Monday, April 30, 2018

weekending + meal planning monday

happy monday!
Is it just me, or if I can just make it through Monday & getting back in my routine, the rest of the week just falls into place.  I'm so glad I finished strong today!

First things first.
If you could sum me up as a mom in one incident, it would be the fact that I was doing so many things at one time this weekend-I almost poured Gatorade on top of Cam's cerealšŸ¤Ŗ
I've been in somewhat of a blogging hiatus since spring break...
life happened & the thought of blogging on top of my other responsibilities overwhelmed me & those are the times where it is put on the back burner:)
But now I'm back to tell y'all what's been going on in the Adams bode these last couple of weeks...
i know you all have been patiently waiting on the edge of your seats for my return
SO the weekend.
Lot's of playgrounds + food.
I also spent the majority of it in the trenches of trying to figure out how to gradually get the boys out of our bed SO I CAN FINALLY SLEEP AGAIN after five years (don'
t feel sorry for me-totally my fault) & to research how to potty training tips for a stubborn two year old.
I'm all ears.

We had a free friend pass to Dollywood that had to be used before June for Cade, so since he's working Saturdays right now, we decided to leave after Sunday school & head to the land of Dolly!  The boys were so excited Conley even made up a song about it...
"Dollywood, you are so beautiful!"
 It was such a great time, but Cade DID actually make Cam an emotional wreck most of the time by convincing him that if he rode a thrill ride/rollercoaster, he could get "an x wing star wars Lego type thing" that he seen in claw machine.
Way to go, dad.
We stood in line for at least two rollercoasters in which we waited in line up until it was time to board & he then bailed.  If anyone in the park passed us Sunday more than once, I'm sure they wondered why our little boy was crying + petrified every time we went by them.  We're talking he cried ALL day.
Somehow, he finally decided to ride the Barnstormer.  Which... not sure if any of you are familiar with it... but naturally, it's basically the scariest ride in Dollywood.  And big brother rode it like a man.  Screaming "WERE GONNA DIEEEEEE" at the top of his lungs the entire time.

 If I could only bottle up this smile & keep it forever.

Now on to meal planning Monday!
*if your new we are only home Wed-Sun= the shorter meal plan!
This is a L7 weenie week... but I still thought I'd share!
Monday:  X
Tuesday:  X
Wednesday: Lately it's always Bojangles b/c I miss their tea + chicken sandwiches & we are traveling that evening!
Thursday:  Baked Spaghetti
Friday:  Homemade pizza night
Saturday: Leftovers (b/c MAN our refrigerator get's toooooo full after three straight nights of cooking!)
Sunday: Eat Out!
I wanted to kind of explain my method of madness with my recipe board & box.
It's very simple & help's me plan & stay organize for the upcoming week
+ I love having a recipe box in the kitchen.  It's one of my favorite things to admire & add to when we find something we love:)
 If the recipe makes the cut with my picky boys... I place the name of it on the front of my recipe card & then squeeze (AND I MEAN SQUEEZE) all the how to's on the back of the card.  I always come to my box-unless of course, as in this week's case, I have a new recipe book or magazine I'd like to try...& then I pick out all the meals for the upcoming week.  All I have to do is flip the card over for the ingredients, make my list, then hang the cards up on the board in the order I'd like to cook them.
I try at least one new recipe every week...
I can't help myself-so much food, so little time lol
This week we tried this crock pot orange chicken with cream cheese wontons, rice, & sesame noodles.  It was a hit with the hubs--- not the boys.
Prob not gonna be a regular dish at the Adams Abode.
Orange Crock Pot Chicken, recipe here.
It keeps me straight with a visual plan of what's to come & nobody has to ask what's for dinner:). How do you meal plan for the week?  Or, how do you miraculously wing it-my mom does that, & I am always ever so impressed.
 Have a great week, sweet friends.
Amie said...

I'll be looking for the potty training tips, my kiddo is familiar with the whole potty thing but getting him to go on it is another.

Cassidy Adams said...

He sounds like Conley! I think we may have found a motivator... but then again, it takes a LOT to motivate him... I'll keep you posted lol! Let me know if you find any good tricks ;)