Friday, June 1, 2018

friday favorites || school's out for summer!

lots + lots of emotions to process this week.

 i have a preschool graduate + it is officially summer break.
i no longer have to make the trek to N.C. each week for work...
Instead, it will be a thirty minute drive & back when school starts in august.
with the good always comes the bad, 
& I can't express how much i will miss each & every person
 I have worked with over the past 2.5 years... the kids & adults alike.
each will always hold a precious space of my heart.
i know the good Lord gave me a blessing
when he placed me in that position for that period of time
+ I will forever be thankful.
crying tears of thanks & joy as I type:)
ever do that?
 "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
 Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy...
Phil. 1:3-4

I have high hopes to making it the best summer ever for cam,
as it is his last one before grade school.
we are going to soak up every moment.
now that school is officially out...
maybe I can spend more time in this little space of mine! 
 i would love to see It grow to be more than just my favorites of Friday...
go figure:).
 I know it's sooooo entertaining.
cam's graduation + last day of NC pre-k (for both of us)
clean + pictureless sad desk
ok, guess i'm being sappy again.  sorry.

teacher gifts

leaving school vibes - i'm crying...
cam is hanging out of the window in the parking lot
yelling yawhooooo!
I hate this picture but it was too accurate not to save & share!

staying up past bedtime within dad...
graduation, or "gratulations" as Conley called it, was a lot more emotional
than I expected or wanted it to be. 
 i've got to pull myself together!
i'm sure I looked ridiculous...
but I hadn't quite processed everything yet &
the emotions of saying goodbye to my coworkers+my job+cam's prechool
+my nana and papa keeping conley was more than I guess I could handle. wasn't just my first born graduating prek...
there was a little bit more to it.
 our sweet graduate

 best buds for life
cam & his teachers, mrs. burchfield & mrs. cline.
 I've worked side by side this lady for 2.5 years, it may not seem long to you,
but in that time, she has touched my heart in so many ways that she will probably never even know.  i have seen her work through family deaths, her daughter in &
out of the hospital, kidney stones, headaches, nights of no sleep, tragedy one after another in a small community, & so much more, all while maintaining grace, composure, & compassion through it all.  When I think of the proverbs 31 woman, I think of her.
 What a blessing it has been that God would place such an amazing mentor in my life.
  I love her & the preschool staff of Graham County more than words can say. 
If you have a child in that area, & are wondering if preschool is for you & your family, don't blink.  Run to register them.  There is no better place that they could be.
A piece of my heart will always belong to them. 
two. fresh summa hair
don't care.  Or I totally do! 
Went in for this...
came out like this... haha.  more blonde.
didn't take a lot of persuading...I just wanted healthy. 
and can she just do my hair everyday???
three.  date night fun
our budget went substantially down for date nights
 after my last day of work...
cue creativity for these upcoming summer nights!

he would kill me dead if he knew i posted this.

i just love exploring our new city with my favorite grouchy guy
-if that's all we do, it will be perfect:)

+ special chocolate delivery...
millennium falcon + spidey pop.
i'm obsessed with this little chocolate shop!
four.  memorial day fun
wearing his life vest 8 am to dark... all day err day.
conley scout.  quirky is his middle name.
i'll just have a side of him for supper.
and then there's this show boat...

five. garden envy
 i'm still over here determined to have some kind of garden y'all...
just look at my nana's adorable tilled up green cuteness!
that scare crow though- it looks just like my papa!


The Lucky Lifestyle said...

I love the way your hair turned out... so pretty! And I feel you on the preschool graduation emotions. Mine will be graduating next year but I'm already getting misty. Visiting from the H54F link up! Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

The picture of Cam hanging out the car window is hilarious. I hope you have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

I love the Cam pic too - it is what mine will be doing in... 6 weeks - YUP - that's how long we have to wait. Sounds like an emotional time for you - it is wonderful that you've had the opportunity to experience those friendships and relationships. By the way - your Nana's garden is immense - she is so lucky! I need to move to the US and get me some land!! Have a great week-end - Joanne xx