Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jesus Moments

Hi, y'all!  Remember me?  
It's definitely been silent around here for a while & I don't even know where to begin or what to talk about.  SO much has happened since I last posted.  Let me start by saying... 
How do you mamas do it??? 
this was a couple of weeks age...right after conley got the go to start brushing his four teeth :)  had to capture the first brush!
and apparently cam wore a construction vest to bed.
 I constantly feel pulled in so many directions + like I never get anything done or make anybody happy.  And that's all I want to do is make everyone that I love (& even those that are hard to love) happy!  I know we (or I, anyway) say that life isn't about making others happy, but at the end of the day, especially when it comes to family & friends, it's the way I lay my head down peacefully each night.  Knowing that I tried my best to live a life of love, that shares Christ.  

 You guys, can I share with you that I fail miserably on a daily basis?  I have to have my coming to Jesus moments second x second where I realize I am a total butt hole & I need that grace to help me be the person he forgave me to be.  I have to pray for him to help me over and over during the day, b/c if I relied on Cassidy & how she wants to act or think, people would (& maybe so sadly don't at times) never see Jesus in my life.  And that is why I am here on planet earth.  To wear Him well every day of my life in every role I play in my life.

Pray for me to do that!
And for my two little boys to see that in my life...

HEY.  They have their need for coming to Jesus moments, too every now & then! ;)
Our kids can change the world girls, as long as we continuously instill in them the power of Christ, his grace+forgiveness+love!
Til tomorrow...

Amie said...

Girl I think and pray this thought every day. I mostly fail at it but the great news is if we are blessed and wake up the next day we have the chance again to give it our all to show people Jesus in us! You got this!