Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snow Dayz & Six on Saturday

Is z on the end of words still a thing?  It just seemed appropriate.

I think many of us were shut inside for a couple of days this past week.  Our school system's first day back from Christmas break was actually cancelled due to the wintry weather conditions.

When you have snow days, you have days to get a lot of things done, right?  One would think so!  That is unless you have crazy babies that you hang out with:)  When I think of snow days in the summer, I picture a cozy fire, movies, hot chocolate, with a side of pure laziness.  In reality, it's a three year old glued under the back of your shirt & a snotty (but adorbs:} ) one year old refusing to sleep or let his toe touch the ground.

<< then, we found out that he had a nasty ear infection this week:/  poor scouty!  >>

And I found this article...  And after that, I was reminded that the house tasks can wait!  All the things that I feel have to be done-can wait.  My babies can't:)  Isn't it cool how God brings those little reminders to the surface when we need them the most?

Conley was n o t a fan of the snow.  He did n o t want me to sit him down in the snow.  Mom, you are holding me the entire time we're out here, I don't care.  His dad pretty much had the same attitude.  Meanwhile, Cam was in hog heaven.  He actually woke up the morning before & cried because the ground wasn't white.  
He is my child. 
We went to grab a sled before the forecasted snowfall & ended up with "Snow Stompers." We used those all right.  N O T.
Saturday Six
one // back to work
The first week back wasn't so bad!  I actually got to put on nice clothes, do my hair, & put on make-up-so I felt like a new person:)  On top of that, I felt a renewed energy for the upcoming therapy sessions & mammoth mountain of IEP meetings & paperwork!  And Cam was s u p e r excited to get back to school with his friends & teachers:)

two // coffee ninja=first iced coffee
The honors went to a recipe in the ninja recipe book : Vanilla Iced Coffee.
All I recommend is adding a little truvia, though I generally am not a sweet coffee kind of person!

three // Conley's sleep pattern
Though he's been feeling under the weather & slept terribly last week, he has been catching up on some much needed zzzzz's this week.  And the rest of us as a result!  
All the praise hands!

four //  this.

five // operation flat belly
Okay.  It seems every time I blog about eating healthy, in true failure fashion, I fail miserably.  But for real.  I had a real come to Jesus moment about my unhealthy (holiday perseverating) eating habits at my mom's house earlier in the week.  Y'all, my belly pooch game is strong.  I'm probably in the worst shape I've ever been post babies & I've never felt this determined to get back to normal.  I started experimenting with the "whole 30" eating style.  Maybe not hardcore-I'm thinking more lifestyle changes that I can live with for good.  Anybody familiar with it?  I'd love to hear your experience!  This may turn into a reoccurring post...may not!  Depends on my motivation:)

six // the mudroom
What I would call the most functional hub of the home.  Somehow it is the most "done part of our home" so far.  I have been playing with this piece of furniture since we moved in.  I just haven't found the right place for it.  Until now.  The main reason I love it here-this is a catch all place & it has so much storage for that!  It doesn't take away from the magnet board & is the perfect central location for seasonal baskets (all the buffalo checks for winter) of odds & ends, the baby monitor, our notepad for notes or lists, & the phone!    That allows for a lot less cluttered kitchen counter top(a pet peeve of mine).  It's been so handy to put our cold weather gear in the basket below so we can just grab as we're going out the door.

+ it makes my heart dance at how passionate Cam is about putting his work up on the board.  He won't let them hang a lot of the stuff in his classroom b/c he wants to bring it home to display (or so they said one day).  This is probably my favorite place in our house right now with his cheerful little art work:)
The only thing I can think of that I'd like to do is maybe change up the hardware to add a little more character to this piece.  But that's all in time.  We are trying not to think we have to do it all at once.  Although, being obsessed with Fixer Upper doesn't help matters-b/c Jo Jo decorates everything at once!  amiright?? :)  hehe.
Well, Conley's up from his nap & with the warmer temps here-we are going to let them get some energy out at the playground for a bit.  I'd like to share our home story later this week, so stay tuned in case the boys go to bed on time & I get the chance;)