Friday, June 22, 2018

friday favorites || lake days+fathers+chris pratt

 Yep, It's safe to say that yesterday was the FIRST day of summer, & summer
 is in full swing!
Bible School, Father's Day, lake days, weekends with friends,
morning coffee on the porch.
We are marking things off our "summer hope to list" left & right.
Which led me to just forget ever having the heart to erase
that sunshine on the chalkboard that Cam drew & create
 our "summer hope to list" beside it, instead.
Summer living love set aside, I do confess...
I may or may not be continuously scouting Bath & Body Works for their fall scented candles.  (p r e t t y sure they'll be pulling those babies out at the end of JULY!) #sorrynotsorry
One. Fathers day
It's easy celebrating the sweet guys in our life!  We spent the weekend in NC with Cade's dad on the lake & joined my folks at church for Sunday morning service & bible school later that evening.  Everybody gathered at the lake to eat & we had a nice time together floating, dance parties on the pontoon, & huddling to stay dry from the thunder storms!
*I could kick myself for not getting a "dad" picture - sometimes I'm the worst.
This child...& his peeing outside habits.

Two.  90 degree + Indoor playground? Yes, please.
Is it me, or is it just too hot to be on a playground in the middle of the day without a pool or splash pad nearby?  The mall just got a new playground, so we went to try it out!  Ya know, just sit, sip coffee, let the kids play, relax.  NOPE.  Check out Conley's swan dive off the snail tunnel.  He caught a i r.  Every two seconds... help mom!  And he'd jump before I was able to grab his arm.  Forget concrete face scabs, a broken arm is up next...
Three. Breakfast @ Nana's + Wally Webster
Just before we headed back to TN last weekend, we went & had breakfast + coffee at nana & papas.  Her garden is beautiful, her breakfast pizza still tastes like heaven on earth, & Wally Webster is still the center of Conley Scout's world (okay.gravy is in the running).  He prays for this cat every night, y'all.  Enjoyed this slow morning!


Four. Thursdays are for Diet Cherry Limeades + cake decorating 
More cake updates...I learned 2d design last night.  And the boys ordered ninjago.
My instructor had other plans... we did Marie, the Aristocat & a pinwheel.
SO, when I got home, I threw ninjago together.  It's rough, but for the first time ever doing it + not having any tools or patterns...  I'll call it a success.

I learned how to die my own fondant, too!
Five. Magnolia Meatloaf
Yes, I'm going to totally bore you with this last one & yet again, brag on Joanna Gaines recipes.  This meatloaf, y'all... run don't walk.
My favorite meal ever, just got better if that's even possible.
Off to pick up groceries, get my fuzzy headed boys a haircut, wrap up Bible School, & plan a family date night for my "Chris Pratt/Owen loving" boys to see Jurassic World.
 You get a prize if you can you say that in ONE breath.
Cam, while watching Jurassic World: "Owen's the one who looks like me.  I mean, I look like Owen, don't I?  Like, without the hair on my face?  Like just my face?"  As he scrunches his face inquisitively while stroking his cheek.
I die.

Happy Friday!
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Emily at 'a little bit of Emily' said...

That ninja turned out so well!!!! And, I am not sure if they are still having their sale, but I picked up some fall scented candles at B&BWs a few weeks ago! I don't think they were online, but they were in the store!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Wow those cookies are awesome. And that picture of the bare behind is too funny

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Sounds like summer is off to such a terrific start for you! You are doing so well in your cake decorating class! Loved seeing your super cute fondant creations! Hope you and your family enjoy a sweet weekend ahead!

Britt Hensley said...

Oh cake decorating is a skill I wish I had. Your ninjago cake was so cute, & I know my boys would think it was the coolest cake ever! Enjoy your weekend!

Europafox said...

You are really getting some skills with this cake making! They look great! The peeing photo cracked me up, thought I was seeing things! Caspar used to wee everywhere too, like he was marking his territory. Until he was 8 he used to do a lot of full moon moonies as well. Your lake time looks soooo nice. BTW I don't know what meat loaf is - I know it is huge in the states but we don't have it here.

Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said...

Looks like you are fully enjoying summer! I have to still check out Joanna's cook book. I like a good meatloaf!

Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love cherry limeades and definitely want one. I need to buy the Magnolia cookbook. Everything sounds soooo good in it!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you girls for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!