Monday, June 4, 2018

summer lovin & hope to do's

It's officially the first day of summer in the Adams abode!
I still can't believe it's here, & have finally had time to start thinking of all the things I'd like to do this summer with the boys.

Do you ever think back to the summers of your own childhood? 
Down below I've listed some things we'd like to do this summer, as I do most summers.  The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure, unlike us today, our mom's & grandmothers didn't cook up a big "bucket list" for each summer.  But, gasp.  If I remember correctly, it seems as though the summer days I recall where still full of all the things I hope to do with the boys each year.  Swimming, picnicking, playing outside, making mud pies & forts, helping my mom go to the green house & plant new flowers in her flower beds.
 I think it's true that "Every summer has a story."
In the case of each summer (or year, for that matter) we are blessed with,
 there will never be another like the one we are experiencing now.
Cam is five, Conley is two, Cade is twenty nine, I am t h I r t y.
We are each the youngest this summer than we will ever be again.

So yes, I'll still do the list.  With only hope to's instead of to do's.
Knowing that if we don't check off every thing on the list,
we still had the best summer ever just being together
& enjoying every moment making memories that will become some
 of our favorite stories in the years to come.
okay, maybe not # twenty eight but you get my drift!

one//  Stop the ice cream truck (& don't forget to have cash ready!)

two // catch a library story time

three // splashpads + playground dates

four // Dollywood + Splash Country: we've never been to splash country! 

five // Safety City: it's a mini Knoxville for kids to practice "safety skills" like crossing roads/driving bikes/scooters... we went last year & learned it's only open special times.

six //lazy pool days

seven // lake days with boys that actually jump in the water (& maybe ride a tube!)
we haven't conquered a toe in the water yet... 

eight // fireworks + sparklers!

nine // grab a snow cone (or two!)

ten // make homemade ice cream!

eleven // get our fruit/veggies from the farmers market downtown

twelve // attend a day camp (I found an astronaut one for Cam!)

thirteen // go to bible school!
fourteen// visit the zoo

fifteen// spend a day at the muse

sixteen//catch fireflies

seventeen// make smores

eighteen// visit the sunsphere up close

nineteen// make a garden (or at least plant our pumpkin seeds!)

twenty // dine at the food truck park

twenty one// visit the flower truck (okay, this is mostly for mama)

twenty two// go on a picnic

twenty three// see the sunflowers

twenty four// attend a festival downtown + go to the farmers market one Saturday morning!

twenty five// hit up the movies on a rainy day for their $1 showings.

twenty six// learn to ice skate

twenty seven// take the boys to a dirt car race
twenty eight// Potty train Conley.  The most exciting, dangerous, entertaining, adventurous "hope to do" of them all.
Most of my ideas come from Knoxville Mom Blog.  I love that resource! 

Europafox said...

This is A LOT! It all sounds great - and you are right to call it 'hope toos' - less pressure then, and it can be more fun and spontaneous, rather than becoming something that feels like a job list. By the way - everyone mentions smores but I have NO IDEA what these are, we don't have them in the UK - you must explain :)

Cassidy Adams said...

I am quite ambitious I guess ;) I'm sure we won't check half of these off, but we at least have a list to go to if I hear the words "i'm bored!" A smore is basically a cracker sandwich:) You split a graham cracker in two, roast a marshmallow over a campfire, then place it between the graham crackers and add a piece of chocolate. They are a staple in America during the summer:)

Teresa Smith said...

LOVE this list!! I'm definitely taking some of these ideas! :)

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Teresa!

Cassidy Adams said...

Teresa, I can't find your blog! Can you direct me to it?