Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favorites || Hello, 2019!

A little late, on this Friday eve, but posting  in posting nonetheless. 
That may just be how I unwind when everyone & everything is settled on Friday evenings:)
Not a lot going on around here on this first Friday back in the swing of life after the holidays.  

Though it's all said & done, I refuse for things to be blah around here (it's been my mood, has it yours?), thus my current view...  
As long as I can justify evergreen & twinkle lights...I will.
Whether it's mood, sleep + eating patterns, motivation...I just "aint got it" this week, y'all.
 Ain't happening.  Hoping for a change soon!

Starting with bright spots in my week:
one. dumplin'
My sister basically strapped me down to watch this one & I'm so glad she did!
I'm not a movie watcher, I have to usually be doing something to sit down & actually pay attention to something besides the Office + Gossip Girl...but if you like Dolly + good softie, you go girl kinda movies-this is for you!  And it's a Netflix original.

two. winter break faves
Um, does 2 weeks off count for it all?
I truly believe we soaked up every single DROP of our sweet time off.  It has been good for the soul.  We have played+cleaned/purged+done family/friend things-repeat & can't tell we did anything.    
But we know what we accomplished & what memories we made!  Everyday we were doing something meaningful.  And though I occasionally wonder why we didn't just Netflix marathon it & sit on the couch- there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than that our time together was well spent.
I'm making up for lost time on this Friday evening, though.
Ain't doin' nothin.
I feel like using ain't a lot this evening.

three.  office views
Our room we named the "office" has basically been our dropping off den since we moved in.  Cade & I both had so many notebooks & textbooks from schooling along with all the materials I created over the years that we had no method of organizing.  I said enough to waiting to when we could "afford" & just made a small step.  Bought a $30 shelf.  And the room is a different place now.
It's no where near done, & although I think I may paint this bad boy again, we are one step closer!

four.   Because I have failed at taking pictures lately, & I found this one.
Also, me because Christmas is over...Cam, age 9 months.

and last but not least
five. making the coffee pot every night with my hubs
Talk about taking something for granted! It may seem so insignificant, but you know what it signifies?  We are waking up & going to work the SAME place!  And every now & then, we somehow escape for a mini date.  To Mexican food.  This time last year, he had to leave for North Dakota on New Years Day.  I couldn't even enjoy the holidays with the inevitable looming over us, & now, he's here!  Forever & we are never letting go.
Even if we get on his nerves sometimes.😬
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Having seen So that last food image - it is making me really crave Mexican food - how y'all do it (not our version). We did the same leaving the 'seasonal' decorations up too last year - I have left the odd one too - hearts etc 'for Valentines' haha! So cool you both are working in the same place! You did a great job painting the unit too - love that colour. Joanne x