Friday, March 10, 2017

H54F || 29 Years Young

This weather, guys.  
Yesterday, I wore workout clothes with UGG boots & burnt up.  It ended up being in the 70's.  ðŸ˜³  I hear this week <<like tomorrow>>, it's supposed to snow?  The tulips in my house & my new pair of cheap sunnies have planted a bit of spring in my heart.  Not to mention that lullaby of a thunderstorm I woke up to this am.  
Talk about the perfect sleeping weather + the epitome of spring.  
But if you know me, I'll take a snow day if the good Lord has one lying around;)    
On the subject of spring, I'm also pretty excited about putting together some easter baskets!  
But our wallet?  I can't say the same...
Teaming up with with girls from High 5 4 Friday, on this dreary Friday morning.

one.  mr. is still here!
blizzard=no worky for the hubby.  we are excited to have him home as long as we can.
they all three went & had haircuts together yesterday & Conley basically looks like Matilda.
But in a boy kinda way.  I love his curls (+that he can see).

two.  roar cam's four status:  bday shirts + number 4 sparkler candle
can't believe my big boy's fourth birthday is upon us!  he is so excited, & i can't wait to celebrate him... i always have fun planning their parties<3  trying not to go overboard though.  i get made fun of a lot.  i love picking out shirts to match the theme & these sparkler number candles are birthday tradition for these boys-  They are so fun!

three.  i made it through the last two weeks+ i'm 29
tis' the season for IEP referrals.  we are swamped!  Meetings everyday, + any spare time I have in the mornings or nights when the boys are asleep I am trying to squeeze in paperwork.  And then there is the time I spend trying to logically understand how I am twenty nine years young...

four.  eating good food
never take it for granted people.  embrace every carb.  every chew of that chocolate reese shaped egg.  can you tell I'm going into withdrawals?😂  The day I can eat these things... I will be a happy girl.

five.  outdoor furniture
I'll just be over here drooling over this pergola & black.white outdoor patio set🙋  The 70 degree weather just makes me excited for our outdoor space, even it we can't get all of this (or one piece of it- LOL) this summer- a girl can still dream! 😜
And yes, in case your wondering.  This is shopping in a nutshell with Scouty.
Happy Friday, you guys!

Amie said...

Love the pergola and furniture set!! My 16 month old would be doing the same thing so I avoid shopping with him..haha

Cassidy Adams said...

LOL! I'm big on online shopping;)