Friday, March 3, 2017

H54F || Storms + Sunshine

It's hard to feel light-hearted enough to write a post full of my favorite parts of the week when so many people I know are hurting.  Many are going through some of the greatest trials of their lives.  And if we aren't going through a storm, we can stand sure that one is coming.  You guys, sometimes life seems to do a good job of showing up & reminding us... 
"Look.  You're n o t in control.  This earth is n o t you're home.  Quit settling down & getting comfortable here.  Look up.  For it is GOD who is our hope.  It is heaven that is our home.  Life on this earth is just a vapor.  Remember that in times of trouble AND in times of joy.  Get ready for eternity."
I like to keep things uplifting & positive here, but sometimes, you have to acknowledge those times in life that are hard.  I have to be real.  Those times that hurt.  My sweet co-worker (& a lady whom I consider a friend & an absolute role model) said something I'll never forget this week: "I'd rather suffer on earth, than in eternity."  How true those words are.  True wisdom from a true lady & woman of faith.  I find myself just like a sponge when I am around ladies older (by no means old whether they're 30 or 90!) than myself.  God always seems to speak to me if I just listen.
Now, I'm going to give it my best effort to share some sweet things about my week.  Some are completely insignificant & silly, especially with all that other people have been through this week, but even those little things about our week can brighten a day...
one. daddy's home
despite the circumstances, I always love having my mr. at home.  
he is the sweetest guy I know & always brings smiles to my day.

two.  ferocious salt & pepper
in a house of boys, it just added character.  And they were like, 2 bucks.

three. birthday planning
I am so thankful to be planning a FOURTH birthday party for our big boy.  I can't believe my eyes at the whole "number 4 thing."  But oh, the fun we are going to have celebrating him:)

four.  st patty's day is near
we are adding little touches of green amidst the little traces of easter around our house.  nothing much-just little touches.  I'm getting in the spring spirit with all our warm weather.  I think my hopes of snow are growing slim!

five.  these coffee cups.   
I just need them in my life:)  I totally don't n e e d anymore...  I just love collecting coffee cups😜  It's like you get to choose who or where you want to have your morning coffee when you pick a mug for the morning.  I just love the bieb's too much, you guys.  

I hope all of you have a beautiful week.  Storms come, & storms go...but one thing is certain-the sun a l w a y s shines again.  In fact, just Wednesday school was released early for severe storms.  But as I type, I'm staring outside my window at a gorgeous day with the warm glow of the sun & blue sky.  (And with a precious little sidekick to the right).
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Amanda Bullard said...

Faith is our anchor! Adorable little boys you have! I have a daughter and a son. Those dinosaur shakers are too funny! Have a nice weekend.

Cassidy Adams said...

Yes. Thank you Amanda! Glad you stopped by!

A Gal Named Al said...

I've done 2 dinosaur parties now for my son. The snickerdoodle cookies with dinosaur footprints are super easy to do, and then one year my son asked for chocolate cake balls to be dino poop- so much easier than cake! :) Have fun planning!

Melissa Fitch said...

Life is all about enjoying the little things, right? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!