Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello, 2017.

Happy, H a p p y New Year, friends!  

Here we are, well over three days into 2017.  I planned to do better about writing on a MWF schedule & of course, life has it's way of throwing you for a loop-our loop being the stomach virus...I think we have been more sick than we've ever been as a family over this break!  

Did you have big plans to ring in the new year?  Us?  We had a very low-key laid back evening at home-the only way to go with little ones (in my opinion!)  But that didn't mean it was boring!  I planned a spread to munch on while we waited for the ball to drop & grabbed a few confetti wands & party hats just before Christmas.  I knew the boys wouldn't make it til' midnight, but knew they'd get a hoot out of all the excitement the new year brings:)
Before heading home after the last of our Christmas gatherings in NC, we had a new years eve breakfast with family.  After that, we ended up spending the rest of the day running errands & preparing for the late night ahead!  Excitement is always in the air on NYE, am I right?
The countdown is on.

Cam was all about helping, while Con was all about destroying & taste testing everything.  What a duo!  Of course they had numerous mini breaks where they begged to toss confetti prematurely or test blow every noisemaker they could get their hands on.  P r e t t y sure for the rest of Conley's life, when I think of him on NYE - I will think of his attempt to blow the noisemaker like everyone else.  He couldn't make it "toot" so he improvised.  He yelled into it & attempted to imitate the sound he heard from everyone else!  
A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E- Adorable, y'all!
  When our tummies were full, we put the boy's new disco ball to use & had a little dance party with the lights out & Dick Clarks Rockin' New Years Eve playing in the background.  E E v e r y t i m e I turned the lights back on Cam had a melt down.  Both boys also felt that I should hold them & dance...60+30 lbs of boy= mission i m p o s s i b l e dance party.
We finally conned them to chill out a little & got Daddy away from the ballgames to ring in the new year before bedtime.  We counted down probably 45,443 times so they could blow the noisemakers & make sure confetti would forever be a part of the living room rug.  Those two stinkers were asleep in no time.

Then.  Mariah Carey happened.  And, I had to rewind the whole thing + refer to all social media outlets to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  Now, that's entertainment you guys!  Yikes.

By the time I accepted what had happened, + shook the feeling that Fergie wears the  exact same sequin dress every year (hello, dejavu)-it was countdown time.  And just like that, we walked right into 2017.  I always feel all nostalgic after the ball drops & they play New York, New York:)
New Years Day was like any other Sunday.  We went to a new church for the second Sunday since we moved & the boys went to Children's Church/Sunday school separately & stayed the entire service!  What a milestone for us...a new place with new people & not a bit of separation anxiety from either one!  Let's be honest-once Conley seen the ball pit in his classroom he was all "see ya peeps!"  It was all bittersweet.  I have to admit, I was a little bit of a nervous wreck.  
We raced to them after the service to learn that both boys had done great (even bragged on Cam's good manners!) & you know what... I actually got to listen & enjoy the service!
I enjoyed starting the New Year in church with all three of my boys.
It being the new year, it's just tradition to reflect on the past year & think on things you'd like to change or do better.  I'm pretty sure I gave up on resolutions a couple years ago, but inspiration & goals-I'm still in the ballgame for those type things.  So when the pastor challenged everyone to decide upon a verse to claim for the year, I accepted the challenge.  Not as a good luck charm or anything, but as a verse that you want to apply daily to your life.  Learn something from this year.    

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. Colossians 3:23

My dad shared this verse with me late in 2016.  It's one I had heard over & over, but that day it just sank in.  I was filling in at the nursing home at the time (& I honestly feel ill  & a nervous wreak even thinking about working there-it just isn't something I feel comfortable doing) & he shared this in reference to picking up trash (which he often does).  At the time, we also had firefighters fighting a wildfire 24 hours a day.  Everyone feels fearful or gets discouraged throughout the year-& sometimes we let that feeling overcome us & forget what we are on this earth for!  Not to always feel comfortable or perfect in all situations, right?  :)

I pray that I use this verse in every aspect of my life this year.  As a mom, wife, daughter, friend...whatever I am doing I pray that I apply it with all that is within me.  It's the least I can do for my savior!  After all, he blesses us with good health & air in our lungs to serve one another.  
What will your verse be?
Happy 2017.
Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

That is one of my favorite verses! Such a great verse to live by. My all time favorite is Romans 8:28. Has helped me through so much! Sounds like you guys had such a blast NYE! Am so sorry you got the bug. Hope everyone is a 100% on the mend!

Cassidy Adams said...

I love that verse! <3