Monday, June 11, 2018

boy mom summer favorites 2018

Each season, the minute the new seasonal stuff arrives, I find myself doing a little jig.
Of course, fall + Christmas always trump the rest...
but that doesn't take away the excitement of the others.
And in this particular post, we're talking SUMMER.
Sweet, sweet, summertime.
While summer doesn't officially start until June 21, it is safe to say it is in full swing.
The swimming trunks from last year are a little snug, the parts to last years camelback are causing leaks, + somehow, nothing brings more motivation to learn to swim like a new pool toy.
That all leads me to what I've found to be some of the summer favorites this year!
What are you guys loving this summer?

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Anybody else's kids think slushies are everything?  Well, I'd like to give this thing a whirl.
Any of you ever tried it?
If you guys are looking for reasonably priced boy clothes, I would look no further than h & m, old navy, Target or Walmart.  Their boy clothes game is strong this summer!
 And would this not be awesome to have around the house for dessert on those hot summer days?
All the heart eyes.

Wishing you a very happy Monday, friends.

Anonymous said...

Love that ice-cream machine - does it make the ice-cream for you? I think putting the sprinkles on would be the best part (and that is for me, not my son, ha!). really struggle here with the 10-13 age group for clothes for boys - Caspar is about a size 10 and we have such a limited selection of where to buy from. No Old Navy here, which it would be great if we had it! Tend to buy mostly RL kids (outlet), Joules, Boden or Zara (none in our local area though). LUCKY you finishing soon - we aren't out til 13th July!

Cassidy Adams said...

I am with you on the sprinkles! It does make the ice cream:). Wow, I bet that is a tough age to dress... can you buy online from Old Navy? I love Boden, but I haven['t heard of the other stores. I'll have to check them out:). Wow! When do you guys start back?