Friday, May 25, 2018

friday favorites || memorial day weekend

Life is full of spark lately!
On the to do list this next week?
The welcoming of the sweet summer months with Memorial Day celebrations, wrapping up a job/school year, & the ever dreaded, yet highly anticipated Preschool GRADUATION.
I can't believe I am saying all of this as I type.
I am really having a hard time wrapping up Cam's last year of preschool/accepting that my baby is going to kindergarten in the fall, & saying goodbye to my dear co worker friends.
Each day, that I drop him off, or pick him up, or see a child for the last time, or enjoy coffee with my Nana & Papa before I jet off to heart sinks.
  But you know what?  God blessed me with the most amazing husband.  Really.  He always gives me the best advice & knows just what to say to encourage me & guide me through times that I struggle with. 

 "Be thankful."
"Just be thankful it happened."
So.  Because he is TOTALLY right, & because I am being such a baby, I am holding to that & whispering prayers of thanks each time my heart wants to feel sad.  I truly am so thankful for the opportunities God has given us & for our precious family.
In any stage of life.  It's not the end, just the beginning of something new.
On to what God has in store for us next!
One.   Splash pad days
Three things I look most forward to about our weekends: date night, our couple's Sunday school class, & splash pad day.  I love packing or picking up lunch, & spending the afternoon at the park & playground.  I look around, & nothing but all the summer vibes😎

Two.  Fort building
Thunderstorms = perfect time for fort building!  This is a fun memory I can remember doing as a little girl every time it stormed during the summer months.  We'd get out tons of blankets, the big tall barstools, & our big JCPenny catalogs for support & build the coolest shelter out there.  Our living room has been a wreck the past two weekends & I don't even care.  Ok, maybe a little bit, but I'm brushing that feeling under the rug.

Three.  Family date night
Instead of "date night" last weekend, we did a family date night & went to ride go carts (& herd the boys in & out of arcades + took them to t h e i r favorite restaurant (besides Chucky Cheese) where they (Ok, CAM) finally mustered up the courage to pet a lobster).  They were in hog heaven & it was so fun to watch their excitement & little eyes light up when they watched the cars for the first time up close or when we started racing around the track.  It was such a fun evening for everyone:)

keeping his distance!
you'd think I made him take this picture... no, he ask me to take it!
Four.  royal wedding nerd - right here🙋🏻‍♀️
Ok, I'm a Kate girl through & through.   But, I don't think there should be any comparisons made between the two-I am not a fan of that.  And I've not really followed Harry & Meghan at all... but let's just say they sparked my interest in the royal family again.  I had my coffee pot set for 4:50 am LOL.  And on a Saturday. 
Just something about history in the making that perked me up that early in the am!

 And they snoozed.
Five.  Mother's day goods
I'm really behind aren't I?  These types of gifts are my favorite of all time.
I got mine a little late because we leave on Wednesday's & I suppose the teachers forgot😋
 Cam brought a flower home from school-Nana helped us plant it so it wouldn't die before we could get it home to TN to plant❤️

Happy Friday, friends!
I hope you all soak up lots of sun & have a great Memorial Day...
I can't believe summer is already upon us.
Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

So much sweetness all in one post! My mama's heart knows what you're going through. I'm so glad that your husband knows just how best to encourage you! Each new stage and season of life comes with incredible blessings and joys, soak up every bit of it all as you praise God for the good gifts He gives! :) Hooray for rainy day forts, splash pad fun, family date nights, and the cuteness you received for Mother's Day! Have a great holiday weekend ahead too! xo - Brenda //

Anonymous said...

Your family date night looks like a ton of fun! I had to scroll back a few times to check if you were in fact holding a lobster! The point you make about comparing Kate and Meghan is a very honourable one - and something I need to remember as I've lapsed into that a couple of times re the dress. They are unique characters but also sharing the same challenges - I am sure they will be a great support to one another, and Meghan will be a huge asset to us and the international community - a soon to be national treasure! x