Friday, January 27, 2017

H54F || Big Blessings

Wishing you all a happy Friday & weekend!  I hear it's supposed to snow this I'm in my absolute happy happy happy mode.

 one. full laundry baskets
Family's all here.  Healthy.  +Happy.  
Trying to apply the verse I chose for the year thanks to this article!
Nobody complains more about their husband throwing dirty laundry in the floor than me:(  This changed my mind...
And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Col 3:23

two.  valentine vibes
okay, once Febuary 1st arrives I'll be ready to start spreading some valentiney things around the house.  I've already started getting little things out for my coffee bar & the breakfast nook.  Our little caddy makes me feel like we have our own little diner.  I love tweaking it for each holiday.  It might be my favorite thing to decorate...
+ I secretly love getting pretty donuts to decorate my pastry dish with.  
Is that crazy?
Yes.  Yes it is.
Too bad you can't decorate with healthy food...

three. diet days
I ate a donut this morning.  My splurge for the week.  Speaking of healthy food...
  As you might have already picked up on, I've been working on dropping the habit of eating Halloween candy for breakfast & improving my intake habits for the past two weeks. I've experimented with the "Whole 30" ways, & I like it... but I just can't won't give up all my dairy.  I can do the low carb, lots of fruits & veggies...but my coffee creamer is important, y'all.  I've been doing pretty good but my diet is getting bland.  
Salad & eggs.  Eggs & salads.  Blah.
  My biggest challenge in eating healthier is that my boys just don't eat "healthy food" (lol) I've had to put my variety of healthy meal ideas on the back burner.  But this week, I think we've found an efficient way to compromise.  (Plus, I can't stand the thought of my family eating processed everything all the time:/ even if it's what they like) 
SO here's a little peek at our first meal- healthy with a side of macaroni, mashed potatoes & ketchup for the boys.  That solves the world problems, right?  You listening Trump?
Stay tuned:D

four.  chestnut praline is back for 2017
After looking diligently since Fall, I finally found a bottle of chestnut praline syrup for the evenings when I want to make my own little sweet coffee treat!  Now I don't have to wait until Christmas 2017 to taste it again...I'll have it all year long!:)  
P.S. >> If you love the peppermint based drinks, they had those on sale too!    

five.  BIG blessings
I got to see my brother for the first time in 7 months.  I know God has a special plan for him, pray that he would let God lead & direct him:)
We found a new pediatrician we love & Conley had a great check up!
We have started encouraging Cam to say a more mature blessing at three (almost f o u r).  After we say our normal "God is great" prayer, we go around the table & either say something we are thankful for, something we'd like to pray for or about, or both. He is catching on so quickly & nothing makes my heart happier than to hear praise or concern for another coming from his little lips.  

That being said- how blessed I am!  I talk each Friday about the little things I love throughout the week but I fail to talk about the h u g e things I love about my life everyday.  I have been SO blessed to spend two extra days a week enjoying my boys.  I can't express what that does for me.  There's nothing in this world that makes me happier than to be with them when they are little.  It might not be everyday, but other than that, it really couldn't be any better.  Praising Jesus for that precious gift<3

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