Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mini Home Tour || Adams Abode

Welcome to the Adams Abode.

I'm gonna spare you all the long, drawn out, gory details of house hunting.  FYI: It's nothing like House Hunters on HGTV.  You don't look at three homes in one day, put in an offer, & get the keys next day.  
Nope.  Not even close.  

I'm just going to keep it basic with you & condense our experience into a nutshell.  We physically began touring homes about March 2016 & didn't close on the perfect one until November 30th, 2016. We house hunted from two different states, so half the time it was via Skype & speaker phone conversations.
Yikes is r i g h t.
Our time, our realtors time, & money spent on inspections for t w o homes...GONE.
It was enough to drive us bonkers, but the good Lord brought us through it all!  He will never leave us in hopeless situations...though I know this is low on the totem pole of hopeless.  All the same.  I like to think of his hand working in every situation-& we can always find that all works out for His purpose. 
*Both were at least 20 years old, "fixer uppers," & at the top of our budget.  As immature home buyers...we were out of our league & I'm glad everything worked out the way it did!

We are so very thankful & excited to be moved in & in the process of settling in.  
Let me tell you, moving ain't easy. 
 Like, never want to do it again.  E s p e c i a l l y with babies!  I was so i n c r e d i b l y blessed that Cade was able to be with us since closing on the home.  I don't know what I would have done had he not been by my side helping to move everything in, hang things up, & put things away!  
We have a long way to go, but this little abode is slowly morphing into our home.  

We are supposed to be getting our shudders installed around Valentines Day (which I can't wait - too creepy without them!) & the next project will be a fence for our back yard.  What turned out being a selling point for us (huge backyard-hello we have BOYS) has kind of turned into a burden=having to put up a massive fence to cover it!

I swear.  
Eeeeeeeeverything home related is SO expensive!  Can I get an amen?

I imagine a big but simple statement lighting fixture here.  
And a little entry shelf & mirror to the left when your looking at the picture.
Conley jail
Living Room
Love all the natural lighting our bottom floor has, but the yellowish tint to the paint doesn't give the blank canvas look I'd like.  The lighting fixtures & paint is on our to-do list in time.  My Mr. could murder me over those flurry pillows.
And of course there's the toys.  
Unless we hide them as needed in the closet beside the stairs;)  As you imagine, that happens NEVER!


My coffee bar is tiny.  I think about switching it up sometimes, but I like that it has it's own little nook in the corner.  And.  I love the ninja!
+ I love to decorate the bar:)
Breakfast Nook
Take it away, Scouty:)  This is one of my favorite spaces in the house.  I love to sit here & drink coffee or have a meal with my favorite peeps.  There's something about a small round table that makes dinner more intimate.  It's so cheerful here with all the lighting, too.  These orange chairs are the only way to go with two messy marvins-they clean easily & don't show stains!  I don't know what it is, but I love this space:)  I can't wait to find the perfect light to hang here! 

Dining Room
I love the wainscoting in this room!  I would like to restain this table a grayish color so that it compliments the flooring better & you can't see it but I would love to add a gallery wall on the buffet table wall.  I'm collecting pics & frames now!

Mud Room
I shared this room last week.  I still love it.  
I'd like to add hanging candle lanterns on each side of the magnet board that 
we have in storage, a few smaller baskets below, & a round jute rug. 

Downstairs Powder Room

Stair Landing
Another favorite space.  I can't wait to add holiday pillows to this bench.  I already have an idea for Halloween that I'm the most excited over.  Too soon?  I'm thinking of hanging a white faux deer head at the top...but I'm not sure this is the exact place for it.

Play Room
The boys LOVE this space!  And so do we.  Simply b/c we can let them run wild & get out their crazys!  On the other side is the "man cave."  But it's not in showing shape.  I still want to bring their Gotham City up here & attach it to the wall under the goal (they are obsessed with this basketball goal) so Conley won't get smushed as he tries to climb on EVERYTHING!  I'd like to add some book shelves to the right wall & get a little table to sit in the center of the rug to & go with the chairs we already have.  

All the bedrooms & hallways are under construction.  The boys room is my absolute favorite to dream about.  I just have to get my ideas to match each other-that's the problem.

 In addition to the shudders & fence, we are anxious to paint everything with a fresh coat of fresh neutral kid friendly paint (aka washable), personalize a few of the lighting fixtures, & install built in shelving around the fireplace in the living room - ALL in the budgets time.  Which is like probably 20 years in the future!  Lol:)  That doesn't stop me from hanging things though.
 I gotta go ahead & get my hang on. 

Idea Boards 
Already have the shelf.  Waiting to hang until we get the blinds installed!
I have to have this sign in my kitchen.  B/c.  We a l w a y s dance in here.
Gallery wall pictures
And I simply have no idea what to do here yet d/t all the controls placed in the middle of the wall.
  This is the area between the dining room & kitchen.
A designer came by this afternoon & measured to give us a quote for built-ins on this wall.  It's so empty in here, so I can't wait to start saving to install them!  I can just see them all decorated up for Fall & Christmas!  All the heart eyes:)
It's easy to get overwhelmed thinking things we'd like to be done!  I love decorating & dreaming up how to make everything "us," (& don't let the hubby fool you-he's as bad as I am!).  But then I go back to the pure fact that God has blessed us with a home.  Our own h o m e!  What a blessing that is.  We can practice patience & thankfulness, while all the "things" can wait.  And on that note, this really isn't even our real home, is it?  That would be heaven!  So easy to forget & get caught up in the here & now.
Ah.  The life lessons you learn along the way
I digress.
I'll update with (obviously) *holiday decorations & new updates as they come.  Not necessarily because you care, but partly because I like to pretend I'm Joanna Gaines on a project & also b/c I love love l o v e interior design;)  
Hehe.  #sorrynotsorry  

Happy Thursday, you guys!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
Your new home is beautiful. and yes, Amen to everything home related being
soooo expensive. Makes it very exciting tho when you raise enough money to
do each new thing........always gives you something to look forward to for
Your lil ones are growing so fast......and are just adorable. Our lil grand
daughter is gonna be 4 in March and we can hardly believe it. She looks like
she is 6 and isn't even 4 yet. I want to keep her a baby for a while longer.
Glad Cad was able to be home with yall during the move and hope he gets to
stay forever........this time.
Take care sweetie,
Blessings, Nellie

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Nellie! I can't believe they will be FOUR! I always forget how close they were... Thanks for stopping by:)

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