Monday, June 25, 2018

Jurassic World || Jurassic Junkie Fav's + Movie Review for Kids

Okay, girls.
If Chris Pratt wasn't dreamy enough, in second running to Cade of course,
his speech just gave me (& the boys) another reason to love him. 
What a way to share Jesus with the world!
And yet another reason (besides the fact that the boys would hitch hike their way to the theater if we didn't take them) to go see the new Jurassic World.
I somewhat question our sanity for watching these movies with our 2+5 year old.
After they watched the first Jurassic World with their daddy, they were HOOKED.
We've watched that movie 343,234k times.
Pre-ttttttty sure I could quote it backwards.
Not to mention their Dino obsession quadrupoled.
 And apparently so has the entire world's! 
I've rounded up a few favorites scoped out over the past couple of weeks... 


Let me just say, if you want to make a day of the movie, go to Build a Bear (#1-they have a t-rex + blue the raptor, too!),make some Dino jigglers (#9-you don't have to order... can find at Target) + Dino popsicles (#7)!  With honorable mentions are this cute swim set, these shoes, & Cam + Con's shirts!
And let's just say as a boymom, I feel it is my duty to purchase this shirt. 
Is it not adorable??  It's so cute in a size bigger so you can wear with a side knot.
And for Cam + Con to have this hoodie for back to school when they'll actually need a jacket... It basically makes a dinosaur mask when you zip all the way up!

The Movie Review from a Mom :
Okay, I'll just say (& we knew the rating ahead of time-our fault)
at one point, I looked at Cade & said...
"we are terrible parents."

It had considerably more bad language than the original Jurassic World & was much my personal opinion. It's kind of sad how a movie marketed toward all audiences, especially little boys, will throw in this unnecessary content.

 It may have just been the intensity of the sound in the theater-but the dinosaur scenes got a much scarier reaction from Con in this one rather than in the first one!
We didn't take the boys to see the other one in theater they just watched it earlier this spring with their dad & rather than scary-they loved every second of it. 
Aside from being very loud + scary-it was VERY intense.  I left the theater very stressed -
Totally felt like Claire the entire movie. 
Lots of running.  Lots of holding my breath. 
Lots of emotions + escaping.
Kinda like wanted to do this for the rest of the day...

What we all DID love was more Owen + more Blue.
The family favorites.

Given the overall movie, if we (parents) had seen it ahead of time, we would have waited until it came out on television/DVD (is DVD even a thing anymore?) so we could have let them watch it at home & edit out the language.  Kind of a bummer given how excited they've been over their beloved Dino's & Owen & getting to make a day out of going to see it with the whole "theater experience."
I hear they are making another, so in the future, I think that's just what we'll do!  I admit, I'm excited to see what happens next!

Hope y'all had a great first weekend of the Summer!

PS... we DID find out during the movie trailors that there is a new GRINCH movie coming in November & I am PUMPED!
Finally a Christmas movie worth seeing this year!!
Europafox said...

Your post really got me chuckling! Your stress experience was the same for me when we took Caspar to see Spectre a bit too early and I had to cover his head with a jacket during the eye needle scene and when we removed it he had a stress, sweaty head. I WANT TO SEE JP though and I'm gutted we missed it! I do have a soft spot for Chris Pratt like you too - HOT and funny - good combination. LOVE your t-shirt. I am so getting a Top Gun one as soon as I can. The dino head picture with you CRACKED ME up - I bet your kids just think you are THE BEST. Loved this post!! Joanne xx

Cassidy Adams said...

That's so funny! I know from too many experiences-you live & learn, right? Especially in the parenting world:P