Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekend + Menu Plan Monday

spring break is in full swing around here!
we welcomed the weekend by waking up for a chocolate milk, iced coffee + donut run, haircuts, + a trip to target for kites. 
i'm pretty sure conley's hair was about to eat him.
(and then... it rained the rest of the weekend-so the kites are still in their packaging much to the boys dismay).
BUT that's okay! 
i'm sure we'll have at least one windy day in our future this week.
or snow.  there's that, too!  it IS april in the south.
despicable me 3 for the 32,332 time with a side of pizza night+daddy snuggles

saturday morning fun...

a middle aged couple sitting across from us thanked us for the entertainment when we left.
imagine that!

my goods.  chocolate cake donut.
if you ever go to status dough, just get the mega sprinkle donut.
It's better than any specialty...

pretty sure cade was ready to murder the boys in the car on the way to get haircuts after all that sugar for breakfast.  once we got to sport clips, they were the best behaved boys you may have ever seen getting their haircuts.  enough so for the staff to brag.
quite the snicker over that one...

also, is target like the adds on facebook where the things you browse pop up in the side bar?
  i mean... look at all of this gardening stuff in the dollar bins...
i SO want all of this!
esp-ecially the little garden gnome as a marker for the plants.
then I came back to reality & reminded myself, as we made our way to the kite aisle, that we do need new tires for our car more than we need all the things i'd like for raised garden right now...


I love mornings in the nook!  look at all that sun shining through...

all ready for church... which is a whole other adventure in itself!

 thankful for such a fun, sweet weekend starting off spring break!
Linking up today with "Menu Plan Monday:"
until this past year, i never really had the motivation to cook much.  I attribute my growing love for cooking & meal planning to my boy's & their ever expanding belly room, & also, even more lately, to Cade coming home in february...
(for anyone new, he has worked out of town for the majority of the 8 years we have been married).
Very little in this world makes me happier than going through my little recipe box to plan dinner for the next week.  I would much rather cook a homemade meal than go out to eat any night of the week.

Monday:  Turkey Burgers

*with kids, we go easy on the cayenne pepper!
Tuesday:  Grill Night!
Grilled chicken/steaks+rice & shrimp sauce with veggie skewers.
Rain permitting... what do you guys throw on the grill?
Wednesday:  Lasagna
This is the best lasagna recipe, ever-if you ask me.  Everyone always loves this lasagna...I make it a lot when we have family or friends over.  Cade has requested it frequently the past couple of weeks, so I planned for it this week:)
Thursday: Seafood night
Cocktail shrimp, Popcorn shrimp, Cheddar bay biscuits, slaw, baked potatoes, & mozzarella bites (a little incentive for my picky eaters).
(pictured below) The only special recipe here is this SLAW-best slaw I've ever had.  And it's made with clean ingredients, too! 
I have been using the leftovers it in my wraps for lunch! 
Friday:  Homemade Pizza + Cheesesticks
Friday is always homemade pizza night over here! 
That card never changes :P
We are pizza people.
Saturday:  Taco Night
No special recipes here... just the basics!
Sunday:  Eat Out!
Since everyone already dressed nice & Sunday is a hectic day, we like to go out after church for a "Lupper" kinda deal if we can:)
typically, I work out of town monday-wednesday, but return home wednesday evening.  so we tend to start our dinner plans there each week!  however, since it's spring break, we have a full menu this week! 

while we're on the topic of food/grocery shopping...
i'll just leave these pictures right here & show you what it's like to go shopping with the adams bro's...
 Open the door & this one has one shoe off, sock IN mouth.
and this one is the slyest.  cutest.  lean.  green, mean shopping machine.
as you can see, if it is any indication of how we started, it was great fun! 
always reminded of why I do online pick-up.

i love getting new recipes & dinner/lunch ideas. 
please share if you have a good one!
 Happy Monday, friends.
Miz Helen said...

Hi Cassidy,
Your little guys are just adorable! I love your Menu Board, that is a great idea. Looks like you have a great plan for the week, taking good care of your precious family. Thanks so much for stopping by the cottage, it is great to meet you!
Miz Helen

Amie said...

Love the idea of planning the meals out for each week. I wish I had the time in the evenings to cook a meal each day, that would be incredible!! I have started doing the order ahead/grocery pick up thing and it is amazing!! We live 30 mins from everything so what was a 3 hour trip is now just an hour.

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Miz Helen! Nice to "meet" you too!:P

Amie, I never had time until the grocery pick up! I can't say enough good things about it and how it has helped's wonderful! I hope you both have a great week:)

Europafox said...

The sock in mouth photo was so funny!! The meal board idea is brilliant - and your dishes of the day sound really tasty too. Love the fact you have coffee and donut places in the States. Krispy Kreme has just come to the UK but I've only seen it so far (where I live) in service stations and I've NEVER had one. I don't eat a ton of sugar and when I do I go borderline hyper so maybe trying one wouldn't be a good idea. In fact I've only ever had a plain or jam doughnut (the type with jam in the middle and sugar around the outside). I think I would have doughnut problems given half a chance as I am OBSESSED with churros (a doughnut I guess?) Joanne x

Sparkles and Lattes said...

The donut and milk combo is just too cute. My girls would love that. I love specialty donuts so much. Your boys are so cute. Loving all the Spring things in the Target dollar spot lately. Enjoy spring break!!!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you girls so much! I don't eat sugar much either, (or **try not to anyway!) But once in a while (on a Saturday, especially) we treat ourselves:P