Friday, June 8, 2018

friday favorties || first week of summer

Happy F r I d a y!
It was the first official week of summer break over here, & I think we broke it in well.
I went crazy planning to kind of map out a few of the things I don't want us to miss out on, (even started planning Cam's packed lunches for school- yes, I'm that crazy girl) of course my planner would have ended in May, so now I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new one in the mail!  Trying out a new kind... the kind you refill instead of toss.
Am I a nerd if I'm excited over that?
Until then, there's this chicken scratch on the refrigerator:)
And that chicken scratch helped us have a great week & knock four things off our hope to list. 
 And it didn't feel at all like hustle & bustle. 

Now linking up with the girls of High FIve for Friday + Friday Favorites for some more mumbo jumbo:)

One.  Week days at the pool
We have found, that if you hit the pool just right on a weekday, you can find it all to yourself.  Cam was the bravest I've seen this summer, & set aside all his little fears.  He actually jumped off the side of the pool without all that five year old poundage landing on my head!  I'll call that a win!  Conley calls the "kiddie pool" the "kitty cat pool" & it is the most precious thing you've ever seen... until you spend the rest of the time picking up his trail of fruit loops or pray no one seen him spill his Gatorade in the pool after you tell him for the 32,332 time to get it away from the pool.๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Two.  Safety City + snow cones
A girlfriend & I tried to go to this place last year, but came on a day when they were closed.  The hours are SO weird, but if you hit it just right... it is totally worth the planning out to go!  And make sure you make plans for a snowcone or ice cream after... it can be quite toasty & everyone is sure to break a sweat.

look at that mini sunsphere!
mini Tennessee theatre
and mini Neyland
Basically, at certain times, this sweet little mini Knoxville is a place kids can come to learn skills they need to be "safe citizens" in their communities from policemen and firefighters.  The Police Department of Knoxville offers several programs throughout the year where kids can come to learn & practice what they have been taught in the miniature city.  They learn traffic safety by riding bicycles, miniature cars, and walking through the city as pedestrians.  During the summer months, they open the city twice a week for a few select hours to anyone who wants to bring their bike/battery powered car or scooter.  It truly was the coolest/c u t e s t thing ever.  The boys LOVED it. 
I just wish the pictures did it justice!

Three.  Trying something new
I've been praying about a "side hustle."
Aka anything I can do on the side, without leaving my boys, to earn a little extra money.
I've tried make-up, children's clothing, essential oils... 
I've come to one conclusion through it all.  You can forget ME asking someone if they're interested in buying anything.  I'm just NOT a salesperson.
I still love all of those things... just not my thing.
 I gravitate toward anything creative & this cake decorating class popped up out of nowhere & I thought... why not???  I do have a thing for baking anyway. 
Four weeks of learning & hands on practice...
We shall see where it takes me!
Four.  Popsicle shirts
Can't.  Stand.  The. Cuteness. The boys "need" this for the fourth.
I love Cat & Jack.
Five.  Top knots are everything
My hair has looked like dried out scarecrow hair ever since the day after I got it done & tried to fix it myself.
Thank the Lord for top knots & hair spray!
Living in this all summer.
Leaving you with this...
I've seen a lot of mom shaming on social media this week & it just makes me so sad.
We are all trying our best, & we all are good at different things.
Nothing makes one mom better than the other.
We are in this to help one another, not to bring each other down.
Perfect doesn't exist! 
Don't let social media fool you.
I admire each & every woman/mama out there... you all rock what you do!❤️
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And her accent!  Much fancier than my southern drawl:P

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Jaclyn Musselman said...

You had a full first week of break! We are only two days in and I'm already tired!!
Good luck on your cake business--my friend started one a few years ago and is very successful!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

What a FUN week!! Hooray for checking off multiple things from your "hope to" list this week! How awesome that you're taking a cake decorating class! My aunt really enjoys baking, so she took classes years ago and ended up having a very successful side job creating beautiful cakes for birthdays, retirement parties, weddings, you name it! It's great when something you enjoy can also help bring in a little extra money too. Have fun with your sweet creations to come! :) xo - Brenda //

Teresa Smith said...

The cake decorating class looks like so much fun!!! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

Europafox said...

Aww thanks so much for the shout out - that was really sweet!! Gosh my accent was AWFUL when I did the early morning workout story - I was so tired and didn't realised how flat and northern I sounded! Loved your Friday favourites this week - Conley and the kittypool + Gatorade + fruit loops was too funny. Loved the mini-town too - the cinema had to be my favourite with the raptor attach film ha!!! The top know hair looks great on you! I've been doing the same a lot recently too - too hot for anything else (or hot, humid, windy all together), I feel your pain! Thanks for the support on the workout :) Have a SUPER week-end! P.S. the stealing of the icing was super funny too - you'll have to gate yourself off or something when you are decorating those cakes!! :)

Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

That little mini city looks like such a fun time for kids! I have to agree with you here on more mom shaming...getting organized is a lifesaver....and no direct sales!! Girl I've tried selling EVERYTHING and I suck at it. It's just not for me. I think cake decorating could be a great side hustle for a mom. I know Michaels usually has some great classes if you have one of those nearby. Just use those organizing skills of yours to be sure you don't over book yourself!! haha

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you for visiting and comments girls! I hope you all have a great week:)

Carly Blogs Here said...

A pool day sounds amazing and it looks like you guys had the perfect weather. That little mini town is the cutest thing ever-- what a cool way to share safety tips and lessons with little ones. Your cake turned out so pretty-- what a fun idea for a new hobby/potential side gig :)