Friday, January 20, 2017

H54F|| Inauguration Day

Happy Fri-yay, friends:)
I know you'll be happy when I quit complaining about not feeling good, but I sure will be too!  Good news is that after a week of antibiotics, Conley is a new baby this week!  Praise the Lord for that:-)  
Myself however...

(besides our family's never ending sinus festivities in January) 

I've been taking prescription strength Ibuprofen (sometimes numerous) times a day just to be able to eat & sleep d/t intense tooth pain on both sides of my mouth.  Long story short, I f i n a l l y made it to the dentist on Monday & once my numbness wore off-MORE pain.  I don't know whether it was tooth related or another bug, but Tuesday evening hit me like a rock.  I felt so bad that I fell asleep at 6 p.m. & didn't wake til the next day.  If you know me that does NOT happen.  Ever.  Wednesday I gradually felt better throughout the day-but MAN.  I'm done with you yucky SICKNESS & blah feelings!  Leave our home & never return!

After that week, I'm just ready for the weekend! 

Here are my high fives for the week!  What are yours?:)

one.  numb giggles
In reference to that little dental trip, I forgot to mention that the Mr. & I hadn't ate a n y t h i n g previous.  We were starrrr-ving after I finally got out at about 2 pm.  So regardless of the fact that half my face was numb...we went for Japanese goodness.  And laughed the whole stinkin time.  Y'all.  My face was so funny!  My whole face contorted when I tried to sip from a straw or tried to eat my chicken & rice.  But buddy- that didn't stop this girl from eating!

two.  diet smiet
I totally focused on low carbs this week.
I worked out.  I was feeling a flatter stomach.
And then.
Once we got home & I started planning our grocery list for the week.  I came to terms.
It turns out trying to eat healthy with three boys, being in two different states & two different homes every week+ failing to go grocery shopping either place+very tight budget can end in diet sabotage.  
I've practically s t a r v e d d/t lack of planning/time/money to prepare.
Right now...the whole "whole 30" thing is on the back burner.  No more hangry mommy this week.  I guess my focus is  going to be geared more toward workouts & all things in moderation to tone the mom pooch until I can give a little more attention to nutrition.  Like our Home Alone meals my Mr. suggests are best for us & our lifestyle.  Aye.

three. built-in shelving planning
It will probably be 2030 before this happens, but we had someone who I found via Houzz (anybody familiar with this site?) come in & discuss ideas/browse my pinterest board/measure for a complimentary quote on built ins around our tv in the living room.  It's all I can see in this room, especially after taking our tree down!  I'm excited to get more information & start a savings plan.  
2030-we're coming for you- HA! 

four.  cam in chewy pj's
really, there's no commentary needed for this one, except...
  When he put them on... he looked at his Chewy & said, "now we match Chewy!"
  so. stinkin. a d o r a b l e.

five.  mailbox love
I've been looking at these vinyl address decals for our mailbox forever.
I ordered this from Jane a couple weeks ago & we finally got it put on<3
Also, I was catching up with Fixer Upper last night, & I apologize for how much my commentary sounded like an episode on our little house tour yesterday.  I'm such a nerd.  I got on my own nerves with all my plans.  Too excited with my dreaming:)

I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

I guess I have to make a comment on Inauguration since it IS my main caption.  My prayer is that regardless of our beliefs or opinions, we will all come together with respect for the man nominated to be our next president.  We are all human.  All most certainly make mistakes & have a past.  And if we don't treat each other with kindness, respect, & tons of prayer-we are all destined to fail!  Besides, Jesus is in control of this thing.  
NOOOOOT us, praise the Lord!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Here, here on your inauguration comments! And I'm so sorry about your teeth. I recently had a Crown put in and they made so much fun of me at work because I couldn't move my mouth and I had no dimples!! Haha. Hope you start feeling better asap! Happy Weekend!

Cassidy Adams said...

Hehe I almost had to have a crown! Bless your heart! Thanks girl!

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