Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Favorites || 2017

I'm a little let down with Valentine things this year.  At least in the commercial stores such as Target, Kohls, Walmart, Hobby Lobby & the Dollar Store.  Everything I've found in stores all seem a little juvenile to put inside the home for decorations-like more something you would have put in your bedroom as a 13 year old pre-teen. LOL...  

I do have to say that the things for baking cute treats with your babes are spot on!  In almost every store:)  I have a guest blogger working on a post sharing fun things to do with your kiddos for Valentines Day so stay tuned;)  She is awesome!

After browsing through our holiday things in the garage this weekend...I've concluded that Valentines Day is the holiday I have the least amount of things to decorate with...

So.  Here's a much labored list of my favorite Valentines items of 2017!
And I want all of it.
<<SIDENOTE:  Though all their things are drool worthy & I love them...I really dislike endorsing Pottery Barn/PBK b/c they are SO expensive.  But their things are so a d o r a b l e & I like to get inspiration from there - then go & browse Home Goods or Antique shops to find something similar & cheaper.  Occasionally I'll splurge when it's in our budget, but it's totally not right now.>>

I'm totally random in this post today.  Bear with me.
The best things I've found this year would be the hobnail glassware in the Target "dollar bins" ranging from $3-5 in price.  You could really create a cute Valentines brunch with those adorable pitchers & glasses!  
P.S.  I think preteen taste is totally okay for a coffee bar. :P
e s p e c i a l l y when it costs under 10 bucks!
Bowl+stirrers+hobnail glass=Target Dollar Bins
Cut triangles out of felt & hot glue to ribbon for mini bunting!


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