it! Time to get to work! 

Ideas for their parties... Lexi will be having a cake with these flamingo candles on top. Her theme is a flamingo/luau! Perfect way to start Spring! 
 Brantley is OBSESSED with Toy Story you guys! He is so excited for his "dory-dory pardy" (I'm saying this in his voice as I type this out. So cute!) 
I'll save the rest of my ideas for April in case I'm needed again ;) Haha! thank you guys for listening to me ramble a bit. 

Thank you Cassidy for allowing me to be a guest for you. I enjoyed it. :) 

Some advice I would give to mommas?  Never criticize another mother for the way she parents. Parent the best way you think works and is right for you and your child. Every child is different, they each require their ability to learn different than any other. ❤️ 

How fun is she??  Love that advice, Kia!  God made us each different not only as a person, but as a mama, too!  And then, a flamingo party?  How a d o r a b l e.  We MUST see more pictures after she throws it, right?:)  Also, is it just me or does she need to share an in depth post on spring cleaning?  We just moved + I STILL haven't finished going through our things in the garage.  I'm a throw everything away kind of girl:)  Thank you so much for sharing a little of your life with us this month, Kia!  Some mail goodies will be on their way to you soon...

If you'd like to contribute to Peaches + Pearls as a guest blogger, I would love to hear from you.  I believe we can learn something from each lady that God places in our life & I'm excited to hear from each & every one of you (+ I believe other girls are, too!)  Shoot me an email at if your interested & we will work together on a post.  
Happy Tuesday, girls!

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Micki Conley said...

I agree, I would like to hear more about spring cleaning as well. I feel like I'm forever spring cleaning around my house! I just looked up the Kon Mari Method and plan on doing some of the things that it involves. Thanks for sharing!

Cassidy Adams said...

Agreed, Micki!:)