Thursday, January 5, 2017

Home || On the Hunt for Winter Decor

I don't know if it's because I've watched one too many episodes of Fixer Upper or I'm just in a nesting mood...but the Interior Designer in me is coming out today!

As soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the stores are full of all things
 Valentine & Easter.  
I mean, they had chocolate e a s t e r eggs at the check out counter on NEW YEARS EVE.
While I like decorating for those holidays, I h a t e that we put away all things winter a week after winter actually begins!  Winter can be seen as a beautiful season...
it's all in how you look at it! 
 The glittery snow, jolly snowmen, all things warm & cozy, animals we associate with cooler months.  
It totally breaks my heart that we only get to enjoy it for what seems a month!  You guys, I'm just not ready to decorate for Valentines day yet!  So, ever since Christmas came to an end, I have been busy hunting for winter things to fill the empty void...
  Our house seemed so empty (even my MR. noticed).
Yep. There's Fixer Upper again...
I started looking at the Hobby Lobby Christmas sale (found n o t h i n g as far as winter decor goes except for skis for $20 - which would be adorable if my house was totally decorated...but I'm not in that phase right now).  I skipped over them this year, but that's a cute idea for those of you who have it all together right now ;).

It is almost i m p o s s i b l e to find anything that will pass as a non-Christmas winter decoration.
I completely lucked up at Target while making the NYE grocery run when I just happened to decide to check their Christmas clearance.  I found the most adorable pack of miniature bottle brush trees for like a dollar & a $3 cake stand from the "dollar bin" to sit them on!  (This went perfect on the mirror tray) paired with a sweet winter pic of Cam's rosy cheeks:)  Now that Con's old enough to play in the snow with us... I hope I can get one of him to add this year!
Then- holy moly antique store!  As Conley & I made a quick trip to stock up on groceries for our sicklings, we ran into two little antique stores on the way.  I ended up spending $10 for two deer & four bottle brush trees that worked p e r f e c t for decorating for this cozy season:)  
The first little shop where I found the bottle brush trees had a cute idea via a display of decorating with a game theme (bowling pins, cozy blankets, vintage games).  What better way to spend a cold winters day then by playing indoor board games?  
The next little shop is where we found our little deer.  They were interesting.  
Quirky even.
Conley loves deer-so naturally he spotted them first:)  As much as he loves these animals (our neighbors just took their Christmas ones down & he enjoyed peeking over at them through the window e v e r y d a y!) I knew we had to have them for him:)

They weirdly had sunglasses & ribbon taped on them.    Pretty sure the lady thought I was nuts for buying them b/c she practically threw them in a bag & said 2 bucks!  I just seen past the quirks & knew they had winter potential!  :)
I'm still on the look for a gold/silverish cheap lantern & maybe a few pinecones to fill a pretty bowl with...
P.S. Anybody else wonder about how to make gold & silver coordinate?  I love them both equally<3  That's a whole other post in itself, huh? :)

What about you you immediately decorate for Valentines Day after Christmas or hang on to winter a little longer?  I'm open to ideas if you're a winter gal!

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